Oshi No Ko Chapter 135 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Oshi No Ko Chapter 135 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

The thrilling conclusion to Chapter 134 has the Oshi no Ko manga readers eagerly awaiting the publication of Chapter 135. Oshi no Ko was a manga series that was released in 2020 by Weekly Young Jump.

Aka Akasaka penned the words and Mengo Yokowari drew the pictures. Also, in April of 2023, an anime series was launched based on the beautiful plot of the manga.

After Chapter 134 held them riveted, readers are anxiously anticipating Chapter 135. Because they are captivated by the plot’s progression and the impending shocks, fans are eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

The release time for chapter 134 of Oshi no Ko is Thursday, December 7, at 12 a.m. JST. Fans may anticipate the next chapter to be published according to schedule, since the work of manga is yet to disclose any unexpected pauses or hiatuses. The Manga Plus mobile app and website allow readers to access the manga.

In the last chapter, Ruby had a hard time convincing herself to be Ai. Thus, Kana chose to shed light on her envy in order to assist her in imitating Ai’s sentiments. Kana expressed her desire for Ruby to vanish and blamed her for her choice to stop being an idol.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 135 Release Date:

Only a few days ago, around December 13, was Oshi No Volume 134 published. Chapter 135 of Oshi No Ko has fans eagerly awaiting its release. Here we are to inform the fans that they may stop being eager since Oshi No Ko Chapter 135 is on its way.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 135 Trailer Release:

The answer is yes, you may watch a preview of Chapter 135 of Oshi No Ko online.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 135 Storyline:

Later, Kana meet with Ruby to soothe her, but Ruby’s efforts go unquestioned. After hearing Ruby say it’s helping her deal with past events, Kana draws parallels to her own crippling fear of failure as an actress. An unexpected outcome results from this.

Subsequently, Ruby takes the heartfelt decision to reveal her true animosity against Ruby, mirroring Nino’s sentiments towards Ai, which were kept hidden from Ruby for much too long.

This envy directed toward Ruby, the film’s protagonist, will undoubtedly highlight a key, solitary aspect of Ai’s performance. But it seems like Ruby and Kana’s relationship is taking a hit as a result.

Chapter 133 of “Oshi No Ko” reveals a significant change in the story, focusing on Ruby Hoshino’s deep efforts to accurately depict her deceased mother, Ai.

This introspective look into feelings enriches the plot by probing the complexities of personhood, legacy, and the difficulties of playing a legendary character.

The series’ protagonist, Ruby Hoshino, struggles to live up to the immense pressure of playing her mother faithfully. The late Ai has emerged as a pivotal figure in the developing plot, a figure cloaked in mystery and maybe endowed with an unearthly charm.

The manga deftly traverses the intricacies of Ruby’s role as her legendary mother, shedding light on the inner conflicts and the challenges that come with such a significant creative undertaking.

Chapter 133 explores the depths of human feeling and leads readers on a quest that goes beyond the fantastic. Chapter 133’s thematic depth comes from delving into Ruby’s dedication to being true to herself and the emotional toll it takes as she deals with the challenges of playing a mother figure who is also much admired in the story world.

The writers’ mastery of narrative is on full display as they skillfully combine the fantastic with the characters’ profoundly human and emotive qualities.

Within the enthralling world of “Oshi No Ko,” Chapter 133 exemplifies the complex examination of identity, heritage, and the lasting influence of a mother’s presence, even when she is not physically there.

A chain reaction of shocking occurrences occurred in the previous season of Oshi no Ko, setting the scene for what is happening now.

Ai and Aqua’s friendship became strained once Aqua’s actual nature was revealed to her. Both Ruby’s admirers and her detractors took notice of her blossoming idol skills. In addition, Ruby’s and Aqua’s simmering love for Ai were on the verge of exploding.

This adoring fan is head over heels with AI. Gorou quickly takes on the form of Aqua, a twin of Ai. Aqua, on the other hand, has a special ability that makes them different.

All of Aqua’s past lives are vividly remembered. In an earlier incarnation, Aqua’s twin sister Ruby had feelings for Ai too. Aqua will do everything it takes to protect AI, while Ruby dreams of becoming an idol.

There are a lot of problems that these three primary protagonists deal with every day. So, the mystical aspect of rebirth is there, and the entertainment industry is also there.

The viewer sees the seedier side of the Korean entertainment world via Ai and Ruby. Life in this sector may be quite tough, as Ruby and Ai show.

Where To Watch Oshi No Ko Chapter 135?

The Oshi No Ko comic is available for official reading in some locations for fans. The Japanese version of Shueisha’s Manga Plus is part of this. People may start by trying out Manga Plus for free.

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