Oshi No Ko Chapter 136 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Oshi No Ko Chapter 136 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Fans of this popular manga series can’t wait for Oshi No Ko Part 136 to come out. Readers are always on the edge with their seats because of the interesting story and cast of characters, and excitement for the upcoming release is at a record high.

You can also access raw scans as well as Reddit secrets, which give people who are excited to see what happens in the next part a sneak peek.

Fans of Oshi No Ko are already counting down the days until the next exciting chapter. If you want to join the fun, make sure to check return for Chapter 136.

In “Oshi no Ko” chapter 125, there was an interesting side story that explained why Ruby Hoshino was so self-conscious about her hair.

Ruby, whose old name was Sarina, lost all her hair, which made her want long hair even more. This background was important when Aqua asked Ruby to tie out her hair, which made Ruby uncomfortable.

A lot of fans of the popular Japanese comic Oshi no Ko are counting down the days until Chapter 135, which is set to come on December 13, 2023.

The story of this interesting comic is about a doctor as well as a patient who are reborn as twins and are cared for by a famous Japanese pop star.

Oshi no Ko was written by Aka Akasaka and has hypnotic drawings by Mengo Yokoyari. Its unique story and interesting characters have captivated readers.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 136 Release Date:

This is great news for people who love the comic series Oshi No Ko: Chapter 136 will be released on December 20, 2023.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 136 Trailer Release:

There is, in fact, a promo movie for Oshi No Ko Part 136.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 136 Storyline:

In Oshi no Ko Part 134, “Depths,” Kana starts avoiding Ruby on purpose, which is a big change. As Ruby tries to figure out what to do, Frill and Minami talk about artists who get so into their parts that they go into the “depths.” Even with this answer, Ruby is still sure that Kana really doesn’t like her.

At the same time, Kana tells Mem-Cho that what she said to Ruby was an honest reflection of how she really felt. She is now aware of how she is changing into Nino because of this realization.

Ruby, on the other hand, starts to think about when Kana started to dislike her, comparing it to when her mother, Ai Hoshino, went through similar things. The chapter shows how the people feel and how complicated they are.

Chapter 134 of Oshi no Ko, called “Depths,” showed that Kana had stopped noticing Ruby’s presence. While Ruby seeks to handle the situation, Frill and Minami tell her that some artists start acting like their roles to get into the depths. But Ruby knew for sure that Kana didn’t like her.

Kana told Mem-Cho that what she told Ruby about how she felt was really how she felt. That’s when she realized she was changing into Nino. Ruby started to worry when Kana started to dislike her. That’s when she realized that her mom, Ai Hoshino, had been through the same thing.

Also, Mem-Cho knows that Kana was telling Ruby the truth when she said that she was starting to look like Nino. This new information makes the ties and interactions in the story even more complicated.

Ruby is having a hard time with the new information she has learned and is wondering when Kana will start to dislike her. She then learns that her mom, Ai Hoshino, has been through a similar situation.

As the characters work out their problems and make new friends, this chapter leaves readers feeling confused and uneasy. The comic show Oshi No Ko continues to operate strong. In this case, we will find off at the very end of this interesting picture.

In the Oshi No Ko comics, the supernatural and the real world come together in a stunning way. Gorou, a gynecology doctor, is in charge of giving birth to Ai’s children. We all know Ai as a star in the Korean movie business.

Another person who likes AI is Gorou. However, fate has other ideas, and Gorou is killed by another AI fan. This fan is fully in love with AI. Soon, Gorou will come back to life as Aqua, one of Ai’s twins.

But Aqua is different from other people because she has a special power. Aqua remembers everything about his past life. Diamond, Aqua’s twin sister, liked Ai in a past life as well.

Ruby wants to become a hero, but Aqua will do anything to maintain the AI safe. Every day, these three main actors have to deal with a lot of problems. With this in mind, there is both the magical factor of rebirth and the portrayal of the entertainment business.

Where To Watch Oshi No Ko Chapter 136?

You can read Oshi No Ko! manga on a number of sites, such as Shueisha’s Manga Plus Japanese website. Because readers can read the newest parts of Oshi No Ko! right away as they come out, this site makes it easy as well as handy for them to keep up with the story.

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