Oshi No Ko Chapter 138 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Oshi No Ko Chapter 138 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

The 138th part is called Oshi No Ko. The release is likely to happen soon. People are looking forward to reading it. There is everything you need to know on this page for reading Oshi No Ko Volume 138.

It has the preview, release date, time zone, countdown, raw scan releasing date, raw scan countdown, summary of chapter 138, reviews, where to read, and other sessions that are connected.

Soon, the next show, Oshi no Ko Show 4, will be out. Fans are looking forward to the next episode of the TV series to see where the story goes after observing the most recent one. Fans can’t get enough of Oshi no Ko.
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Many records were broken in the first episode of this show, so there is a lot of desire for more episodes. What we see in this cartoon is based on something that is really happening in the world.

As I watched this show, the sad death of Astro’s Moonbin made me think of what’s going on in K-pop right now. Oshi No Ko Volumes 137 are almost ready to be sold, and fans are very excited! With the release date coming up soon, fans of this fascinating series can hardly wait to start reading the next book.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 138 Release Date:

Followers are excited about what will happen next in Oshi No Ko Volume 138, which is coming out soon. After Chapter 138 came out on January 25, 2024, fans of the popular comic series couldn’t wait for the next chapter.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 138 Trailer Release:

It is true that there is a teaser movie for Oshi No Ko Volume 138.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 138 Storyline:

Open the curtains on Pandora’s box of raw emotions in Volume 136 of Oshi No Ko. It will leave readers stunned and out of breath. Ruby and Kana shooting the “Pardon of Ai and Nino” scene gives the chapter a false sense of calm at the beginning. But tensions are building below the surface because of the unspoken anger and grief that fill the set.

As Ruby learns more about Ai, she feels angry and hopeless, just like Kana does when she holds back her emotions. The line between playing and real life gets fuzzy, and in a heartbreaking scene, Ruby screams at Nino, “Just die already!” as Ai.

The effect is felt deeply. Kana, on the other side of the door, is shocked and trying to deal with the raw truth that Ruby’s performance has brought out.

This explosion of emotion is not only a great role; it’s a revelation. It shows the open scars that have been poisoning Kana for years. It all comes out in a flood of tears and broken glass: the envy of Ai’s easy brilliance, the heavy weight of being “second best,” and the unspoken anger that had been eating away at her relationship with Ai.

Aqua, the director who is always paying attention, watches this emotional storm with a mix of worry and interest. He knows what it means to be brilliant as an artist and how it hurts people. It’s no longer just a movie; it’s a furnace where hidden facts are being turned into art.

But the scary truth is that no one knows how much this artistic release really costs. Can Ruby stay sane while dealing with such strong feelings? What will happen if Kana can’t hold back her feelings any longer? And where does Ai really stand in this mess of mixed feelings?

People who used to be in B-Komachio were in the video for the song “15 Years Lie,” which was shot at the start of the chapter. The great deeds of Akane and Arima raised the lesson to a high level.

Ruby wanted to be as smart as them, so she carefully watched what they did. There were almost thirteen tries when it was Ruby’s turn to act. Ruby wanted to know more about the director’s idea because she was interested in it.

Ruby was annoyed when she learned about Ai’s complicated feelings and deepest secrets, even though she had been told not to think too much about her character. Mem-cho got an “okay” for her performance, and Kana told her to relax because her character didn’t say much. But Taishi wasn’t at ease.

Ruby, who was annoyed by having to do so many reshoots, told Taishi how unhappy she was with her performance, which made Taishi happy. Kana told Ruby that she should learn from her mom and emphasized Taishi’s method of focusing on feelings. At the end of the story, Kana warns about the way Taishi works.

In the most recent episode of Oshi No Ko, it was revealed that Ai Hoshino had survived and was a hidden member of the singing group LIPPS. This had a big effect on the public, who were shocked and unsure of Ai and her agency’s motives.

Fans had a range of feelings when their favorite hero came back. Some people were happy, but others felt lied to and angry. I was shocked to hear the news. I wondered how Ai lived through the crash and why she hid her name.

He was happy to find out that his mother was still alive, but she had betrayed him, and he was worried about her safety. Kou chose to set up a meeting with Ai.

Before going ahead with the plan, Kou’s boss told him about a chance to be on a famous talk show with Ai Hoshino. Kou jumped at the chance to ask Ai for more information.

The Oshi No Ko comic does a great job of mixing the real world with the supernatural. The doctor who is going to give birth to Ai’s children is Gorou. Ai is a famous star in the Korean movie business.

I also really like AI a lot. But fate has other plans, and another AI fanatic kills Gorou. This fan really loves AI. Quickly, Gorou changes into Aqua, one of Ai’s twins.

But Aqua stands out from everyone else because she is so talented. Aqua remembers everything about his past life. Diamond, Aqua’s twin sister, loved Ai in earlier life as well. Everyone wants to be famous, but Aqua will do anything to keep AI safe. The daily lives of these three main people are hard in many ways.

On top of the supernatural side of rebirth, there is also how it is portrayed in the film business. Through the figures of Ai and Ruby, viewers can see the darker sides of the Korean showbiz business. As Ruby and AI have demonstrated, this subject can be very challenging to understand.

Where To Watch Oshi No Ko Chapter 138?

You can read Chapter 138 of Oshi No Ko on official sites like Manga Plus and VIZ. You can legally read the newest episodes of the book on these sites, so you are able to enjoy the narrative without any problems.

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