Quest Supremacy Chapter 114 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Quest Supremacy Chapter 114 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Date of Publication for Quest Supremacy Chapter 114: Quest Supremacy is a manhwa, and each new chapter is released on Wednesdays. Taewan’s writing and Yununi’s art make this comic popular.

“Gaming nerd Suhyeon Kim hates school, & the dislike is mutual,” reads the stated premise of the manhwa. The constant harassment he endures at school makes him long for the fantasy worlds of his favorite role-playing games.

To Suhyeon’s delight, a quest prompt appears in her real life, offering a simple mission with a tempting prize. He has nothing to lose, so he decides to take a risk on it, and his first task quickly leads to many.

Suhyeon goes from being an outcast nobody to the school’s most popular student as the risks increase and the rewards double. How far would Suhyeon go on his adventures, and what will happen if he doesn’t take part?

The next chapter of the engrossing manga Quest Supremacy is sure to have fans drooling. Readers and explorers will return to the exciting realm of Quest Supremacy in later chapters.

This page will dig into the interesting area of “Quest Supremacy,” giving you with current details on release dates, locations of uncooked scans, countdowns, & other features.

Quest Supremacy Chapter 114 Release Date:

Everyone is eagerly awaiting the publication of Quest Supremacy Chapter 114. The release date of the next chapter of the manga is of great interest, especially to the fans.

On November 26th, 2023, Quest Supremacy Part 114 will be published. The release schedule is as follows, taking into account different time zones.

Quest Supremacy Chapter 114 Trailer Release:

The 114th chapter of Quest Supremacy does have a promo video.

Quest Supremacy Chapter 114 Storyline:

If Soohyun completely exploits his arsenal of special ability cards, he will undoubtedly emerge victorious. But Choyun is watching this battle very closely from the shadowy areas, so using the cards now would reveal their potential too soon. Choyun would be able to utilize this information to his advantage when he and Soohyun eventually meet.

Given that Choyun hasn’t seen Soohyun’s whole deck yet, Soohyun is taking a gamble by going all-in. He plans to hide the full amount of his holdings for the time being. He plans to employ the surprise factor against Choyun at an especially opportune time.

Soohyun puts his cunning plan into action by charging Jintae head-on in an effort to win the fight without resorting to any special attack cards.

However, this cautious strategy ends up being far more challenging than expected. Jintae deftly parries Soohyun’s frontal onslaught before retaliating with a powerful blow of his own.

With Choyun keeping a close eye on the situation, Soohyun is compelled to take a step back and reevaluate whether or not now is the proper moment to unleash even more of his weapons. The fight hangs in its balance.

As Jintae launches a counterattack, Soohyun has no choice but to play a guard fist cards to defend himself. Soohyun spots a window of opportunity and plays a stun fist card, which involves delivering a clean punch on Jintae and leaving him bewildered and confused for three seconds.

If Soohyun used all the cards in his deck that represented his varied skills, he would win without a doubt. But Choyun is watching this conflict closely from the shades, so using those cards at this time would be pointless. With the knowledge Choyun gained, he would be more prepared for his forthcoming battle with Soohyun.

Since Choyun hasn’t seen almost all of Soohyun’s hand yet, Soohyun is willing to take a gamble. For the time being, he plans to conceal the entire extent of his wealth. He plans on making Choyun realize his plan once it is too late to stop it.

Soohyun quickly launches an attack on Jintae, using just regular attack cards, to put his dishonest plan into action. Taking a cautious approach, however, is proving far more difficult than anticipated. When Soohyun tries to attack head-on, Jintae deftly stops him and then strikes back with equal ferocity.

Soohyun discovers that he lacks full control over Jintae despite Choyun’s improvements. Soohyun still has a chance if the match becomes a mental and strategic contest. Soohyun sees a chink in Jintae’s armor and decides to surprise him with a grapple.

The confrontation between Jintae & Soohyun took a thrilling turn, and now everyone’s watching. Jintae has opted to forgo his academic brilliance in exchange for tremendous physical power in a startling display of strategic foresight. By taking this risk, he hopes to be on more equal footing with his fearsome opponent, Soohyun.

The anticipation for the next chapter of “Quest Supremacy” has reached a fever pitch as the release of “Chapter 111” draws near. As the story progresses, the stakes get more high, and Soohyun is on the verge of playing his ace in the hole.

The issue on everyone’s mind is whether or not Soohyun will triumph over Jintae and put an end to their rivalry for good. Fans from all around the globe are waiting with bated breath to see how this heated duel plays out, and the air is thick with suspense as a result.

Where To Watch Quest Supremacy Chapter 114?

If you want to read Quest Supremacy Part 114, you may do it on the Naver web page, or for a better reading experience, you can download the app.

In addition to the original Korean, you may read it in five other languages. The portal also allows unlimited access to some of the most-viewed mangas. However, you can only see the first three chapters.

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