Quest Supremacy Chapter 120 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Quest Supremacy Chapter 120 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Chapter 120 of Quest Supremacy will be released shortly. When the tale is captivating and the characters are lovely, everyone likes reading colorful manhwas. The colorful manga equivalents in Chinese are called manhwas. All of these have great artwork, even though their primary genres differ.

Quest Supremacy is one of the manhwa that we have chosen to discuss today. Both the book and manhwa versions of Quest Supremacy’s plot and artwork have captivated many readers.

If you’ve been enjoying this manhwa and are anxiously awaiting the publication of the next chapter, then you can rest certain that we will not let you down! Release details, possible spoilers, and more for Quest Supremacy Volume 120 are included on this page!

There have been no leaked raw scans of Volume 116 of Quest Supremacy; therefore, spoilers for that chapter are presently unavailable.

A riveting fight between Soohyun and Jintae, each using their distinct deck, is in store for readers, nevertheless, given what happened in the previous chapter.

In a surprising turn of events, Choyun chooses to become involved in the war after watching it from the sidelines. In the next episode, we may possibly learn Choyun’s real name and more about his relationships with Jintae and Soohyun.

In addition, a new villain may be presented to readers the one responsible for Quest Supremacy and his sinister plots against the gamers.

Quest Supremacy Chapter 120 Release Date:

Chapter 120 of Quest Supremacy will be available for download on January 8, 2024, at 12:00 AM KST and JST, throughout the globe. Volume 120 of Kill the Dragon has already been uploaded for everyone to read, so that’s fantastic news about when it will be released.

Quest Supremacy Chapter 120 Trailer Release:

Indeed, a video trailer for Chapter 120 of Quest Supremacy has been released.

Quest Supremacy Chapter 120 Storyline:

Chapter 115 of Quest Supremacy will include another school brawl, but this time it will be biased. We had previously seen the Western squad celebrating their successes. Despite encountering several challenges, they have consistently prevailed, becoming stronger with each victory.

Unfortunately, their adversaries began to dread them at the same time they began to become powerful. The West will regain first place if they are permitted to continue pursuing it unabated.

And the one who will govern that domain is none other than Kim, who has been responsible for their success and expansion from the start. Because of how dependent everyone is on him, Kim is both their strongest and weakest link, despite being the foundation of their organization. Since he is no longer on the field, the pupils are on their own to deal with any danger that may arise.

Plus, they’re up against an opponent that is clearly much stronger than them but who simply wants to have fun with them. But he enjoys every second of it as he smashes them to the ground.

Ryu Sikyung convened a conference with the top ten subordinates of Choyung at the beginning of Chapter 114 of Quest Supremacy. The fact that Choyung had enlisted Ryu to convey the message astonished those who had assembled, although not everyone had. The idea of sending group invitations or text messages via mobile phone does not seem to be included in the course of the series.

Nevertheless, the assembled individuals did not see the need to deploy their whole army in an assault on the West School. They were able to vanquish the enemy with only two members of their ranks. In the midst of all this, we overheard the West School debating a possible organizational change.

A superior plan would have allowed the West to win certain wars more easily in the past as they rehashed their previous victories. Then, to round things up, Ji Enunhyung spoke on how students should orient themselves according to the new concept. Although Ji remained modest about his status, it was clear that the MC’s talent and power would propel him to the top.

Ryu Sikyung called a meeting with the top 10 subordinates at the start of Volume 114 of Quest Supremacy. Some were surprised, although not all, by Choyung’s decision to have Ryu deliver the message. There doesn’t seem to be any mention of sending group invites or text messages using a cell phone in the action series.

However, the group did not feel the need to launch a full-scale attack on the West School. Despite only having two men in their ranks, they managed to defeat the enemy. We observed the West School discussing a potential organizational shift among all this.

The Westerners went over their winning streak and how they could have won more fights if they had followed a different strategy. As a last point, Ji Enunhyung explained how they should stand in relation to the new idea. Ji may have been humble about his position, but the MC’s inherent abilities and intelligence guaranteed that he would maintain his position.

The core concept of Quest Supremacy is a video game in which players are immersed in missions and fights while being granted unique skills.

Kim Soohyun, a high school girl dealing with bullying, becomes caught up in the complexities of this virtual world. As the game’s enemy, Choyun has a secret goal that affects not just the players but also the actual world.

Readers can’t wait for Quest Supremacy Volume 116 to be released because they know it will include epic fights and reveal important information about the protagonists’ identities and motivations.

Fans all across the world can’t get enough of Quest Supremacy’s riveting plot and interesting characters. Be sure to check back for any new information on this captivating webtoon series.

Where To Watch Quest Supremacy Chapter 120?

The popular web comic Quest Supremacy is accessible to people in several ways. You may easily locate the cartoon on Webtoon, a popular website, for fast and simple access.

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