Raven of the Inner Palace Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Raven of the Inner Palace Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Raven of the Inner Palace, written Kko Shirakawa and drawn by Ayuko, is a very successful manga series that has been translated into dozens of languages. The showrunner got to work on the hit series after the first season debuted.

The program has everything a fan of supernatural mystery dramas could want. Like many other anime, Raven of the Inner Palace was inspired on a manga by Kko Shirakawa.

It’s no secret than you guys have seen the pilot and are eagerly anticipating the subsequent season of the drama. This article will go further into the second season of the drama series.

Are you looking forward to the second season of the anime series Raven of the Inner Palace? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct spot. Everything you need to know about the second season of Raven of the Inner Palace can be found in this page.

Everything you need to know about the show’s debut date, cast, narrative, and renewal status is right here! Let’s not waste any more time, then, and get down to business with Season 2 information for Raven of the Inner Palace.

Raven of the Inner Palace Season 2 Release Date:

The original material contains enough plot to put off until the following season, so the creator will have plenty of opportunities to work on it. The highly anticipated sequel to the hit series is scheduled for 2025 if everything goes according to plan.

Raven of the Inner Palace Season 2 Trailer Release:

There is currently no official trailer for Season 2 of Raven of the Inner Palace.

Raven of the Inner Palace Season 2 Storyline:

The Raven Consort lives a life of seclusion and mystery behind the palace’s thick walls. Some people believe she’s an elderly lady, while others say she’s very youthful.

In all accounts, she is able to locate missing items, lay lethal curses, and cast exorcisms for a fee. The palace, and maybe the whole country, might be rocked when the young emperor approaches at the door of the Raven Consort requesting magical aid.

Since his mother was murdered by the empress Dowager, who disinherited him as a consequence, Emperor Gaojun takes the throne by force.

The Raven Consort Shouxue promptly rejects him as he approaches her to ask regarding the owner of a jade necklace that was supposedly dropped by a ghost shortly after he asserted his reign.

Shouxue is eventually convinced to assist, and she uses her supernatural abilities to bring back the soul of a court woman who was killed by strangling.

Gaojun begs her to let the ghost go. Shouxue, a royal servant, is helped by Jiujiu, a teenage attendant, who explains the circumstances of the case: 10 years ago, a consort called Ban Yingnü killed herself after being suspected of poisoning the supposedly unfaithful Third Consort.

Shouxue, with the silver-white hair of a specific family from the former dynasty, is discovered by Gaojun in the river when he is searching for proof to prosecute the empress dowager for the death of his mother.

Shouxue finds out that Ban Yingnü, the earring’s original owner, has a restless soul. Ban Yingnü’s former maid, Su Hongqiao, now lives at the wash house, so Jiujiu and she go there to meet her.

Even though Hongqiao had her tongue cut off, she was able to write out the reasons why Ban Yingnü committed suicide by hanging, including the fact that she had been wrongfully accused. The Third Consort was murdered by the Empress Dowager because of her pregnancy, providing Gaojun with the proof he needed.

Ban Yingnü’s lover, an official of the court named Guohao, receives the earring and, once he has the second half, the spirit is free to go on. Shouxue Ban Yingnü is surprised to learn that Gaojun had comforted him as a youngster by giving him the earring.

The new emperor, Gaojun, has the empress dowager executed the next morning on charges of killing the Third Consort, his mother, and a few of his closest friends, as well as attempting to kill him.

After her mother’s unsuccessful attempt to protect her, Shouxue was sold into slavery and eventually found by the previous Raven Consort. Since that time, she has kept her hair dyed black as a kind of self-defense against any assassination attempts, despite Gaojun’s assurances that he would not murder her.

In the morning, the highest-ranking concubine of the inner palace, Yun Huanniang, pay a visit to Shouxue, intrigued about Gaojun’s frequent visits.

Jiujiu tells Shouxue that Huanniang is well-known not just as the emperor’s consort and childhood friend, but also for the fact that she always has a flower flute draped about her sash, despite the fact that such flower flutes are usually hung at the conclusion of winter as a sign of mourning for the deceased. Once spring arrives, legend has it that the dead rise to the tune of the flute.

Ryuu Jusetsu, the Raven Consort, is a royal court official who is both feared & admired. Living in a jet-black palace and completely shut off from the Emperor, she is the focus of various rumors.

There are rumors that she has magical abilities and can do everything her clients ask of her, from casting curses to locating missing items.

Some see her as a wise old woman, while others fearful revenant. Jusetsu, however, is unbothered by these remarks since she prefers to be left alone. That is, until the Emperor, Ka Koushun, barged into her court & demanded her assistance with a baffling matter.

To satisfy the young Emperor’s wish, Jusetsu must leave her castle for the first time. She can’t bear to send Ka Koushun go, despite the fact that his regular visits drive her insane.

She recalls well what her predecessor had told herself: that the Raven Consort must accept their fate of eternal solitude and desire for nothing. Jusetsu, however, strikes up the initially of many friendships when she hires Jiujiu, an inquisitive young court girl, as her only servant.

They band together and begin complying with the royal staff’s demands. The outer world, however, poses unknown risks, and Jusetsu should avoid attracting attention to herself should she be forced to face her history.

Others see her as a terrible revenant, while others see her as an eternal sage. But such remarks fail to bother Jusetsu, who likes spending her days in tranquil seclusion. That is, unless the emperor, Ka Koushun, comes into her palace and requests for her aid with a mystery case.

In order to fulfill the young emperor’s request, Jusetsu must leave her castle for the very first time. Although she finds Ka Koushun’s visits very inconvenient, she just cannot bear to reject him.

The advice of her forebears still rings in her ears: The Raven Consort must accept that she will always be alone and have no desires. When Jusetsu hires Jiujiu, a curious and naive court girl, as her personal servant, the two form the first of many relationships between them.

Together, they set out to satisfy the needs of the palace’s residents. But dangers from the outside world are hard to predict, and if Jujitsu draws too much attention to herself, she may have to confront parts of her history that are best left alone.

Where To Watch Raven of the Inner Palace Season 2?

You may stop searching now; we know exactly where you can go to see Raven of the Inner Palace. Anime fans may watch this highly regarded series on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Funimation, among others.

The series has also been made available on iQiyi with an English dub. You may restrict access to the series for minors using iQiyi many other features, including as parental controls.

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