Reality Quest Chapter 120 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Reality Quest Chapter 120 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Everyone is waiting with bated breath for Reality Quest Chapter 120! A Korean manhwa series that has just been out, K-Manhwa, is naturally becoming more popular.

The much anticipated release date of Reality Quest Volume 117 has arrived. The war between Hoseong & Dowan is set to reach a startling culmination after a long and brutal battle that spanned several chapters.

The stakes of this showdown have been raised with the disclosure of Do-wan’s paternal ties to the bully council. If Do-wan and Hoseong want to achieve the pinnacle of achievement, they’ll have to choose which of their dreams. Am I daring you to guess?

The conflict between Dowan & Hoseong is nearing its dramatic conclusion after a brutal and deadly struggle that lasted for many chapters. This conflict has taken a personal turn as Do-wan’s background and his father’s ties to the bully council come to light. Only one of Do-wan and Hoseong’s ambitions can lead them to the pinnacle of success. Guess who it is?

Reality Quest Chapter 120 Release Date:

The formal announcement has been sent! You won’t have to wait much longer; on January 12, 2024, Reality Quest Volume 120 will be officially released, and you may start reading it right now.

Reality Quest Chapter 120 Trailer Release:

Indeed, you may see a preview of Reality Quest Volume 120 on YouTube.

Reality Quest Chapter 120 Storyline:

Taking place in a school environment where the video game world is front and center, the enthralling continuing Korean manhwa Quest Supremacy combines fantasy and action. The fascinating premise of the novel is to transform one’s life into a video match, so erasing the boundaries between gaming and reality.

This post seeks to provide the necessary details for keen readers who are anxiously anticipating the following chapter, Quest Supremacy Volume 111.

The release date, possible storyline developments, and spoilers will be covered in this edition. The more we explore this one-of-a-kind story, the more immersed we get in a world where people face difficulties and objectives similar to role-playing games, creating an exciting mix of fantasy & action.

There is a tangible sense of excitement among readers as they await the publication date of Chapter 111 & the surprises it may contain.

The next Quest Supremacy edition will take you on an exciting journey into a universe where real life and gaming collide, so be sure to check in for all the latest updates.

An exciting turn has occurred in the confrontation between Jintae and Soohyun, and the audience is paying close attention. Jintae has made a breathtaking strategic move by deciding to forego his intelligence in favor of tremendous physical power. This daring approach is an attempt to even the odds and put him on a par with his fearsome opponent, Soohyun.

The anticipation of this continuing conflict is at an all-time high as Quest Supremacy Volume 111 approaches. As the story progresses, the tension grows, and Soohyun is about to unveil his secret weapon.

For all the fans, the one thing that has been on their minds is whether Soohyun would beat Jintae and end the feud once and for all. Everyone is on the edge of their seat, waiting for the thrilling conclusion to this epic duel, and the tension in the air is palpable.

Anne Bonny’s history and personality are mysteries that are slowly but surely revealed as the tale progresses. Given her obvious power and perceptiveness, why would she steal Ha Do-wan’s card is even more puzzling. Her possible importance in the larger context of the game world or the reality search is a topic of speculation.

Reality Quest Chapter 113, set to be released on November 24, 2023, would supposedly go on with the captivating plot. Even if raw scans and spoilers aren’t out yet, readers may anticipate a mix of action, strategy, and surprises.

The forthcoming chapter is something fans are looking forward to because they want to see the drama develop. Keep checking back for more information and dive headfirst into Reality Quest’s newest innovations.

Hoseong comes out as a very conceited guy due to his position as head of the bully council. Being the highest-ranking member of the Bully the council is no small achievement.

Which is formed up of a broad variety of individuals with varied talents and characteristics. If we talk about ranks, Eunseong is also one of the top. Because of this, his buddies immediately want his opinion on the matter.

Before explaining that military might isn’t everything, Eunseong makes it clear that, if it were the only factor, Hoseong would undeniably surpass Dowan.

Everyone is perplexed and wants to understand what the decisive element was because no one—not even Eunseong—can foretell how the fight between Hoseong & Dowan would conclude.

More and more, the animosity between Dowan and Hoseong is showing. In a flash, Hoseong kicks Dowan in the belly, releasing him from his effort to choke him.

Dowan is pinned against the wall. Dowan is sent flying backward by the powerful kick, but Hoseong quickly recovers and continues on his feet. A searing, excruciating agony shot out from Hoseong’s leg, and he couldn’t pinpoint the exact spot where the injury had occurred.

First, he tells Dowan that he’s been receiving unusual treatment at the Bully Council headquarters. Hoseong goes into more detail since Dowan plainly doesn’t believe such an absurd assertion.

The members whose fates have already been determined are being harmed by the Bully Council, as stated by Hoseong. Dowan has been designated as their spokesperson for this particular reason.

If you believe Hoseong, Dowan is getting special treatment from the bully council & the association. Hoseong cites the fight between Dowan & Steven Zhuge as evidence for his assertion.

Where To Watch Reality Quest Chapter 120?

Thanks to its fresh plot and endearing characters, Reality Quest has become a popular manga series. Anyone seeking a platform to delve into this mesmerizing comic should go over to Web Toon.

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