Remarried Empress Chapter 165 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Remarried Empress Chapter 165 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

The fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Remarried Empress Chapter 165, as the plot continues to build tension. Since we went over everything we could in the most recent chapter of Remarried Empress, you will find out all you want to know in the next chapter 165 of the title. Find the movie’s release date, spoiler, raw scan, as well as the current information by scrolling down this page.

The riveting plot of “Your Throne” is drawing readers in, and Chapter 160 is shaping up to be even more exciting as Medea and Eros’ tensions grow.

As mentioned before, Medea’s allegiance to the empress was called into doubt when Eros vowed to murder his mother for Medea. Readers are becoming more anxious to find out if, in response to Eros’s ultimatum, Medea would reconsider her plan to rescue the empress.

In contrast to Navier’s seemingly endless supply of joy, Rashta’s life seems to be spiraling downward. The story’s heroine is finally receiving the happiness she deserves, and the villain is appropriately getting her end, therefore all the fans are thrilled about these developments.

The rumors about Navier’s infertility may now be put to rest since she is pregnant. When this information becomes public, how would the Kingdom respond? In due course, information on the Remarried Empress will be updated.

In the opening scene of Chapter 159 of The Remarried Empress, the maid races to Soveishu to report Rashta’s plot to murder the young princess.

Rashta lost control of her impulses and flung her kid out of the house, even though she had no malicious intent. To his justifiable annoyance, this makes Soveishu furious. Running for the doctor, Soveishu’s aide doesn’t waste any time.

Remarried Empress Chapter 165 Release Date:

The much anticipated December 29, 2023, episode of Remarried Empress, Chapter 165, will soon be available to watch on screens.

Remarried Empress Chapter 165 Trailer Release:

Chapter 165 of Remarried Empress does, in fact, have a promotional video.

Remarried Empress Chapter 165 Storyline:

When a heartbroken maid tells Soveishu about the terrible thing that happened to the princess, Rashta’s predicament becomes much worse. Soveishu controls his temper as Rashta storms in, looking disheveled and begging that she never meant harm, despite what you might think.

To save the sick kid any more distress, Soveishu sternly orders her evacuation. As Rashta admits her superiority to the maid, a glimmer of her pride lingers before she gives up. The harm, however, is beyond dispute.

For an act which demonstrates serious lack of self-control and judgment, even if inadvertent, Rashta is now under investigation and may face penalty.

Despite portraying herself as a nurturing mother and consort, few would take the royal family’s vulnerability and impatience at their value. There has been no objection to the maid’s testimony.

With the royal trust irretrievably broken and Rashta’s detractors strengthened, the reaction is certain. Her complaints betray her lack of awareness of the seriousness of the actions that might eventually break down her last barricades.

Consequences are on the horizon, as the closing net zeroes in on the maid’s first disturbing report. In the end, the doctor who was sent checks the princess, but the worried maid won’t let go of the princess maybe the only one now concerned for the child’s welfare instead of their own interests.

Despite her animosity against the maid in the past, Soveishu finds it hard to believe that Rashta could hurt her own blood. Rashta shows there not long after the maid does.

Because she is still in her pajamas, the guards attempt to restrain her and cover her, but she shoos them aside and dashes toward Soveishu, claiming that the maid is lying and that she did not toss the infant.

Because Rashta makes too much noise and could wake up the small princess, Soveishu calms himself and tells her to go. While agreeing to go, Rashta makes it plain she is the mother of the princess, not that poor maid.

After some time has passed, the doctor comes to see how the princess is doing. Because the maid is worried about the princess’s safety, she continues to hold her.

Still, Soveishu doesn’t understand why Rashta would harm her kid for no other reason than her hatred of the maid. When the doctor assures Soveishu and the princess is unharmed, he lets out a sigh of relief.

On the other hand, the Blue Bohemian couple seemed more genuine. Compared to the tale of a renamed slave, the one of a destitute girl from an aristocratic lineage who rediscovered her parents was the most captivating narrative.

Everyone would be enthralled with the tale if it were told properly. The whole group made fun of Sovieshu as a result of this incident. Feeling lightheaded, he chose not to look around and closed his eyes.

He was not at fault, to put it mildly. Before the State Council could consider the agenda items, the ministries had to present them. Nonetheless, Ambassador Lingall remained silent on Rashta’s parentage. It was done to add drama, but even Baron Lant didn’t.

What he did made him feel horrible. Perhaps Ambassador Lingall would have inquired about it beforehand if he had only recently placed it on the agenda. There was no way the Emperor would have felt ashamed in front of all those people.

Where To Watch Remarried Empress Chapter 165?

You may read Chapter 160 of Remarried Empress online in raw Korean version on Naver Comic, and after a little wait on Webtoon, you can read the English translations of the same.

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