Rising With the Wind Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Rising With the Wind Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Soaring through the Air With much anticipation, Season 2 has here. The Chinese corporate romance series is up for renewal or cancellation by the studio.

The Chinese television series Rising With the Wind will premiere in 2023 and will star Gong Jun, Zhong Chuxi, Xuanyi Wu, & Zhiting Gao.

The story follows a young lady as she takes over her family’s business and struggles to make it thrive. Themes of love, perseverance, and ambition are explored in this corporate drama.

The first season debuted early this year, and since then, viewers have been waiting impatiently for more. Set in contemporary China, the action-packed drama Rising with the Wind moves at a breakneck speed. From competition to reconciliation and collaboration, this romantic comedy covers it everything in the professional world.

The ruthless capitalist Xu Si intends to sell Tengyue, a shoe firm that is floundering. He contacts Jiang Hu, the daughter of the chairman, with the pretense of offering the owners a chance. Jiang Hu is determined to carry on her father’s dream of running the family business for another century.

Rising With the Wind Season 2 Release Date:

Keeping with the same rhythm, we anticipate that Season 2 of Rising With the Wind will premiere in late 2023 or early 2024. The actual launch is yet unknown, and my prediction is based entirely on Season 1’s trend.

Rising With the Wind Season 2 Trailer Release:

Season 2 of Rising With the Wind does not yet have a trailer video.

Rising With the Wind Season 2 Cast:

  • Gong Jun
  • Elane Zhong
  • Miles Wei
  • Gao Zhiting
  • Wu Xuanyi
  • Wen Zhengrong
  • Morning Chang
  • Rina Sa
  • Liu Peiqi
  • Xuan Dong
  • Ye Qing
  • Sire Ma

Rising With the Wind Season 2 Storyline:

Xu Si relocated to Shanghai from Hong Kong, where he had a very profitable position, three months ago. Gathering the Free Unicorn The group together was his objective.

The heir of Free Unicorn came sashaying by, making an already humiliating situation even worse, and he was told to wait instead being feted. Assuming he was her father’s new assistant, she handed him 20 RM and a letter requesting the hamburger set without ice. Let him go.

At long last, Xusi snapped and snatched it. Lots of new characters, some endearing and others downright evil, are introduced in the first episode, which moves at a breakneck pace.

Jiang Hu, the spoiled heir of Free Unicorn the Group, is diligent and successful despite her privileged upbringing. At the Teng Yue estate, a subsidiary of Free Unicorn Group, she hosted a party celebrating the company’s 30th anniversary and welcomed the 50 top live streamers. An artist who had just graduated from Leeds University in the UK also joined her.

Xiang Zhao Yang, the girl, prefers to go out while disguised so that her true employer remains undisclosed. To the girl’s surprise, Jiang Hu had conspired with the most famous livestreamed to make Zhao Yang the target of her rant. After the girl revealed Zhao Yang’s identity, she smacked her. This controversy became viral as soon as it happened.

Orders started coming in after it generated so much publicity. Despite her satisfaction with the outcome, Jiang Hu reprimanded the livestreamer for assaulting Zhao Yang.

At the same time, Zhao Yang returned home feeling dejected. The phone call from her employer terminating her employment only added to her mounting anxiety.

In this narrative, we follow Xu Si as he leaves an investment bank in Hong Kong and makes his way back to mainland China. He once crossed paths with Jiang Hu, the nation’s richest apparel magnate’s only daughter.

But they couldn’t work together since their business views were so different. Just as her father’s bankruptcy sent Jiang Hu plummeting from her lofty perch, so did her own.

But ambitious Xu Si is setting his sights on “Teng Yue,” the rubber-soled shoe firm that Jiang Hu’s father founded. Despite taking a tumble, Jiang Hu is resolute in her mission to rescue “Teng Yue” and fights Xu Si fiercely.

What happens to “Teng Yue” or whether he can be restored depends on their interactions and challenges. As they go along, they find themselves smitten.

The Chinese drama Rising with the Wind concludes on a positive note. In the episode’s last moments, Ye Guo Ming, ever the obstinate one, confidently passed “Bu Yunxia” to Jiang Hu after finally confirming her managerial abilities.

Following Xu Si’s preparations for “Teng Yue,” he requested that Wu Guang Lei transfer Jiang Hu’s vehicle and the agreement about the gift of shares to “Teng Yue” to Jiang Hu.

After realizing this, Jiang Hu searched the whole nation for Xu Si but came up empty-handed. It was only after consulting with Hong Die that he learnt Xu Si had departed for other lands.

Jiang Hu, bewildered, came to the realization that Xu Si loved her deeply. Tears welled up in her eyes as she sipped the milk tea that Xu Si loved.

After “Bu Yunxia” and “Teng Yue” relocated to a new facility just a few weeks later, Xiang Chao Yang and Jiang Hu spoke about the possibility of the two brands working together to create models.

At the new facility, Jiang Hu was passed by a dog that resembled Boss. As Jiang Hu pivoted around, Xu Si took his place across from her.

Xu Si is an ambitious and ruthless businessman who wants to succeed at any cost. At Tengyue, Jiang Hu’s firm, he seizes possibilities with an iron fist. As determined as Xu Si is to buy out her father’s business, Jiang Hu is adamant about keeping it in the family.

They develop a contentious rivalry as Xu Si & Jiang Hu battle for Tengyue’s future. They have feelings for one another, but they are fiercely independent and hesitant to give in.

Also covered in this show are topics like love, friendship, and family. This mission is just the beginning of Jiang Hu’s quest of self-discovery as he sets out to rescue Tengyue.

She becomes courageous enough to stand up for herself and her principles. Additionally, Xu Si learns how to accept affection from others and feels a glimmer of warmth in his heart, both of which are firsts for him.

Where To Watch Rising With the Wind Season 2?

You won’t have to worry about finding certain segments on YouTube since Rising With the Wind is stream able on iQIYI in its entirety. After the free preview episodes, a membership is necessary to access the rest of the series. On iQIYI’s official YouTube account, you may also watch the program without paying a dime.

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