Sakamoto Days Chapter 146 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Sakamoto Days Chapter 146 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Sakamoto Days, a famous actions comedy manga that Yuto Suzuki authored and drew, is set in a very recent era. A skilled hitman called Taro Sakamoto retires and settles down with his family & runs a convenience shop.

However, when a reward is placed upon his head, Sakamoto is forced to resume his former ways in order to provide for his loved ones. We are presently at the tenth arc of the tale, entitled “Assassin Exhibition of the Century.”

Taro Sakamoto, an earlier assassin who has traded in his high-octane past for a calm family life, is the protagonist of Yuto Suzuki’s thrilling manga series, Sakamoto Days.

But peace eludes him as long as his former allies and enemies are out for blood. Sakamoto has to protect the people he cares about by using his extraordinary fighting skills while seeming to lead a normal life.

The precise publication date for Sakamoto Days Volume 143 is not known. However, the next chapter of the manga will be released shortly. Popular manga series Sakamoto Days will have a new chapter out shortly. The chapters are typically updated once a week, on Sundays.

The protagonist, Taro Sakamoto, is a retired famous hitman who is now attempting to safeguard his loved ones. Mark your calendars for Friday, November 5, 2023 if you’re interested in reading the next installment of the series.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 146 Release Date:

On Sunday, December 3 at about 3 p.m. (GMT), 7 a.m. (PT), & 10 a.m. (ET), Sakamoto Days: Part 146 will be published. Of course, the upload speed for these chapters is a major factor. While this is not the official release date, it should be close.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 146 Trailer Release:

Sakamoto Days Chapters 146 does have a preview video.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 146 Storyline:

Mr. Shishiba and Mr. Osaragi return to their office in Sakamoto Days Part 56 to find it in ruins. Forty percent of the workforce has been lost, and the structure is on the edge of collapse.

Clients are canceling killings left and right, sending the company’s stock tumbling. The JAA will be dead in a few years if things continue like way. To make up for this tragic loss, Shishiba has decided to reassemble their old group.

Kashima, meantime, reconnects Gaku’s severed hand at Slur’s headquarters, one nerve ending at a time. The muscle cells, he argues, were still alive after being severed by Takamura because of how clean the incision was.

Even though Gaku feels powerless, his spirits are lifted when Slur tells him he is the only one to survive the encounter with Takamura. He goes on to compare Takamura to an enigmatic literary figure about whom nothing is known.

Or, to put it another way, the elderly guy personifies the assassins’ insatiable need for human blood. That’s why he’s looking for fresh people to join his gang so they can take on formidable opponents like Takamura.

Sakamoto & Shin will fight it out using every assassination technique at their disposal. They will talk about how they became rivals and how their histories intersect.

Lu, Nagumo, young Asahi, three of Sakamoto’s friends, will come to the aid of Sakamoto’s wife and daughter. They’ll help Sakamoto fight Shin & the Black Sheep as well.

Their actual goals and the identity of the “Boss” who hired them will be revealed by the Black Sheep. They will also reveal their devastating hidden weapon or strategy, which poses a threat to the whole world.

With Shin & the Black Sheep vanquished, Sakamoto will be reunited with his loved ones. In addition, he will learn more about the “Boss” and his part in the murder. He’ll make the call to go on with his plan to stop the “Boss” and his evil schemes.

Chapter 145 is an exciting account of Sakamoto and his companions’ journey to free Sakamoto’s wife and daughter from the Black Sheep’s stronghold.

In this episode, we learn how Sakamoto and Shin’s formerly tight relationship and subsequent antagonism became entangled. Shin’s shocking admission that he was a member of the underground Black Sheep gang and that he had murdered Sakamoto’s mentor Kuroda.

The plot thickened with the revelation that this organization planned to sway international politics via a series of well arranged murders.

At the beginning of Chapter 145, we learn some background information on Mafuyu and his brother Natsuki. Natsuki was naturally gifted at creating weapons, and he always hoped to establish a name for himself as a professional in the field.

This bothered Mafuyu since he lacked a meaningful objective in life. But their father disapproved of Natsuki’s ambitions and reprimanded him for them.

During a family dinner one night, Mafuyu and Natsuki eavesdropped on their parents talking about them. Natsuki comes clean to his parents & assures his dad that he has no qualms about enrolling him in the JAA’s youth training program.

His request is that Mafuyu not be sent there. Mafuyu is thinking about it in his room. He has decided to enter the convent. Mafuyu thinks that if he does this, Natsuki will be dissuaded from using that location as a training ground.

In the moment, Shin temporarily shields Mafuyu from Osagiri’s attack. At the conclusion of the chapter, everyone on the battlefield is taken aback by the appearance of Natsuki.

Where To Watch Sakamoto Days Chapter 146?

Sakamoto Days 143 is available on several digital media outlets. Manga Plus, a digital platform from Viz Media, is a popular choice. They release chapters of manga in official English translation, including Sakamoto Days. Once the chapter is out, all you have to do is sign up for an account for free on Manga Plus.

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