Sea of Thieves Season 2: Release date, Plunder Pass, info, more

Sea of Thieves Season 2: Release date, Plunder Pass, info, more

So there will be a second season of this series and hell yeah we are super excited about this series to release! because the season is all set to rock n roll’.

Season two is out now and on this website, you will get everything you want to know!

Sea of Thieves Season 2: Release date

This season is introducing Plunder pass and also several new trials to give you all the details of this season that you have been waiting for so long.

What will be in Sea of Thieves Season 2?

The creators remained so tight about what will be happening in this second season but there will be plenty of adventures and players who are getting their gold teeth into.

Fans are super excited about this season because they are waiting for some thrillers, adventure, and some fun. And this series is all about all of these things.

new Trials, limited-time events, and cosmetics are expected in this season 2’s Plunder Pass because this is what we call exciting and happening!

Also, there will be bounty showing up in the game’s store which is everyone’s awaited and most favorite game the Pirate Emporium.

Will there be a Plunder Pass Sea of Thieves Season 2?

Yes! now each new season will come with “a Plunder Pass Sea of Thieves version of the all-too-common battle pass, increase your Renown level throughout the season and unlock items, with both a free and paid track there is something for everyone.”

The cost of the Plunder Pass will be 999 Ancient Coins, around US$9.99.

Game Events Updates

So we all know that Reapers vs The World is the next major game event and now it is happening in April 22nd 2021. You are at the same place where you will get your every information right below!

These are the rules and how the game works!

  • “We know that across the seas, Emissary Flags are flying high and Reapers can be seen in pursuit of their precious cargo.
  • This event focuses on a specific Trading Company every fortnight, encouraging crews to side with their cause and support the Company – or choose the way of the Reapers and hunt them down.
  • Every fortnight, a Mysterious Note informs crews of the Trading Company seeking to bolster their reputation. Check the Events menu to find a fresh batch of Deeds and take on the challenge.
  • Completing these Deeds will allow players to earn Renown and cosmetic rewards such as the Gold Hoarders Lantern, Order of Souls Spyglass, and Merchant Alliance Compass.
  • For the blackhearted Reapers among you, this Event holds a special challenge. The Reaper’s Bones are keeping note of all Emissary Flags captured and returned to The Reaper’s Hideout and will provide crews with a cosmetic reward depending on which Trading Company suffers the greatest losses.
  • When this event is over, the themed Trading Company rewards will still be obtainable from Outpost stores after completing certain Commendations.”

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