Secrets And Lies Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Secrets And Lies Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

You’re undoubtedly wondering whether Secrets & Lies will return for a second season or if, despite the disappointment, it has been canceled.

We know you’re hooked on the show, which is understandable given the exceptional cast and the season finale. The 2014 series Secrets & Lies is very well-liked among viewers who like drama and intrigue.

ABC’s murder-mystery anthology “Secrets and Lies” will have a whole new plot and cast for its upcoming second season. After the events of Season 1, which had fans wondering whether Ryan Phillippe’s character might potentially return, the series confirmed Saturday during the Television Critics Association press trip that other than Juliette Lewis’ Detective Cornell, the series is carrying an all-new cast.

Creator Barbie Kligman told reporters in Pasadena, California, “Oh, he’s dead,” stating emphatically that bringing back significant characters from the original ensemble was never part of the idea.

Originally airing on ABC from March 1, 2015, to December 4, 2016, Secrets & Lies is an American mystery anthology series. Barbie Kligman adapted the show for American television from an Australian movie of the same name.

Series star Juliette Lewis stars as murder detective Andrea Cornell of the fictitious Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Police Department. Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillippe) is put on trial for the murder of a local youngster in the first season.

Cornell looks into the death of Eric Warner’s (Michael Ealy) wife Kate in Season 2. Warner is the newlywed successor of the family’s private equity corporation.

Secrets And Lies Season 3 Release Date:

Although it would have made sense for Season 2 to premiere at the same time last year, newly hired ABC executive Channing Dungey opted to push the premiere back to the last day of September 2016 in the expectation of drawing a bigger audience.

The extended break between seasons, however, backfired and hurt the show’s appeal and viewership numbers. A third season may be announced in 2024 or 2025, depending on how much interest there is in the show from viewers.

Secrets And Lies Season 3 Trailer Release:

There is currently no Season 3 Secrets and Lies trailer available for viewing online. Previous season trailers may be seen on the show’s official YouTube account.

Secrets And Lies Season 3 Cast:

  • Ryan Phillippe as Ben Crawford
  • Juliette Lewis as Detective Andrea Cornell
  • KaDee Strickland as Christine “Christy” Crawford
  • Natalie Martinez as Jessica “Jess” Murphy
  • Dan Fogler as Dave Lindsey
  • Indiana Evans as Natalie Crawford
  • Belle Shouse as Abby Crawford
  • Michael Ealy as Eric Warner
  • Juliette Lewis as Detective Andrea Cornell
  • Jordana Brewster as Kate Warner
  • Mekia Cox as Amanda Warner
  • Charlie Barnett as Patrick Warner
  • Kenny Johnson as Danny
  • Terry O’Quinn as John Warner

Secrets And Lies Season 3 Storyline:

Eric and Danny visit the house of R.B. Trucking Co. board member Corinne Warner (Roxanne Hart) after performing some background investigation.

Eric finds old photographs of his dad, Corinne, & Robert from when Robert was a little boy when visiting Corrine at her home. Eric, understandably shocked, starts to suspect that his father may have been maintaining a second family.

John and R.B. walk up to the home while Eric is still there, surprising both of them. R.B.’s purpose for blackmailing Eric becomes clear when he tells him he has another kid and wife and describes his envy and hate towards John for assisting Eric in life.

When the police arrive at the house after their disagreement, they find R.B. being arrested for extortion & John being arrested for bigamy & perjury.

John and R.B. insist they had nothing to do with Kate’s murder in North Carolina, and Eric is still under suspicion, particularly when his sibling Patrick (Charlie Barnett) discloses that, as a child, Eric knocked his mother down the stairs. But that’s not all he’s hiding; Eric’s juvenile record covers up a murder he committed in his younger years.

At the crime lab, Detective Cornell (Juliette Lewis) learns that the killer’s jacket was factory fresh. Cornell knows the murderer abandoned their clothing the night of Kate’s murder and handed in a fresh set to the police.

Next up comes the series finale. While Eric was napping, his sister Amanda (Mekia Cox) called to inform him that their brother Patrick was attempting suicide. Eric and Amanda race to the roof of the building where Kate was killed, only to discover Patrick passed out and dangling over the edge.

After bringing Patrick to his knees, Eric had an honest conversation with his brother in which he admits that their mom was abusive to them. Eric was attempting to rescue his sister when he accidently pushed her down the flight of stairs, leading Patrick to believe that Eric was the one who did it.

It wasn’t until we got back to Eric’s home that we learned where Danny’s daughter Rachel was. A call girl phoned Neil after he told her about Carly. In a brothel, Danny finds his daughter. Thankfully, Rachel manages to avoid doing any prison time and returns home with Danny.

A self-employed builder, Ben Crawford is married to Christy and the father of two girls, Natalie, 16, & Abby, 12. Dave, his closest buddy, is a permanent resident of their summer home. Jess, a neighbor of theirs, is having marital problems with Scott, a serviceman. Jess and Scott’s kid, Tom, is five years old.

Tom’s corpse is discovered by Ben on his morning run; he was apparently abducted from his bed and murdered with six strikes to the skull with a flashlight.

Ben has been pegged as the murderer by Detective Cornell. After an argument with Christy, who suspects him of having an affair with Jess, Ben went out drinking with Dave, and he passed out. He will never be able to establish his innocence.

The Crawfords have to deal with the intrusion of the media and the shunning of their neighbors; a misunderstanding leads to a fight with Dave. After undergoing DNA testing, the police inform Ben that he fathered Tom from a one-night stand.

Ben looks into things on his own and ends up wrongly accusing Scott and the other neighbors. Cornell is manipulated by Arthur, a reporter with an agenda to bring him down, as well as Kevin, a neighbor & former CIA operative who wants a confession at any cost.

Where To Watch Secrets And Lies Season 3?

Prime Video, Google Play, Apple’s iTunes, and Vudu all have both seasons of “Secrets and Lies” for streaming. We do not support piracy, and we are aware that this episode is available on other, unauthorized streaming sites.

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