Secrets of Sulphur Springs Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Secrets of Sulphur Springs is a popular show on the Disney Channel, and everyone wants to know if it will be extended or canceled for a season 4.

Secrets of Sulfur dioxide Spring is getting into its stride as it moves into its third season. Fans’ high praise during the initial few episodes of the season shows that the show’s creators have kept the same level of mystery and suspense that made the very first two seasons so interesting.

The season 3 finale gives viewers a sense of excitement and expectation because it sets up a number of storylines that could be continued in future episodes.

Did the kids manage to stop things from going wrong and to save themselves from a bad future? Will Dunn and Campbell’s budding relationship turn into something real? Read on to find out more.

Secrets of Sulphur Springs Season 4 Release Date:

When the season 2 of “When Are the Secrets of Sulphur Springs?” will come out has not been officially announced as of yet. The show’s audience have been excitedly waiting for news about when the story will pick up again.

Keep an eye on public statements from the show’s network or film team for any new information about when it will come out. So, season 4 will probably come out in early 2024.

Secrets of Sulphur Springs Season 4 Trailer Release:

The expected release of the Secrets of Sulphur Springs Season 4 trailer is something that fans are looking forward to.

Also, the team that made the trailer hasn’t said when it will be officially released. Fans can predict a teaser or trailer, though, a few weeks first before movie comes out. But for now, check out the season 3 trailer that is out there.

Secrets of Sulphur Springs Season 4 Cast:

So far, we haven’t heard any new names for the show’s cast. But the whole old cast will be there, including the Campbell family. We will see Preston Oliver, Harper Dunn, Elle Graham, Madeline McGraw, Landon Gordon, Bryant Tardy, and many other familiar names.

  • Griffin Campbell is played by Preston Oliver
  • Harper Dunn is played by Kyliegh Curran
  • Savannah Dillon and Elle Graham
  • Zoey Campbell and Madeleine McGraw
  • Wyatt Campbell and Landon Gordon
  • Sarah Campbell and Kelly Frye
  • Josh Braaten and Ben Campbell
  • Jessica Dunn played by Diandra Lyle
  • Eugene Byrd played Sam Tremont.
  • Topher Dunn and Bryant Tardy
  • Wattkins Lucas is played by Victoria Paige.
  • Topher Grace and Johari Washington
  • Jake Melroseas, Ben the Kid
  • Jess Izabela Roseas-Young
  • Caroline, played by Jillian Batherson

Secrets of Sulphur Springs Season 4 Storyline:

Secrets of Sulphur Springs is an exciting TV show about Griffin Campbell, 12, and his relatives as they keep moving from Chicago to the disused Tremont Hotel in the made-up town of Sulphur Springs, Louisiana.

There, Griffin meets his new best friend, Harper Marie Dunn, and the two go on a time-traveling adventure that takes them back to the hotel’s past and reveals its secrets.

In Season 3, a bad ghost makes things harder for the people who live in Sulphur Springs because it threatens their future.

Griffin and Harper have to figure out a hard puzzle from of the past to stop the shadowy figure from causing trouble and damage in the present.

All along way, the two teens get closer to each other and learn more about how they feel about each other. This adds a romantic element to the series.

Nick Campbell, Griffin and Harper’s future child, shows up at the end of the season and tells Griffin and Harper to not decimate the transmitter, which has served as a repeated plot point all through the show.

The show’s devotees are happy with how it ended and hopeful about what will happen to the characters in the future.

The 3rd season of the television series is full of suspense and growing tensions between the main characters.

This is because the ghost is putting the family in more and more dangerous situations. Griffin is stuck in the past because a crystal broke, so Harper and Savannah try to find a way to get him back to the present.

As we learn that Topher has been asleep since 2024, our excitement grows. In the middle of all this chaos, the kids find that a ghost has been having to listen to them the whole time.

Harper and Griffin go back to 1947 and see a murder. The ghost then starts to act in a very scary way.

In the season finale, Judge Walker’s ghost attacks Griffin’s mother, who is then taken to the hospital. The children try to make the ghost leave, but Sam tells them to get out of the house.

Everyone is trapped inside by the ghost, so they need to find a way to get the ghost to leave. Griffin and the others tell Judge Walker about the impact of affection, and the ghost starts to weaken.

After the spirit leaves, Griffin’s mom wakes up in the hospital. Sam tells them that he has to go to see his relatives as a ghost.

Griffin and Harper see themselves kissing in the future, just like they do in the moment. They go back to listen to the radio, but when they get there, they meet a kid who claims to be Griffin’s son.

As of right now, we don’t know anything about the narrative of the 4th season of the show. This is due to the third season hasn’t ended yet.

But the story of the Tremont Hotel will go on, and based on what we know, the fourth season will explain a few of the biggest mysteries and be the end of the whole franchise. But right now, nothing is certain.

Secrets of Sulphur Springs Ratings and Reviews:


People have different opinions about the TV show “Secrets of Sulphur Springs.” It has a 7.6 out of 10 rating on IMDB, and a 96% average crowd score approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

But that some critics have commended the show’s storytelling and climactic storyline, while others have said it doesn’t do anything new and moves too slowly. Still, the show has won over a lot of loyal fans, and viewers still talk about it.


Secrets of Sulphur Springs is the best show I’ve ever seen on Disney Channel. This show is great, and it’s easy for everyone to watch it all at once because it has an interesting story with ghosts, time travel, and a mystery.

Most Disney Channel shows, in my opinion, have issues with the manner in which they are directed, the way they are set up, the way they are told, and the way the actors play their parts.

These shows don’t feel real. But none of these things happen in Sulphur Springs. It has been polished to perfection, and the whole show feels real.

The paranormal activity shown on the show isn’t very scary, but it’s done in a way that’s good for the whole family. If you’re really into the story, you’ll get shivers as numerous of these situations take a surprising turn.

Sulphur Springs is an adventure that is interesting, dramatic, mysterious, and can be watched all at once. I can’t wait for season 3 to start in 2023 to find out what happens after the ending of season 2.

Where To Watch Secrets of Sulphur Springs Season 4:

Fans of the show often ask, “Where can I watch Season 4 of Secrets of Sulphur Springs?” The answer is easy to find online, which is a good thing.

So, if you can’t find it on your favored streaming service, you might want to verify with your satellite or cable provider to see if those who offer the Disney Channel, even as show might also be on regular TV channels.

How Many Episodes Will There Be in Secrets of Sulphur Springs Season 4?

No one knows exactly how many episodes are planned for season 4 of Secrets of Sulphur Springs.

So, it’s important to keep an eye out for any more news or notifications on this subject. Also, it’s important to note that the show’s previous seasons were liked by viewers, which is a positive indicator of the future of the show.

As an original series on the Disney Channel, the season is likely to consist of anything from six to eight episodes, but this could change.

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