Serena Chapter 70 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Serena Chapter 70 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Serena will be hooked on the Manhwa series all over again. Soon, Chapter 70 will be available for everyone to read. Serena fans will love the next part of the story. It has added to the complexity of the show’s complicated story.

If you have been reading this manhwa for a while, you should already know when the next part will come out. The information in this post is about Serena Volume 70. We are going to talk about the book’s release date, story, possible spoilers, and reading guide. Okay, let’s begin!

As we saw in the last chapter, Serena, who usually feels safe when she’s collecting art, finds herself in danger for no reason. She becomes involved with a possible kidnapping when it comes out that some strange money is hidden in a brand-new piece of art.

Because he wants to keep Serena safe, Raoul, the main character of the novel, starts his own research to find out what the secret money has to do with the world of paintings.

Serena Chapter 70 Release Date:

In their announcement, the writers stated that Serena Chapter 70 will come on January 19, 2024. The release date is set for 12 a.m. JST, so people all over the world will be able to get it during the day.

Serena Chapter 70 Trailer Release:

There is, in fact, a film promo for Serena Chapter 70.

Serena Chapter 70 Storyline:

In the last part, some information about Serena’s life before she married Victor’s father was given. A lot of money was spent at the Serenity Hotel, which is where Serena and her mother walked to an event at the start of the chapter. Because of the shallow and cocky people around her, Serena wasn’t interested in the party and was bored.

In the last chapter, she turns her focus away from Eris, who is cold and beautiful. She forgets to inquire about who he is during the “aha!” moment, but she can still remember him from the way his clothes smell and the mysterious look in his eyes. Serena holds on to the hope that the secrets in his eyes can be found, even if he leaves.

Because she cares, Serena is determined to tell her friends all about her innocent adventure, and she turns each get-together into an exploration for her mystery prince.

Between her hopes and disappointments, she goes through a dance of feelings as she looks for his shape. When Serena gets scared and falls to the floor, two helping hands flip her world upside down.

She gives him a raised eyebrow and wonders if this strange man is the strange prince of her dreams. A lost shoe heel appears out of nowhere, reminding them of their meeting in a subtle way.

Eris offers Lansa the weak heel, which interests Serena, but she doesn’t know that she is having trouble remembering things. She gets the valuable object back, and new flowers appear. Serena’s heart skips a beat as Eris puts the heel of the shoe back in her drawer. It’s a reminder of the magic night they shared.

In the chapter titled 68, Serena and her mother, the respected owner of the Serenity Hotel, had to go to an event even though they didn’t want to. Serena wasn’t interested in the party, which was full of shallow and self-centered people, so she left feeling bored and disappointed.

Serena’s eyes kept going to the mysterious Eris, a coldly beautiful figure. Even though she didn’t ask who he was, the smell of him and his mysterious look stuck with her.

Serena really wanted to figure out what was going on behind those beautiful eyes of his, regardless of whether he were to disappear from her life.

Serena turned every time she got together with others into a search for her missing prince because she was so emotional. As she looked for his unique presence, she danced a fine line between excitement and sadness. Serena was shocked awake one morning and found herself on the floor, all over the place.

She raised an eyebrow as she thought about whether this mysterious man might be her prince. A lost shoe heel appeared, a modest memory of the time they met. Eris offered Lansa the weak heel without realizing she was forgetting, which caught Serena’s attention. Serena felt like she was blooming again when she got the precious object back.

Serena’s heart missed a beat as Eris carefully put the shoe heel that was a reminder of their magical moment back in her drawer. She felt like Eris was tying her fate to her mystery beauty.

In Serena Volume 68, Eris, a strange woman, meets Serena and captures her attention with a beautiful fireworks display. She forgets to inquire about his name, even though she is very interested in him at the moment. Although she tries not to think about him, she can’t help but notice his smell and strange eyes.

Serena wants to find out what’s going on behind his mysterious behavior. Because she is so obsessed with finding this person, she wants to share the thrill with her friends, which turns the search into an adventure.

Serena is torn between being happy and sad as she waits to see him again. Her life changes drastically when she finds herself on the ground after a chance meeting.

She looks up and wonders if this individual is the mysterious prince she’s been thinking about. A lost shoe heel is found on the day of their tragic meeting, which hints at their link.

In Chapter 69, there will be a scene that takes us back to Serena’s childhood. We’ll learn more about how she is linked to Victor as well as Eiser. We’ll also find out how they became enemies.

We’ll also find out about the meeting between Serena and Eiser. We’ll find out why they fall in love so quickly. We’ll learn about the letters they sent each other over the course of a year.

In addition, we will see how Victor fell in love with Serena. Victor has been Serena’s friend since they were kids. Siegfried is Eiser’s best friend. It will also be shown how he sought to keep her safe from his father’s tricks.

After Serena’s mother died, her maternal grandparents set up the marriage between her and Victor’s father. He was the most feared man in the land. And everything changed.

Victor’s agreement to the marriage made Serena sad, and she thought he had lied to her. A half-brother named Eiser lived with Victor. His father was Victor’s father, and a maid had an affair with him. This is what she’s learned.

Where To Watch Serena Chapter 70?

If you want to read Serena Manhwa, you can find it on the Naver website as a Naver Webtoon. Serena is still not accessible within an official English version, which is a shame.

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