She took it all off on Instagram, Mia Khalifa is shown from her closet


The famous former adult film actress, Mia Khalifa, is taking advantage of her huge popularity to get a message out to as many citizens of the United States as possible, promoting the vote in a peculiar way with the movement called #VoteNaked.

It's about Mia Khalifa taking everything off so she can promote your hashtag in which it seeks to encourage all citizens to vote, mainly those of the country in which they are living, although it could also apply to other countries, since at the moment it is considered that the vote is the most important thing we have.

This is how the famous girl decided to take it all off and take a picture from the closet of his home, because apart from generating some very creative thoughts on the part of his fans, he also attracted a lot of attention and then made everyone realize the great movement that he seeks to represent in addition to generating entertainment.

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T he snapshot has managed to gather more than 1 million likes

in a very few hours, so you can see the result that his idea has had, which was to attract as many people as possible to his profile so that they would realize this ideal that he is representing and with which he seeks to infect all of democracy.

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The photograph is very funny and at the same time attractive, because it is about Mia Khalifa posing behind a cardboard figure, of a quite controversial judge from the USA, while she poses in a fun way for the camera inside her closet, so we can Observe many of their hanging sets.

The true fans of the young woman thanked the photo, they had an incredible time observing her and in passing they told her how much they love her and how beautiful she is, since these users consider her to be an attractive and charismatic girl and they support her a lot.

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However, not all Internet users support her in this way, since there are others who are dedicated to criticizing her and commenting on things about her, such as that she does take off her clothes, that if she goes out with very little clothes or wearing swimsuits, ensuring That is why she no longer has the right to ask for respect, but of course she has the right and not only because she has worked in the adult entertainment industry, she can be disrespected and receive words that aggravate her.

It seems that social networks still have a long way to go, since the first thoughts that cross their minds are those that are written in the form of a comment, the reason why it has been filled with toxicity in recent months, something that Mia Khalifa noticed quite a bit and so she continues to ask that her comments be spared.

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It should be remembered that Mia Khalifa recently an accountant who has experience in the industry where she became famous was not pleasant for her, she felt that she was disrespected and that it was nothing of what she was promised at the beginning.

On the subject of pandemic, Khalifa has been supporting on social networks by doing his bit by commenting and posting videos about the importance of wearing a mask, a pretty good detail on his part, since many people have not been paying attention to this only rule so necessary for which the infections have spread wholesale and instead of decreasing they have increased.

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