Sid Vicious, this was the stormy life of the punk star

Sid Vicious was a symbol of punk rockbut unfortunately had a lifetime quite stormy, his childhood marked by the attachment of his mother, the troubled relationship with his girlfriend Nancy and the imprint on Sex Pistols.

He was an English musician considered one of the most important figures from the first wave of punk in the 1970s.

Before joining the Sex Pistols, he was a member of another punk band, The Flowers of Romance, in which sang and played various instruments.

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The musician barely had 21 years old when he failed on February 2, 1979, but he had already lived more than one life, for he had a rather complicated life.

Sid was born on May 10, 1957 and in his first interview With a British media he confessed something that at the time of his mu3rt3 was quite shocking.

I will probably die before I get to 25, but I will have lived the way I wanted to. ”

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From his childhood he knew that his life would be nothing easy because he had a rather dysfunctional family after the separation from his parents.

In The History of Punk its author Phil Strongman tells that Sid's father had agreed to give them money And he never kept that promise.

The money never came, and when the money doesn't come, you know for sure that the man won't either, "said Anne.

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Strongman's book details the beginning of a path wandering for which mother and son were losing their sanity.

Heartbroken, (Anne) bought some hashish, of which she sold some to wealthy tourists, before returning to London in the mid-1960s. ”

Thus, once they returned to Great Britain, their mother dedicated herself to to sell banned substances as he learned in Spain and soon became addicted.

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Beverley mixed with musicians in fleeting relationships, lost in the bad life and neglecting her only son, who was forging a personality fueled by bohemia and lack of protection.

Anne was on a heroin prank the night a 12-year-old Sid killed her first cat, in a desperate and bloody attempt to get the attention of her stubborn mother, "Strongman reveals.

On February 2, 1978, just a year before he died, Sid Vicious told New Musical Express magazine that when he got mad, he needed to have an enemy nearby.

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Someone who has hurt me so I can beat him to defeat him. But I always find myself sitting in a room with a bunch of friends and I can't do anything against them, so I go upstairs, break a glass and cut myself. Then I feel better. "

In early 1977, Vicious began a relationship loving with Nancy Spungen, an American groupie.

Both were addicted to heroin, which led to the isolation social and alienation. Despite the couple's constant fights, Spungen became Vicious's representative after the Sex Pistols split.

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Both of them spent most of their time consuming heroin, barbiturates and synthetic morphine in room number 100 of the Chelsea Hotel.

On the morning of October 12, 1978 Spungen appeared very, bleeding and with a stab in the abdomen.

Vicious claimed that they had consumed prohibited substances and when he woke up he found her lying in the bathroom of her room, dressed only in her underwear.

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He was arrested on December 9, 1978 and sent to the jail from Rikers Island for fifty-five days for detoxification, which ended his addiction.

On February 1, 1979 a party was held for celebrate his release at the home of Vicious' new girlfriend, Michelle Robinson.

At the time, this was cleansed from dr0gas, thanks to the detoxification program in prison.

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However, at the party he got some h3r0ine and asked Robinson to injectrefusing to do so.

At about three in the morning, the couple went to bed and the next morning, Robinson found the Body from Vicious, who had overdosed on h3r0ine.

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