Sky: the films of May 2021, from The witches to The competition

Tremble, tremble, the witches are back! We use this popular saying with a double meaning, both in its more understandable definition and in the perhaps less known one, used as a slogan by the Italian feminist movement in the 1970s. This is because two of the three films featured in ours monthly top relating to the releases of Sky Cinema in the month of May they concern precisely these topics.
In fact, among the first visions to come there are Robert Zemeckis’ Witches, a modern reinterpretation of Roald Dahl’s classic for children, The competition, dramatic comedy centered on the Miss World final of 1970, in which the intervention of the feminist movement of the time played a fundamental role.
The third title with which we close our selection, in which we always try to include titles both for the general public and for the cinephile spirit, is the latest work by Terrence Malick, the little known La vita nascosta – Hidden Life.

The witches – May 17th

At the end of the 1960s, the young protagonist, orphan of parents, goes to live with his beloved grandmother in Demopolis, a rural town in Alabama. The two come across some apparently glamorous witches but in reality devious and devilish and so the grandmother wisely decides to take our young hero to a gorgeous hotel. Unfortunately they arrive at exactly the same time as the Supreme Witch has reunited her coven of sorcerer, from all over the world, to carry out his evil plans.

Ended at the center of free controversies that have little to do with the world of cinema, this new reinterpretation of the novel by Roald Dahl, already adapted on the big screen in Who is afraid of witches? (1990), actually suffers from other problems that prevent it from being a totally enjoyable film. For those in search of a simple and unpretentious fun the film can still give a relaxing evening, thanks also to the camouflage and frightening performance – aided by special effects – by Anne Hathaway.

The hidden life – Hidden life – May 23rd

In the Austrian municipality of Sankt Radegund, just over 500 inhabitants, the inhabitants vote on the annexation of Austria to Nazi Germany. The only one to vote against is Franz Jagerstatter, a farmer who grew up under strict Catholic precepts and therefore unable to support the bestial Nazi ideology. At the beginning of the Second World War the man was forcibly enlistedbut nevertheless, putting his own life at risk, he decides that he will never, ever fight in the name of Hitler.

The last film of the master Terrence Malick has passed a bit ‘on the sly compared to other recent works, but in addition to the artistic value it is worth seeing also because it is the last film in which the late Bruno Ganz and Michael Nyqvist participated, both died during the post-production phases. The three hours of viewing, inspired by a real event, require a certain patience but for those who want to try it there will be great satisfaction, with an intense and dramatic story that offers profound food for thought on topics that are always, tragically, current and on that past not to be forgotten.

The competition – May 28th

London, 1970. Sally Alexander is a young women’s rights activist in a city in full swing, where feminists fight hard against patriarchal society and discrimination against women. The London final of the Miss World pageant becomes the perfect opportunity for feminists to make their voices heard. In what will go down in history as the most controversial contest ever and that will lead to the election of the first dark-skinned Miss World, Sally will also have to deal with the importance that the contest has for black models: the opportunity to be seen on the same level as white women, without any ethnic discrimination.

Inspired by real events, the second feature film by the purely television director Philippa Lowthorpe is a particularly bubbly costumed comedy drama, which tells us a story with an uplifting and equality flavor. Excellent casting choices, especially those of the two protagonist interpretate by Keira Knightley and Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

Output overview

May 2 – The King of Staten Island: The latest film directed by Judd Apatow, starring Pete Davidson.
May 3 – The secret – The hidden truths: Two families like many united by an unspeakable secret and a slanderous accusation. Yuval Adler directs a dramatic thriller without too many surprises.
6 maggio – Dogtooth: Drama thriller from 2009 directed by Yorgos Lanthimos.
May 7 – Hidden Mysteries: Mystery / thriller directed by Peter A. Dowling starring Radha Mitchell and Rupert Graves.
May 8 – The predators: The debut of Pietro Castellitto, the first work awarded at Venice 2020 for Best Screenplay.
May 11 – The Tax Collector – Blood calls blood: Gangster-movie directed by David Ayer starring Shia LaBeouf.
May 12 – Terminal: Thriller / noir directed by Vaughn Stein, starring Margot Robbie.
May 13 – 10 minutes gone: Action thriller con protagonisti Bruce Willis e Michael Chiklis.
May 13 – East – Last minute dictatorship: Road-movie directed by Antonio Pisu, loosely based on the tale Addio Ceausescu.
May 14 – The bay of silence: Thriller directed by Paula van der Oest, starring Olga Kurylenko.
May 16 – Shadows: Thriller directed by Carlo Lavagna, starring Mia Threapleton and Saskia Reeves.
May 18 – Caliber 9: Almost fifty years after Fernando Di Leo’s legendary policeman, Marco Bocci and director Tony D’Angelo sign the official sequel.
May 20 – Don’t hate: Drama film directed by Mauro Mancini, starring Alessandro Gassmann and Sara Serraiocco.
May 21 – Legacy of lies: Action-movie con protagonista Scott Adkins.
May 21 – The Godfather – Epilogue: The death of Michael Corleone: Francis Ford Coppola returns one last time to the court of the Corleone Family to modify (and legitimize) The Godfather – Part III.
May 25 – It doesn’t happen, but if it happens …: Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron are the absolute protagonists of an unexpected comedy: irreverent, funny and extremely critical.
May 27 – Rogue: High Risk Mission: Film directed by MJ Bassett starring Megan Fox and Jessica Sutton.
May 30 – A bill to settle: Film directed by Shawn Ku starring Nicolas Cage and Benjamin Bratt.
May 31 – The Outpost: War movie starring Orlando Bloom, Scott Eastwood and Milo Gibson.

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