Spider-Man 3, Tobey Maguire was about to be replaced by Jake Gyllenhaal

How much we loved the Spider-Man by Tobey Maguire? The Peter Parker portrayed in Sam Raimi's films, despite some criticism at the time mainly due to the age of the actor, has entered the common imagination as one of the most successful transpositions of superheroes on the big screen.

Not everyone knows, however, that precisely in Spider-Man 2, that is to say the chapter considered almost unanimously the best of Raimi's trilogy (as well as one of the best cinecomics ever), the good Tobey risked being replaced from another colleague on the launch pad during those years.

We are talking about Jake Gyllenhaal: Maguire had indeed accused some physical problems before filming began and his condition, at one point, did not seem such as to allow him to get involved in a physically demanding role like that of Peter Parker. The production therefore decided to protect itself by contacting the star of Donnie Darko before the thing returned and that our Tobey was therefore able to ensure its availability per Spider-Man 2.

Ironically, more than a decade later Gyllenhaal would still have had something to do with Marvel's wall climber. playing Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Meanwhile, last July, we celebrated Spider-Man 2's first 16 years.

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