Stay by My Side Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Stay by My Side Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

After his grandpa’s burial, Bu Xia, a young man reared by his grandfather, discovers that his whole world has been flipped upside down when he begins hearing strange voices.

Bu Xia, who is certain he is going crazy, searches for explanations and is astonished to learn that the opinions are truly the ghosts of the dead. When …

The protagonist of the tale is Bu Xia, a young man who developed a dread of ghosts. He can now hear the ghosts whispering in his ears as well. Jiang Chi, his new roommate, is his sole source of solace. Jiang Chi, who is arrogant, attractive, and intellectually brilliant, has a strong attraction to Bu Xia.

Jiang Chi has become the latter’s guardian, since the ghost voices cease whenever they are together. What would occur if Jiang Chi learns the real reason Bu Xia has remained loyal to him? Will Bu Xia have the guts to admit it?

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Stay by My Side Season 2 Release Date:

Regarding Stay by My Side’s second season, nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Season one is presently broadcasting and has seven of its ten episodes available as of this writing.

By the conclusion of Stay by My Side’s first season, we may anticipate hearing information regarding a potential second season renewal.

If so, Stay by My Side the second season is anticipated to debut one year later, i.e., around July 2024, however this has not yet been verified.

Stay by My Side Season 2 Trailer Release:

There isn’t currently a video trailer available for the Stay by My Side the second season. The trailers for prior seasons are now accessible on a verified YouTube account.

Stay by My Side Season 2 Cast:

  • Hong Wei Zhe. Gu Bu Xia.
  • Yang I Hsuan. Jiang Chi.
  • Liao Wei Po. Guo Zheng Hong.
  • Superway Hsu. Bai Yun Hao.
  • Jin Cheng. Gu Bu Tao.
  • Huang Li Feng, Ever 9

Stay by My Side Season 2 Storyline:

When the narrative opens, Jiang Chi is becoming close to Bu Xia as he stares intently at their viral photos. Two student journalists who desire to cover the story after viewing their well-liked images disrupt their adorable moment. When asked whether they are dating, Jiang Chi replies informally, “We live together.”

Being the one who is anxious, Bu Xia says things that are unconnected to the circumstance. He also admits to the students who attended the interview that he first believed Jiang Chi to be unpleasant but that, in reality, he is a kind man who hides his true emotions behind a poker mask. Bu Xia inquires of Jiang Chi after those two have left, expressing concern that his lack of clarity may convey the incorrect impression.

Jiang Chi moves in closer, asking him what misguided notions he had and affirming that all he said was intended. They both lean in for an intense kiss. The following scene has Bu Xia waking up after slipping out of bed. The kiss was a dream, which surprises him.

Jiang Chi really claimed to have meant what he said before heading out to work. Bu Xia struggles to comprehend his emotions as he quickly tries to put Jiang Chi out of his mind after remembering that today is the deadline for his assignment.

When they rejoin for basketball practice, everyone can see how well they get along and operate as a team. Jiang Chi’s jersey has to be washed, so Bu Xia and Jiang Chi begin water play while making fun of one another. Their jerseys are hung up next to one another, where Bu Xia then lets them dry in the sun.

Jiang Chi also displays to him the personalized keychains with the number from Bu Xia’s basketball jersey. Jiang Chi removes a towel that has fallen over Bu Xia’s face sufficient to get a glimpse of his lips. This time, as he kisses Bu Xia, he gives in completely and holds Jiang Chi close with his hands still on his back.

He soon begins to doubt his decisions since they go against whatever the “brothers” do. When he starts playing basketball with the lads, they start making fun of him for Jiang Chi. He sets the record straight by claiming that they requested him to convince Jiang Chi to join the squad.

Jiang Chi overhears his teammates argue that he has made an important sacrifice for the group after misinterpreting his position. He storms off, and Bu Xia follows. He pauses and goes over everything. Jiang Chi probes him on his emotions.

When Bu Xia explains that he believed Jiang Chi was kidding, Jiang Chi suddenly takes him by the track jacket, pulls him close, and gives him a passionate kiss.

There is nothing for Bu Xia to do except bite his lip in order to break the kiss. He offers Jiang Chi his apologies, but all he really wants to know is whether Bu Xia feels anything for him.

Bu Xia is unable to look into his eyes, as Jiang Chi pulls him away while announcing that if anybody asks him, he would unambiguously state that there is no connection between the two. Bu Xia is standing there calling his name as he departs.

Where To Watch Stay by My Side Season 2?

Fans from across the world may watch Stay by My Side on Viki for free alongside advertising and English subtitles.

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