Thank You For Your Betrayal Chapter 25 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Thank You For Your Betrayal Chapter 25 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

You don’t anticipate your relatives betraying you, but people will do everything to satisfy their greed in this world. People will attempt to murder you, betray you, & do all the evil things in order to get something precious from you.

Irina experiences the same thing in Thank You for Your Betrayal. You must read this article to learn more if you’re interested in learning when Thank You for Your Betrayal Part 25 will be released.

Here, we’ve covered the manhwa’s publication date, plot, audience expectations, and other details. I’m grateful for your treachery. The newest chapter of the Mystery Romance Regression Manhwa will be Chapter 25.

The oldest daughter of a Duke’s family, who has been given special skills by God, is the subject of the narrative. Our protagonist was regarded as the most proficient ability user in their family.

Even her dad was terrified of her talent since it was so powerful. He committed the most horrible of crimes murder because of his paranoia.

the practice of murdering one’s kids. Irina Lakers seemed to be enjoying the nicest life possible on the surface. Her father will go to any length to make his daughter happy.

She has a kind spouse who works as a doctor and takes care of her constantly. Imagine how shocked she was to discover that both of these were poisoning her.

Thank You For Your Betrayal Chapter 25 Release Date

I’m grateful for Up till this point, Your Betrayal has had 24 chapters. This is a brand-new manhwa that just came out. The manhwa is now getting close to receiving its 25th chapter.

The publishing date for the 25th chapter of the manga has been announced by the authors. I’m grateful for your treachery. 20 September 2023 will see the publication of Chapter 25.

At midnight, Chapter 25 is going to be made available. KST, or Korean Standard Time. By using KST as a guide time, you can determine when the manhwa will be released in your area.

Thank You For Your Betrayal Chapter 25 Trailer Release:

Yes, Thank You for Your Betrayal, 25th Chapter has a promo video available.

Thank You For Your Betrayal Chapter 25 Storyline:

Irina arrived to Lancaster Manor with Ian. Everything is going according to plan for their wedding ceremony. They secured the Emperor’s approval, located a priest to administer the ceremony, and Irina chose a stunning gown for herself to wear.

The wedding day eventually came. Irina attempted to contact her father, but she got no response. At her wedding, neither of the Lakers were there.

Irina imagined her past-life wedding to Henry as she made her way down the aisle. She was pleased that everything was over and that she would never have to deal with such things again; this was the beginning of a new life.

She breathed a small sigh of relief, but it was cut short when the wedding was interrupted. It was the Royal Knights’ Chief Commander. It seems that her father lied to the Emperor in order to prevent her wedding. Although she was requested to accompany him, Irina had other plans.

She says her marital vows as she turns around. Soon after, Ian does the same, and the priest pronounces them a couple. At that point, Crown Prince Astasio showed there and charged Ian with kidnapping Irina and forcing her into a marriage against her choice. He then declares their marriage null and invalid using his royal power.

Thank You for Your Betrayal’s main character, Irina, serves as the focal point of the plot. To be honest, her life is horrible. She has had a pleasant life from birth, but once people began to learn about her special skills, her relatives have attempted to have her killed.

Yes, this is how Irina lives. Will she ever experience joy? Ian Lancaster is here to assist her, so that’s good. Or is it true that he’s trying to make her happy?

One of the first who identified Irina’s unique talents was her father. He learns this and is so terrified that he attempts to murder his own daughter. Irina is married, but her spouse plots her murder in concert with her father.

Irina’s family members mostly want to murder her, and when she dies, they are successful. The narrative is not over yet. Irina dies and then reappears inexplicably.

She knows who is to blame this time, and she intends to get retribution. Additionally, Ian Lancaster enters the scene. They investigate the tale of love and hatred together.

Where To Watch Thank You For Your Betrayal Chapter 25?

On the comic, you may read Thank You for Your Betrayal, the 25th chapter Raw. The initial three parts of Thank You for Your Betrayal are available on Comico for free. You must buy or rent the subsequent chapters in order to access them.

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