that’s why Cameron chose to spoil Rose’s fate right from the start

When Titanic was released in 1997, even to viewers who weren’t all that familiar with the historic event, it was clear early on that the ship would sink. In fact, the whole story is told through flashbacks by the elderly Rose who remembers the sacrifice of her beloved Jack.

The fact that the tragic event is presented well in advance, only increases the tension on the fate of the two protagonists, whose events, rather than the sinking of the ship, are the focal point of the film made by James Cameron.

The decision to let the public know from the start that the ship will sink has a double function, as it prevents any spectator who knows the history of the ship from being distracted by the inevitable fate of the ship and on the other hand, allows of cto focus attention on the personal experiences of Titanic passengers.

Audiences spend the first half of the film not only experiencing Jack and Rose’s whirlwind romance, but also knowing what the couple will face. When the ship hits the iceberg and the tragedy takes shape, Rose decides to go back to her Jack, demonstrating the genuineness of his feelings and condemning himself to an almost certain death for them. Obviously, the public knows that it is Rose who survives the events of the Titanic thanks to that opening “spoiler”. And while this ending represents a devastating blow to anyone cheering on the couple, it provides a bittersweet conclusion for the two, who only after death can they live their love forever.
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