The Bad Ending Maker Chapter 24 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

The Bad Ending Maker Chapter 24 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Bad Ending Maker attempts to straddle many genres at once, stumbling along the thin line between cheerful humor and gloomy fantasy.

The comic, written by Oilgu & Ryu Eun Garam, depicts the betrayal-filled journey of a game developer as it digs into his daily life. despite the fact that the graphic novel remains in its infancy, it has been successful in producing a suspenseful, high-stakes drama. The manga’s audacious approach to addressing the long-running discussion about the issue caused by artificial intelligence has helped it gain thousands of followers.

These fans are now unsure as to whether the release date for Bad Ending Maker Chapter 24 has been confirmed. Here is your opportunity to get your fingers on the most recent information if you’re interested in learning more about this next version as well!

Next week should see the publication of Bad Ending Maker Chapter 24. The chief creator of the most well-known VRMMORPG game, Wings Online, Mr. Mincheol, is the subject of the documentary Bad Ending Maker.

After putting a lot of effort into creating Wings Online with Gaia, the most powerful AI in the world, it was an enormous hit but fell into the clutches of corporate power.

With artwork by Shim Jae Yeong, the book manga “Bad Ending Maker” was written by Oilgu and Ryu Eun Garam. The film “Bad Ending Maker” tells the tale of Mincheol, a committed game designer who spent years of his life developing a virtual reality game. His professional trajectory, however, takes a sharp turn when he is let go for resisting corporate plans to implement a within the game payment system he finds objectionable.

The Bad Ending Maker Chapter 24 Release Date:

On September 30, 2023, Bad Ending Maker Chapter 24 is expected to be published. The platforms Naver Series and Naver Webtoon will both offer it in Korean.

However, the English translation wouldn’t have access to the chapter. Only a few volumes have been posted so far, despite the fact that certain websites sell the dubbed versions.

It seems that it will take some time before the English translation of this future chapter is published given the nuanced speed that the translation procedure has been following.

The Bad Ending Maker Chapter 24 Trailer Release:

The Bad Ending Maker, Chapter 24 does indeed have a promo video.

The Bad Ending Maker Chapter 24 Storyline:

In “Bad Ending Maker,” Chapter 21, our protagonist assumes control of a covert outpost in the Undertow Division. The protagonist encounters two individuals there who identify themselves as the keepers of this mysterious location and go by the names Alpha and Beta. The Dark Faith, a powerful clandestine army, is led from this undiscovered location.

The base must quickly expand and renovate in order to prevent degradation, which presents a big problem. The guides, Alpha and Beta, start off by teaching the basics of the station to the new leader. They show an important fact: the commander’s investment are essential for increasing resource output, especially by golems.

These adaptable golems are capable of mining wood and iron ore in addition to rocks. This information emphasizes how crucial it is to raise money for base expansion.

In this sense, investments refer to the use of gold or infamy points to update and develop the facilities, including troop production, workplace upgrades, and the addition of additional golems.

The facility is used by the Dark Faith as both a physical fortress and a training ground for its troops. But it takes time, money, and renown to assemble a powerful army.

The commander may dispatch these soldiers on a variety of tasks, from battling monster lairs to attacking other players’ domains, beginning with a level-one barracks that can produce goblins.

Each mission has a different set of rewards, including money from monster dungeons or renown from player raids. To guarantee success, it is essential to match the complexity of the task with the troop’s experience. In this new duty, the captain is guided by Alpha and Beta, who give them a feeling of rebirth and comfort.

However, a surprise guest in Under town heightens the suspense by proposing stronger stone equipment improvements and providing reduced gold prices. The commander, however, refuses, indicating a reluctance to invest money on such projects.

Akasa said that he was purchasing since the cost would increase after the Season 6 patch and because the strengthening stone he had previously purchased will help him improve his Season 6 character.

Due to a gaming fault, several players in the game tragically perished and had their accounts wiped. Michael signed in to patch the problem that had caused the game to break.

After being ousted from the business, the new CEO utilized his admin privileges to ban Mincheol in a game & drag him into a political controversy. According to rumors, Mincheol purposefully disclosed a bug that ruined the game because he disagreed with the organization’s beliefs.

Mincheol is now seeking retribution. Since he knows he won’t succeed in court, he chooses to enter the Wings Online universe secretly using his wallet, which no one is aware of, in order to leverage his expertise as the game’s inventor to get the game’s world closer to its finish.

Where To Watch The Bad Ending Maker Chapter 24?

Bad Ending Maker is not translated by any official manga reading services, however you can view the Raw Scan of the 24th chapter on Naver Webtoons.

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