The Best Way to Build a Custom Skin Care Routine: AI-Generated Skin Care Routines for Personalized Skin Care

Customized skincare has become a trending subject nowadays. People are excited to try new approaches to skincare routines such as the elaborate ten-step Korean skincare routines but they are easy prey for the marketing gimmicks of the brands displayed on social media platforms.  It is just hard to know who to trust to get the best personalized skincare routine advice.

With AI being a new entrant in the mix, people are now relying on AI for pretty much everything. So, why not rely on the same technology to build your custom skincare routine? Well, if you are sitting there scratching your head and wondering what skincare routine builder is best for your skin, the skin type quiz developed by Board-certified Dermatologist Dr. Leslie Baumann MD is the perfect solution.  It diagnoses your Baumann Skin Type and lets you build a custom skincare routine from many different skin care brands!

More on that and steps to building a custom skincare routine using AI will be discussed at length in this guide.

Understanding your skin type

Irrespective of whether you are consulting a dermatologist or getting your skincare routine built by an AI system, there are several factors to be considered before you buy any skin care products.  So- know your skin type before you shop for skincare to save yourself time and money.

Properly identifying what kind of skin type you have is what makes all the difference in a good skin care routine vs a bad one. Skin types generally fall into categories like oily, dry, combination, or sensitive and most AI algorithms consider these factors when tailoring a skincare routine specifically for you. However, these skin types are not accurate enough. Dr. Baumann has spent the last 20 years developing and testing a skin care routine builder that really works. It is based on 16 Baumann Skin Types that are defined by the presence or absence or these main issues:

  • Skin oiliness
  • Skin hydration
  • Inflammation
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Skin aging

These important skin issues are not mutually exclusive.  In other words, you can have more than one type of skin concern and these all need to be addressed when building a personalized skin care routine.

Dr. Baumann’s skin type quiz enables the users to identify their skin type from the 16 Baumann Skin Types, which are crafted based on the four pillars – dehydration, sensitivity, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles.

Here’s a breakdown of the16 Baumann Skin Types:

DRPT – Dry, resistant, hyperpigmentation, tight

DRNT – Dry, resistant, no hyperpigmentation, tight

DSPT – Dry, sensitive,  hyperpigmentation, tight

DSNT – Dry, sensitive,  no hyperpigmentation, tight

DRPW – Dry, resistant, hyperpigmentation, wrinkle-prone

DRNW – Dry, resistant, no hyperpigmentation, wrinkle-prone

DSPW – Dry, sensitive,  hyperpigmentation, wrinkle-prone

DSNW – Dry, sensitive, no hyperpigmentation, wrinkle-prone

OPRT – Oily, resistant,  hyperpigmentation, tight

ORNT – Oily, resistant, no hyperpigmentation, tight

OSPT – Oily, sensitive,  hyperpigmentation, tight

OSNT – Oily, sensitive, no hyperpigmentation, tight

ORPW – Oily, resistant, hyperpigmentation, wrinkle-prone

ORNW – Oily, resistant, no hyperpigmentation, wrinkle-prone

OSPW – Oily, sensitive, hyperpigmentation, wrinkle-prone

OSNW – Oily, sensitive, no hyperpigmentation, wrinkle-prone

Once you take the skincare routine quiz and find out which of these you are- then you can begin to build a persoanlozed skin care routine.

The reason why you must pay attention to these individual skin types is to determine which one mimics your skin type the closest. We’d have to emphasize how essential it is for you to determine your skin type first before you venture into curating the customized skincare routine.

With how accurate and science-backed these skin types are, it isn’t surprising that it has now become a gold standard diagnostic tool that’s being leveraged by 250+ dermatologists across the U.S.

Once you complete the skin type quiz, the AI-integrated software then connects and matches the result with 60+ medical grade skin care brands and their products. You will build a skin care rotuien from a list of products that you can be confident are right for you.

Steps to Curate a Custom Skin Care Routine Using AI

When talking about AI, Dr. Leslie Baumann’s Skin Type Solution is software that streamlines the custom skin care routine building process for you. It is better than other custom skin care rtoines because it works with many brands- not just one. For example, Proven Skin Care has a custom skin care routine builder but  it does not have a scientific system and only gives you advice on the Proven skin care brand. It is more personalized to be able to build a skin care routine using the best products from many brands- not just one.

Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  • AI Skin Analysis

We have described this in brief in the previous sections. But, the first step to curating a personalized skincare routine is by assessing the kind of skin you have and diagnosing your skin as one of 16 Baumann Skin Types.

Is it dry? Is it prone to pigmentation or wrinkles? Is it oily or sensitive? The skin type quiz at is created in a way so it detects your skin concerns and then the algorithms process the information and match your skin’s needs with skin care products. providing highly accurate, scientific, and personalized dermatologist-recommended skin care routine.

The skin type quiz validated by Dr. Leslie Baumann is a breakthrough in the field of dermatology and has become a standard now- its in medical textbooks and is used by dermatologists around the world..

  • Identifying the Skin Concerns

Once you have sorted out the kind of skin type you have, the next step is to identify the skin concerns you are struggling with.

Is your skin sensitive or acne-prone? Is it dry and flaky skin with redness and inflammation? Identifying all of your skin concerns is key to choosing the right skincare products that can help you sort out your personalized skincare routine.

The AI, in this case, is based on years of research and testing.  Skin Type Solution’s exclusive software takes into account your skin type, habits, and current condition, ensuring a targeted approach to your skincare needs.

  • Customized Product Recommendations

The third step in building a customized skin care routine is for the software to recommend customized productive recommendations based on your skin type and concerns.

Skin Type Solution’s platform has 40,000+ skincare routine templates that the software will match you with. It then works with you to populate the template with skin care products that contain ingredients that are right for all of your skin concerns. What’s great is that the product recommendations are from varying brands, ranging from elite luxury skincare brands to more affordable drugstore brands. You get to build a skin care routine based on your budget, values, and brand preferences.

It all comes down to your personal preferences which is why this system is the most personalized custom skin care routine you will find online. Each product that’s recommended is dermatologist-recommended, and curated by Dr. Baumann, which guarantees optimal results. You will be confident that you are finally using the best skin care routine for your unique skin issues.

  • Switch and Customize

The last step in building your customized skincare routine is the actual customization that you get to make. We touched on this slightly in the above pointer.

However, with Dr. Baumann’s skin type test and the software in general, the best part is that you get choices. Many choices! Nothing about the product recommendation is stringent. This means that if the software recommends a moisturizer that would best fit your skin type and concern, the recommendation list doesn’t include a single moisturizer. Instead, you get a recommendation of multiple moisturizers from the best skincare brands that are designed to support your skin concerns. This is where you truly get to make the most out of the customization aspect.


Dermatologist Dr. Leslie Baumann has created a breakthrough in the field of dermatology with SkinTypeSolutions. If you are worried about your “perfect skincare routine” and want to get a more in-depth understanding of what would be an ideal skincare routine for you, taking the skin type quiz by Dr. Baumann is the perfect solution. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can embark on a skincare journey that is tailored to your unique needs. We are certain that once you diagnose your Baumann Skin Type you will change the way you shop for skin care!

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