The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide Chapter 9 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide Chapter 9 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Chap. 9 of The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide is almost here. We know that Manhwa fans can’t wait for Chapter 9 to come out. Chapter 9 looks like it will be an exciting addition to this already interesting story.

This part, which everyone is looking forward to, will add additional excitement and surprise turns to the story. We will talk about everything you are looking for in this post.

We talk about everything, from the release date to spoilers and a summary. Stay tuned for more news about manga and things related to manga.

This week, The Extras will show Chapter 8 of the Academy Survival Guide! We already learned how important Lortelle’s character is to the game, and today the story is slowly getting closer to the battle between her and Phoenia.

In addition, adding a new character to the game would be hard for Ed because Lucy would land right next to him. It’s possible that this could change the original narrative if she kept talking to Ed.

The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide Chapter 9 Release Date:

Chapter 9 of The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide will come out on January 25, 2024. You will all be aware of what will happen in Chapter Nine after a few days.

The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide Chapter 9 Trailer Release:

It is true that you can watch a clip for The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide, 9th Chapter.

The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide Chapter 9 Storyline:

There is a fight between Rothtaylor and Aiyla Triss at the start of the chapter. Aiyla Triss, his biggest fan and best friend since childhood, ran out the door and fought with the princess without looking back.

After seeing how well Taylor has done in the past, Aiyla tells him he can do it again. She tells him not to be so down on himself. He knows that Aiyla will be there for him when he needs to get himself back up.

Ed thought that since Taylor had saved the world, he ought to concentrate on staying alive. He was rude to him because he was the main protagonist in the game and would have to put in the greatest amount of work. However, Ed is feeling better right now.

He spent a lot of time with Taylor, and she is still alive. Not because the story went back to where it was supposed to go. On the next page, Ed and Jessica meet in the woods. Ed helped Jessica talk to him regarding a private issue that was important to her. At the end of the story, Ed as well as the Newbie-Crusher (the girl with red hair) meet.

The draft chapter for The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide usually comes out a day or two before the book comes out, but Chapter 7 is different. No matter what, we continue to speak about Chapter 7 of The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide and what might happen.

Ed is thinking about how the way Lorelle’s character has grown changes the players’ views once they know what she really wants. They couldn’t decide between her and Phoenia because they were both lonely and in pain.

Ed just walks away from Lorelle while she continues to attempt to talk with him because he knows that believing what she says will hurt him more than help. He would lose the momentum if he gave in to her tricks. But Lorelle was not going to give up. She tells Ed nice things to get him to fall for her trick.

Lorelle offers to pay Ed a total of three gold coins as a deposit if he can help her make friends with Janica. When he asks her why the Golden Daughter is attempting to purchase links, she gets angry and tells him that it’s better to have more people on her side.

When Ed hears this, he sees that Lorelle’s gut made her get more friends to help her win the next fight against Phoenia. So that she could run the school, Lorelle knew she had to begin getting all of her allies together.

Ed doesn’t want the coins, though, so he walks away. He felt bad about leaving the money because it was a lot of money, but he didn’t want to get into a fight with Lorelle or Janica. Ed had to make sure that the main plot didn’t fall apart.

Even though Ed turned her down, Lorelle didn’t give up and went straight to meet Janica. When Lorelle meets Janica at night, she tries to start a chat, but things quickly go badly when Janica asks how her talk with Ed went.

The ghosts have heard them talking, and she tells Lorelle that it’s nice that someone paid to get to know them in a haughty way. She tells her that earnestness can’t be bought and that Ed’s refusal is much more powerful than her offer to pay him.

Lorelle is still unwilling to give up after they talk, and she starts to think of means to get by means of Janica. In the meantime, Ed chooses to make friends with the minor characters, such as Belle, the maid who won’t really get in the way of the main story, and starts talking to her.

Even though Lorelle keeps trying to get in touch with him, Ed chooses to leave her alone because he knows that giving in to her pressure will have bad results in the long run. It’s clear to him that giving in to what she says would mean losing power. Even so, Lorelle won’t give up and is using dishonest methods to try to control Ed.

Lorelle says that Ed should be paid three gold pieces up front for helping her make friends with Janica. When Ed questions her thinking, he asks the reason the Golden Daughter is trying to buy relationships. Lorelle tells him that getting more people behind her is good.

When Ed hears this, he realizes that Lorelle has been able to subconsciously get more friends, which she needs to prevail in the upcoming fight against Phoenia. Lorelle knew it was important to get her fans together to show that she was in charge of the school.

Where To Watch The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide Chapter 9?

There are a lot of people in Korea who read The Extra’s Academy Survival Guide Volume Manhwa. There are a lot of web comics and books on Naver Webtoon, where you can find this manga.

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