The Neighborhood Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

The Neighborhood, an American comedy television series, was created by Jim Reynolds. The show follows a white family from the Midwest as they move to a mostly black area of Pasadena, California. The show has developed a devoted following throughout the course of the preceding four seasons.

Every week, fresh episodes of the show are broadcast to viewers all around the globe. The series has turned into a comfort show for fans since audience ratings and appraisals of it cannot be refuted.

In the course of their careers, actors Max Greenfield and comedian Cedric the Entertainer have provided television audiences with some genuinely unforgettable chuckles.

Cedric the Entertainer had a significant part in well-known programs including The Soul Man and The Steve Harvey Show.

However, Greenfield has a history with comedies going back to Ugly Betty and New Girl. Despite how amusing the two’s separate efforts were, when they teamed collectively to co-star in The Neighborhood, they hit the jackpot.

The Neighborhood Season 5 Release Date:

The Neighborhood will air a brand-new season on television. The fourth season, which concluded on May 23, 2022, has already had all of its episodes broadcast on the network. Months when season 4 finished, in January 2022, the CBS network officially ordered an additional season of the program.

As you can see below, The Neighborhood’s main Twitter account also updated its followers on the news.

The Neighborhood Season 5 Trailer Release:

The Neighborhood Season 5 has not yet received any trailers or promotional materials from the network since it is much too early for such releases. Check out the Season 4 official trailer for The Neighborhood below while you wait:

The Neighborhood Season 5 Cast:

We anticipate that every season regular will return to The Neighborhood since there have been no significant casting announcements.

Cedric the Entertainer is leading the charge. To mention a few of his roles, the comic played Mullins in The Last O.G., Ralph Kramden in The Honeymooners, and Eddie in the Barbershop films.

Max Greenfield is the second series lead, joining Cedric the Entertainer. As Leo D’Amato in Veronica Mars, Kyle Myrtle in What Men Want, and Garbiel in American Horror Story, Greenfield has previously appeared. This is by no means a complete list of his career; he has over 70 performing credits to his name.

The remaining members of the major cast are:

  • Tichina Arnold (Everybody Hates Chris,  Martin) 
  • Beth Behrs (2 Broke Girls, Hello, My Name is Dorris)
  • Sheaun McKinney (Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, Snowfall)
  • Marcel Spears (The Mayor, Always a Bridesmaid)
  • Hank Greenspan (13 Reasons Why)

The Neighborhood Season 5 Storyline:

Following the departure of season four showrunner Meg DeLoatch, executives in the background engaged Bill Martin and Mike Schiff to work together as co-showrunners for season 5.

This information was disclosed in Deadline (opens in a new tab). Cedric the Entertainer and Martin and Schiff are once again working again after their previous collaboration on The Soul Man.

According to Cedric the Entertainer, when questioned about his response to the change of guard, Deadline cited him as saying:

“I’m thrilled to be grooving with Martin and Schiff on The Neighborhood’s sixth season. We collaborated on my television program The Soul Man, and let’s just say that we are a powerful three-man pick-up team in the comedy industry. I anticipate a joyful and humorous season.

If there is a discernible change in the series moving ahead, fans are going to wait and see. With that stated, the question of if there will be a marriage is perhaps the greatest enigma surrounding season 5 storylines.

The season 4 finale had Marty (Marcel Spears) making every effort to pop the question to Necie (Chelsea Harris).

It seems sense that the Butler family would need to prepare a wedding if she really says “yes” and means it.

Although, considering the messes that Tina (Tichina Arnold) and Calvin (Cedric the Entertainer) made with the proposal, maybe they shouldn’t take part in any aspect of the wedding other than turning up on the wedding day.

The Neighborhood season 5 truly got started with the last few episode of season 4, and they did not let us down.

Marilyn appears on our screens in The Neighborhood season 4 episode 20. Visitation from Calvin’s domineering and haughty mother as she watches him get the Businessman of the Year award.

As Calvin had anticipated, Marilyn, a prior award winner, is the focus of the evening. Calvin discovers he has more traits with his mother than he’d care to admit. After much stress, poor Tina helps the mother and son work things out.

Gemma learns that some parents think their kids aren’t ready to learn about the awful events in American history while attempting to get her school to teach her on the Tulsa race massacre.

Gemma feels even more incensed when Dave reacts in the same manner when he is angry. Gemma holds a meeting, but tragically the parents choose not to discuss the horror with their children.

One of my favorite episodes is the twenty-first. As a result of Nicki, a part of Tina’s former singing group, sleeping with Malcolm, the group’s next performance is jeopardized. This episode is extremely Two Broke Girls meets Bling Empire.

Malcolm reassures Tina that neither party knew who the other was despite Nicki and Tina disputing over who terminated the band.

In the final moments, Tina puts her ego aside, and the show goes on as planned. In another scene, a sober and clean-up Crackhead Victor returns to his job at the barbershop, but it’s clear that he has forgotten how to cut hair.

Season 4 of The Neighborhood came to a satisfying conclusion. The Butlers want Chika (Gina Yashere) to ensure that Marty’s unexpected proposal for marriage to Necie complies with Nigerian tradition since Necie comes from a Nigerian family.

One of the many dowry things Chicka demands the Butlers purchase for Necie’s family is a goat, which decimates the majority of the other items before Necie arrives.

While anything continues to go on, Dave notices that Gemma is still wearing the tiny ring he got her whenever they were short on money as he sees Marty choose an engagement ring for Necie.

After surprising Gemma with a larger ring, he is astonished when she expresses a desire for the smaller one, shocking both of them.

Where To Watch The Neighborhood Season 5?

The Neighborhood Season 5 is expected to be available when it debuts with the remaining seasons on all prior streaming providers as well as being shown live on the CBS channel every Monday from 8:00 to 8:30 PM, ET/PT. The Neighborhood is also available on Amazon Prime Video.

That is all we currently know about Season 5 of The Neighborhood. For additional details, pay attention to the most recent series!

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