The Northman, unveiled the release date of the new film by Robert Eggers

A few months after The Northman ended filming, the new and awaited film by Robert Eggers after the successes of The Witch and The Lighthouse with Robert Pattinson finally got an official release date.

According to reports by Collider, the film will debut in American theaters onApril 8, 2022.

Described as a “epico revenge thriller which shows how far a Viking prince can go in search of justice for his murdered father “, The Northman boasts a stellar cast comprising among others Alexander Skarsgård, Nicole Kidman, Anya Taylor-Joy, Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe, Kate Dickie and Björk.

He film will include several reunions for Eggers, as the director has previously worked with Taylor-Joy and Dickie on The Witch and with Dafoe on the most recent The Lighthouse, both of which have been widely acclaimed by critics and audiences.

While much of the plot details are still unknown, Skarsgard teased that The Northman will be “A huge movie, I saw a four minute montage of some of the things we had shot and I was really blown away. The marriage of Rob Eggers’ imagination and Viking folklore is incredible.”

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