The Problematic Prince Chapter 65 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

The Problematic Prince Chapter 65 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Chapter 65 of The Problematic Prince is here! Friends and fans, welcome back! We’re back to The Problematic Prince as we start Chapter 65 of this exciting story.

This time, too, fans may expect a little more from the creators. This piece will tell you when The Problematic Prince, Volume 65, will come out and give you some details.

If you really like the Problematic Prince series, then you can’t just skip this article. In this chapter, a major event happens when the primary characters, Lee Shin as well as Cha Eun-sang, get together for lunch at a place where Erna and her maid also go.

When Lee Shin as well as Cha Eun-sang get to the palace after their vacation, they start the next part of their trip. While the king, the queen, and the other members of the royal family come to greet Lee Shin and his fiancée to celebrate their marriage, Lee Shin notices that his brother Lee Hyun is not there. This makes him wonder where he is.

The Problematic Prince Chapter 65 Release Date:

The Problematic Prince, Volume 65, Manhwa, is set to come out every week on Saturday. There will be a new chapter of The Problematic Prince on January 25, 2024, at 12:01 a.m.

The Problematic Prince Chapter 65 Trailer Release:

It is true that you can watch a clip for The Problematic Prince, Volume 65.

The Problematic Prince Chapter 65 Storyline:

Lee Shin and Cha Eun-sang visit Hawaii for their honeymoon. When they get back to the court, everyone is happy for them. But Lee Shin sees that his brother Lee Hyun is gone and wants to know where he is.

In reality, Lee Hyun wants to get rid of Lee Shin and become king. He has joined forces with a rebel nicknamed Kim Joon-ho, who says he is related to the dead king that Lee Shin’s dad is said to have killed.

As the wedding is coming up, Lee Hyun agrees to help Kim Joon-ho kill Lee Shin as well as Cha Eun-sang. He tells her that he has a spy named Park Seo-Joon who is working as Lee Shin’s bodyguard and gives him information about what Lee Shin is doing.

Park Seo-Joon is going to assist them in getting rid of Lee Shin as well as Cha Eun-sang, Lee Hyun explains Kim Joon-ho. After that, they can rule together. At the same time, Lee Shin and Cha Eun-sang have been getting ready to be crowned king and queen. Lee Shin says to Cha Eun-sang that he loves her and will keep her safe no matter what.

In Chapter 33 of “The Problematic Prince,” things take a dramatic turn when Prince Lechen as well as his loyal followers arrive at Lian, a border town. Good morning, Lord Lian! He meets them and asks the prince to remain with him.

The Imperial troops went after Prince Lechen after the Emperor put him in jail for treason. Sad news, though, breaks up their brief peace. Lord Lian tells Prince Lechen to get prepared for the fight that is coming, despite the fact that there is danger right now.

Things are getting worse as they prepare for the fight with Imperial troops that is coming up soon. The Emperor is angry about Prince Lechen’s movement, so he instructs his generals to quickly round up the army and put it down.

Lian, Lichen, and his brave friends have become ready to fight. Prince Lechen tells his soldiers that the people back them up as they battle for justice and liberty. Besides that, he shows off a dangerous mold that stops people from moving while letting them see items that aren’t there.

Prince Lechen’s men put in a lot of effort and use psychoactive mushrooms to trouble the enemy lines. Imperial men are being lost, so they need to pull back. When Prince Lechen states “victory,” his men are very happy.

The party doesn’t last long, though. Lichen falls to the ground when he realizes he ate some deadly mushrooms by accident. His whole life is at risk. He tells his friends to keep fighting, even though he is going to die.

He loves Princess Yuna as well as desires her to be secure. He shuts his eyes and takes a deep nap. After reading this part, I still don’t know what will occur to Princess Yuna as well as Prince Lechen.

As the story goes on, it’s not clear if Princess Yuna is going to be able to escape the Emperor or if Prince Lechen is going to recover better from the poison he accidentally took.

Lee Hyun as well as Joon-ho are in a dangerous position because they are trying to find out the truth and stop something terrible from happening.

Get ready for tense talks with people who seem sketchy but may have good reasons for acting the way they do. People who used to be friends could be suspects, and new people could be hiding something dangerous.

Get ready for shocking fresh details that will change the story totally and make Lee Hyun and Joon-ho doubt everything they thought they knew about what happened. People might question views they’ve had for a long time, and happenings from the past might be seen in a new way.

Where To Watch The Problematic Prince Chapter 65?

The Problematic Prince is a manga that was first released in print by Some Books.

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