The Terminal List Dark Wolf (Prequel 2024) Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

The Terminal List Dark Wolf (Prequel 2024) Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

The action thriller series “Terminal List: Dark Wolf” from Prime Video is scheduled to premiere in May 2024. The show, which is a precursor to Chris Pratt’s ‘The Terminal List,’ follows the character Ben Edwards, played by Taylor Kitsch, as he transitions from having been a Navy SEAL to a CIA paramilitary operative. “The true dark side of warfare and the human cost associated with it” is the subject of the thriller, according to the official logline.

David DiGilio created the action-packed thriller TV series The Terminal List, which is based on Jack Carr’s 2018 book of the same name. The protagonist of the series is a Navy SEAL on a mission to get even for the deaths of his loved ones.

Chris Pratt (who is also an executive producer) is joined by Constance Wu, Taylor Kitsch, Riley Keough, Arlo Mertz, and Jeanne Tripplehorn in the production.

The Terminal List Dark Wolf (Prequel 2024) Release Date:

The production of “Terminal List: Dark Wolf” will commence in May 2024.

The Terminal List Dark Wolf (Prequel 2024) Trailer Release:

The Terminal List: Dark Wolf (Prequel 2024) does not yet have a teaser video available.

The Terminal List Dark Wolf (Prequel 2024) Cast:

  • Chris Pratt as Lieutenant Commander James Reece,
  • Constance Wu as Katie Buranek,
  • Taylor Kitsch as Ben Edwards,
  • Riley Keough as Lauren Reece,
  • Arlo Mertz as Lucy Reece,
  • Jeanne Tripplehorn as Lorraine Hartley,

The Terminal List Dark Wolf (Prequel 2024) Storyline:

Prime Video has announced a series of prequels that will star Kitsch as Ben Edwards. Since the series is an original creation by Carr, it will explore Edward’s enigmatic CIA operative’s backstory; therefore, he will be returning.

No title has been decided for the prequel as of yet. But Chris Pratt’s Reece will make cameo appearances on the show, which is sure to boost viewership.

As of this writing, there is no trailer available for either the prequel or second series of The Terminal List. Stay tuned for further information! For more coverage and news on Prime Video, be sure to check back with Hidden Remote.

In Syria, Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander James Reece leads a team of fourteen SEALs and an informant on a mission to approach Dr. Kahani, a specialist in chemical weapons.

Except for Reece and his companion Ernest “Boozer” Vickers, the whole squad perishes in an ambush. In an interview with the Navy Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), Reece recounts the mission; however, he questions the veracity of the account after discovering that certain aspects had been altered.

Flying home with Boozer is his next move when he receives the all-clear from the doctors. Ben Edwards, Reece’s closest friend and a former SEAL and CIA operative, is indifferent to the possibility of wrongdoing when Reece tells him about his assignment.

When Reece’s wife and daughter, Lucy and Lauren, see him at home, they immediately detect that he has lost some of his memory. After what seems to be a suicide the next day, Boozer’s body is discovered at his house; nevertheless, Reece remains unconvinced.

He visits a local clinic for a CT scan after realizing his headaches have been getting the better of him, but he is ambushed by two guys who take his gun which he had stashed away in a safe from his house. Reece returns in a panic, only to get the tragic news that Lauren and Lucy have died.

A sorrowful Along with his Mexican buddy Marco del Toro and another friend, Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Riley, Reece grieves the loss of Lauren and Lucy. After everyone gathers around, Reece returns home, still broken and craving alone.

Reece takes precautions after meeting investigating journalist Katie Buranek after his assignment and learning that his case manager, NCIS Agent Josh Holder, discovers no proof linking him to his family’s murder.

In addition, he suspects that Holder was complicit in, if not directly responsible for, Lauren and Lucy’s deaths, which makes him realize that Holder is part of a domestic conspiracy.

He creates his “terminal list” by taking a painting that Lucy did of his family and adding Holder’s surname on the back. After that, he conducts a survey of Holder and then collaborates with Edwards to extract data from Holder’s computer disks.

Reece meets with Lorraine Hartley, the defense secretary, in a pub to reassure him that Kahani is no longer a threat following his passing during another operation.

Even though Reece has no new leads at this point, Edwards informs him that Holder removed his biometrics, suggesting that Reece was likely right. After sneaking into Holder’s flat, Reece questions him before killing him in his bed. He then departs, making it seem like a suicide.

Pratt will reprise his role as James Reece from the previous series and will also appear in the new one as Kitsch. In addition to delving into the history of the drug experiments conducted on Reece and his team, the suspenseful film is anticipated to examine the bond between Ben and Reece.

Maybe we’ll finally get to the bottom of why Ben betrayed his buddy and became entangled in the plot. Another major character from Carr’s novels, Raife Hastings, will also play a crucial role in the series.

Hastings has not yet made an appearance in “The Terminal List.” However, the series conclusion hinted at a possible return for Season 2. The prequel will also include Mohammed Farooq and Ernest “Boozer” Vickers, played by Jared Shaw.

The show’s lead actor, Kitsch, is now shooting the Western series “American Primeval” on Netflix, with a screenplay by Mark L. Smith (known for “The Revenant”). He voiced Darrin “Koz” Kozlowski in Audible’s audio series “Koz” and portrayed Glen Kryger in the murder thriller “Painkiller” on Netflix.

Antoine Fuqua, who oversaw the pilot for the main series, will most likely direct numerous episodes of the spin-off. If I am free, I will certainly [provide instructions]. Sure, I will definitely do that.

‘The Terminal List’ is fascinating; I adore it. Yeah, I see. I adore it, dude. This is the precursor with Taylor Kitsch, and I want to do one or two films with Chris Pratt, the director told Collider.

Where To Watch The Terminal List Dark Wolf (Prequel 2024)?

Amazon Prime Video confirmed on Monday that Chris Pratt, who stars in the franchise, would be returning for a second season of “The Terminal List,” in addition to a prequel series.

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