The Tyrant Wants to Live Honestly Chapter 65 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

The Tyrant Wants to Live Honestly Chapter 65 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Manhwa volumes include the story The Tyrant Wants to Live Honestly. An abundance of manhwas are published annually. Staying up-to-date with the publishing dates and timings of vibrant manga and manhwa may be quite a challenge for avid readers.

But have no fear; we will provide you with all the precise release dates and timings. Chapter 65 Release Date of the 2022 Korean manhwa The Tyrant Wants to Live Honestly is going to be covered in this blog.

I assume you’re familiar with Manga, but are you familiar with Manhwa? Likely, you already have. Manhwa is manga in Korean, in case you didn’t know.

The distinctive plots of manhwas have contributed to their enormous success. Many people are praising and supporting the new manhwa, The Tyrant Wants to Live Honestly.

On May 7, 2023, the most current chapter of the Manhwa—chapter 30—was published. Every Manhwa chapter has its spoilers disclosed before the rest of the book.

Just like chapter 29, chapter thirty has also been leaked. See the most current chapter down below if you’re interested in learning more!

The Tyrant Wants to Live Honestly Chapter 65 Release Date:

On Thursday, January 2, 2024, at 8:00 p.m. KST and 4:30 p.m. IST, the latest chapter titled “The Tyrant Wants to Live Honestly, Volume 65” will be published according to the timetable.

The Tyrant Wants to Live Honestly Chapter 65 Trailer Release:

A video trailer for Chapter 65 of The Tyrant Wants to Live Honestly is, in fact, available.

The Tyrant Wants to Live Honestly Chapter 65 Storyline:

Some exciting plot twists are in store for readers of “The Tyrant Wants to Live Honestly” in the next chapter. The protagonist, Dorothy, is dealing with an unexpected challenge.

In the most recent episode, Dorothy was concerned since she saw that Ethan & her father, Carson, were caring for her. She is wary of any good things happening in her present life because of the tragedy she had in a prior life when loved ones deceived and murdered her.

Ethan is anxious to know Dorothy’s emotions after he revealed his affections for her. Nevertheless, Dorothy maintains her guard and wonders why he would show interest in her.

Her father, Carson, surprises her by giving her a bottle of wine bearing her name, completing a long-standing vow he made to her. After this surprising development, Dorothy starts to question whether things are happening according to plan.

Dorothy is prepared to demonstrate that she is faithful to her promise to do a charity deed in the next Chapter 56, after her previous chapter’s commitment. She has a nobler intention than just sharing her wine with the typical socialites; she intends to do something really kind with it.

Dorothy, on the other hand, plans to share her wine with community members who are less fortunate or who don’t often get to enjoy such treats.

Her father, Carson, doesn’t seem to care much about Dorothy’s intentions with the wine, so he probably won’t stand in her way. Ethan may perhaps give another dimension to Dorothy and her relationship by accompanying her on her selfless journey.

Dorothea Milenea’s beloved man despised her and killed herself because of her. The people she had power struggles with ultimately decided to let her go. Many pointed fingers and accused her of being a despot.

Their fury incinerated her castle and they demanded her execution. She was very content to pass away in that manner. Reincarnation was the only thing that occurred!

Reymond Milenea’s one chance for redemption arrived at that moment. The Light Spirit King, Lux, was there. After the deaths of the Milaners, the King of the Light Spirit offers Reymond Milenea a new contract and the opportunity to join his court as a partner. A life-or-death deal was made.

Unfortunately for Dorothea Milenea, Reymond finds out that her veins has already been tainted. To no use, she broke the spell of ghost summoning. Reymond Milenea believed it was unjust since she endured this for her whole life.

He is told by the King of the Light Spirit that he does not care about human-made regulations and that he need only one companion. The Light Spirit’s stone had been sold to Reymond Milenea, which was excellent news for Lux.

Mutual agreements are documented in contracts. This is the ability of the Light Spirit. A single use of Lux’s full power is allowed to the first partner. The ability to create sunlight was formerly held by Dorothea Milenea.

The spoilers are revealed first, as previously stated. Spoilers for the 30th volume of the manhwa were posted on Reddit on May 4, 2023, even though it was published on May 7, 2023.

Many details concerning Ethan and Dorothea’s strange antics from the next volume of the Manhwa have been leaked in spoilers. Here are some spoilers for the newest volume of the Manhwa, so you may want to read them before continuing.

Ethan is the subject of the first spoiler which has been made public. Ethan, who is he? What does Ethan’s reality look like? When you hear the truth about Ethan, you will be startled.

You are mistaken about Ethan’s reality. Do you know anything about Ethan’s family? His parents’ intriguing lives have been laid bare in Chapter 30.

Duchess Bront’s hidden kid is Ethan. Of course! I said it correctly. Once upon a time, there was an affair between the Duke of Bront and a tavern lady. Ethan was born out of his illicit romance with that girl.

Even though her faithful royal attendants and bodyguards tried to dissuade her, Dorothy made up her mind to flee the castle and fight. Quickly ending the conflict was her top priority so that her people might escape any more pain.

Additionally, she felt forced to approach Edward on his actions and insist that he face the consequences. Edward had poisoned her son Leon, who remained in a coma, so she left him a note.

She told him how much he meant to her and how sorry she was, while she believed he would soon alter his mind and forgive her. There was no doubt in Edward’s mind that he was the one who would emerge victorious and claim the throne.

To defeat Dorothy and her legion, he intended to use a covert weapon. He had accomplished the abduction and brainwashing of Daniel, Dorothy’s ex-lover, in addition to being Leon’s biological father.

Where To Watch The Tyrant Wants to Live Honestly Chapter 65?

There is now an official Naver webtoon for The Tyrant Wants to Live Honestly. Anyone, anyone may read the Korean or English versions of the chapters on the Naver Webtoon website or the Webtoon applications for Android and iOS.

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