Top 10 Best Olive Oil Dispenser Reviews

Best Olive Oil Dispenser Reviews

Eating healthy is the first start to living a healthier lifestyle. These days more people are using olive oil in their food. They use it in the hair, for moisturizing, and many other purposes. The oil has countless health benefits to keep your body in good physical shape.

However, if you plan to use this wonder oil every day, you need to consider storing it in a particular container that is easy to use. By now, you know there are many types of vessels available on the market made of different kinds of material. However, which one is the best to use to keep your olive oil handy within reach for everyday use.

The dispenser you need must be mess-free, made of quality grade material, and easy to use. So how do you pick the best olive oil dispenser? We are here to help you find a suitable spill-free one and can withstand the heat when used in a kitchen.

You can read our olive oil dispenser buyers guide to learn more, and once done, you can decide on the best container with our top 10 best olive oil dispenser reviews available here.

Top 10 Best Olive Oil Dispensers

Now that you know the basics of picking the right oil container for the kitchen, you can find one here with us to use with ease. Each olive oil dispensers reviewed here are versatile to use and presents you with durable material to last a long time.

1 Misto Olive Oil Dispenser

The next product is an oil mister called the Misto, one of the most popular online brands. The product is fantastic and has a brushed aluminum exterior. The beautiful thing is that the stainless steel oil dispenser you can reuse.


For eating healthier using, the aerosol sprayer to mist oil in a pan is fantastic and safe for the environment. You can use the container for spraying or in a pump style. The sprayer has a BPA-free construction and has a threaded cap that holds no pressure back inside the bottle.


  • You can use the Misto Sprayer with any ingredient in the kitchen, such as olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice, and more
  • The bottles are refillable and not made of harmful materials, and BPA-free, suitable to use with food
  • The containers are easy to use with the pump style and pressing the valve to use the aerosol spray
  • No matter what your cooking needs are, this is the best olive mister available


  • Works with pump style and aerosol spray
  • The bottles reusable
  • The material used to make the vessels environment-friendly
  • The products free from harmful material
  • There is no pressure present inside the container
  • Great to use for cooking, basting, roasting, and more


  • You need to use the Misto in a vertical position
  • Best not to use coconut oil in it
  • Works best when filled only halfway


For a steel oil dispenser, the Misto works well. You can use it with different liquids, from vinegar, lemon juice to olive oil—the items made with ECO-friendly material suitable for garnishing food in different ways.

2 Vremi Glass Oil Dispenser

If you need an oil and vinegar dispenser, you can look at the Vremi brand. The fantastic thing about this bottle is that you can measure the correct amount of oil needed for your cooking. For making foods with fewer calories, these measuring features are impressive. The containers an oil pourer dispensers and make no mess when used. It has a silicon button at the top for ease of use.


An additional benefit is that it can hold up to 17 ounces of fluid and looks great on a table used for salad dressing. You can hand wash or place the glass oil dispenser in the dishwasher. However, we do recommend you wash the silicon pump and top by hand. If you need a small bottle to hold your olive oil, you can view the level liquid available through the clear glass.


  • It offers you a milliliter, teaspoon, and tablespoon measuring and helps to make mixing options great
  • For ease of use, it has a silicon press button to dispense the olive oil
  • The good thing is when using the Vremi, and you have no drippings dropping on the table as it stops the oil after you have finished draining it
  • You can control the liquid as it will not overdress your salad and does not run out
  • The oil containers are made of clear glass and hold 17 ounces of fluid
  • You can wash the glass oil dispenser in the dishwasher but best to clean the silicon button and pump by hand
  • The products best used with oil or vinegar


  • The vessels easy to disassemble and assemble
  • Made of glass
  • Easy to clean
  • Has a measuring label
  • Designed with a no-drip spout


  • The glass bottle has a transparent design, and the oil becomes exposed to light.


The Vremi is one of the best olive oil and vinegar dispensers you can buy. You can place it on the table to use as a salad dressing with the non-drip spout. You can even control the amount of oil you need with the measuring label. The negative is the bottles made of transparent glass and the pump and top you need to hand wash.

3 Evo Kitchen Oil Spray Bottle

For a non-aerosol oil mister, you need the Evo Kitchen trigger spray bottle. You can dispense the oil without using pressure as it works with a trigger action. What makes this oil container for your kitchen unique is that you can also use it with vinegar.


The bottle holds 18 ounces of fluid and comprises no harmful additives or chemicals. The container’s design is eye-catching. You can leave it standing in the kitchen or placing it in the refrigerator.


  • The Evo Kitchens is perfect for an oil mister as it has no aerosol spray and works with a trigger sprayer.
  • It has an attractive exterior to leave standing in the kitchen and is compact enough to place in a fridge.
  • You can fill it up with 18 ounces of fluid.
  • The trigger sprayer offers you a comfortable and secure grip when used
  • Can use the bottle to prepare a variety of preparations for baking, grilling, broil, and more
  • The products are made of durable material that is BPA-free and recyclable
  • The mist made available through the trigger sprayer looks like a fan
  • You receive included three washable bands


  • The trigger sprayer works well compared to an aerosol one
  • The cooling oil dispensers made of durable material
  • It looks gorgeous standing in the kitchen
  • Compact enough to keep in the refrigerator


  • None noted


For an easy-to-use oil dispenser, the Evo Kitchen is more than ideal. The bottles are refillable, and you can keep them standing in the kitchen or place them in the fridge. The trigger sprays handy, and it does not clog or shatter.

Furthermore, the oil containers are economical to use and are reusable and recyclable. You can control the portions of oil, vinegar, and more while using it. When refilling it, all you need to do is twist the funnel, give it a good hand wash, and refill it. The product is dishwasher safe.

4 EVOO Rachel Ray Stoneware Oil Dispenser

Liven up your kitchen with the EVOO olive oil dispenser available in a variety of colors. The Rachael Ray Stoneware container has a unique shape that holds up to 24 ounces of vinegar or olive oil.


The design of the bottles is fantastic with the narrow neck and flat bottom, and even pouring is comfortable and mess-free. You can leave the oil and vinegar dispenser standing on the dining table to add style to the home. The inside of the bottles is glazed, protecting the precious oil.


  • You can make a statement with the EVOO cooking oil dispenser available in vibrant colors from blue, green, red, purple, and more
  • The Rachael Ray Stoneware oil dispenser holds up to 24 ounces of olive oil
  • The designs are unique, with a narrow neck and flat bottom, offering you a comfortable grip and mess-free pour
  • The glazed interior keeps the bottle dark and prevents oxidation from taking place – making it possible to use your olive oil for longer
  • You can wash the canister by hand or clean it in the dishwasher
  • Another benefit is that you can use the bottle in a microwave


  • Fantastic design
  • Prevents oxidation from taking place with the dark exterior
  • Vibrant colors
  • Hand washable, and it is dishwasher safe
  • Made with a nonporous material


  • None noted


For an olive oil dispenser, the EVOO gives a bold statement with its fantastic colors. Now you can mix and match olive oil and vinegar dispensers to display on the dining table. In addition, the product’s dishwasher safe, and you can place them in the fridge or microwave.

5 NiceBottles Glass Oil Dispenser

The NiceBottles olive oil dispenser has a dark green color and fills up to 16.9 fl. oz, enough to use in the kitchen. The container has a screw cap with a spout made of stainless steel. The dark-colored glass protects the oil from oxidation and remains fresh for weeks.


You can use oil and vinegar to dress up salads and other foods. Utilizing the pourer is easy and mess-free. The spout has a unique design and automatically closes to seal it tightly.


  • The bottles are made of dark green glass, and you can buy them with a see-through design as well
  • The container looks elegant and holds up to 16.9 fluid ounces
  • You can use the olive oil dispenser to hold vinegar and cooking oil as well
  • Designed with a top flap to prevent dust from entering the spout when poured
  • You receive a stainless steel pourer with a black screw cap


  • The bottle has a leak-free and spill-free design
  • It has a nice tinted color to keep the oil fresh
  • The spouts are perfect, and the flip-top is outstanding to prevent dust from entering the container
  • You have full control over your pour
  • The cover opens and closes automatically


  • The bottle is on the tall side, and you may face problems keeping it standing on a kitchen shelf.


For a durable glass, oil dispenser the NiceBottles is perfect. You can buy the product in a combo set, and it is ideal for any chef to use in their kitchen. In addition, you can keep it on the dining room table with its elegant design. The glass bottles are made of thick glass and should not break with a small drop.

6 Emile Henry Ceramic Olive Oil Dispenser

Do you need an olive oil bottle you can display in the kitchen or on a dining room table? Look at the Emile Henry bottle that has been in production since 1850 in France. The bottle has a hard clay structure with glaze on the exterior to keep it scratch-free and durable.


The dark colors are great to keep not only olive oil in but other cooking oils as well. In addition, you receive an easy flow spout to control the stream of the olive oil.


  • The oil dispensers are made from natural clay and have a glazed exterior that is scratch-resistant
  • The colors are beautiful to display with ceramic tableware and adds style to any dinner or kitchen
  • With the ceramic design, you can use it in an over, although we do not think this will ever happen
  • You can leave it standing on the countertop or place it in a refrigerator
  • The bottles are dishwasher safe, and you can clean them by hand
  • You receive a ten-year warranty


  • Has a love appearance and ads style to any kitchen or table
  • Available in different color designs
  • Durable design
  • Easy to use


  • The spouts tube is narrow and interferes with the pouring


You can use the Emile Henry olive oil bottle to store your olive oil standing on the tabletop or in the refrigerator. The containers are easy to use with the included spout, but some users have mentioned it interferes with the pouring. We recommend you replace it with another pourer available here.

7 Royal Oil and Vinegar Dispenser

Why buy only one olive oil dispenser if you can purchase a complete set. Yes, you heard right! Look at the Royal olive oil and vinegar dispenser that includes a stainless steel rack. Both the bottles have a cork set your remove and replace with the included square shape dual spouts.


Using the containers endless as you can fill it up with different oils, lemon juice, vinegar, and more. Both bottles have a 17 oz capacity with a BPA-free construction. At the top of the bottle, it has rubber stoppers to prevent drips and spills. You can use the rack to display the bottles in the kitchen or use it on the dining room table.


  • The Royal glass olive oil dispensers have a square shape and look stunning in the kitchen and on a table
  • It has a dual spout design for pouring oil and vinegar, and on top, it has rubber stoppers
  • The material used is BPA-free, and the glass is thick and durable
  • Each bottle holds 17 fl oz, and you receive a set of two cooking oil dispensers with a stainless steel rack


  • The oil and vinegar dispensers easy to use
  • Designed with a dual spout, making pouring less messy
  • It has a classic design
  • Made with BPA-free material


  • None noted


Whether you need an olive oil and vinegar dispenser for your restaurant, café, or home Royal is the one to buy. You receive a beautiful stainless steel rack to display both bottles. You can use it in the kitchen with the easy-to-use pourers that are rubber sealed—the bottles made of glass and magnificent to use daily.

8 Blümwares Oil and Vinegar Dispenser Set

The Blümwares set comprises two bottles with drip-free spouts. The dispensers have different sizes, with the smallest having a capacity of 250ml, and the bigger one is 500 ml. With the no-spill pourers,


you will not have to clean up the kitchen counter when preparing a recipe. You can control the portions to use specific amounts as needed. The glass bottles make for an ideal match, whether you want to keep balsamic vinegar, olive oil, cooking oil, and more. The material used to construct the containers is BPA-free.


  • You receive two bottles to keep oil and vinegar in – the small bottle has a fluid capacity of 250ml and the bigger ones 500 ml
  • The products made with BPA-free material and food safe
  • The spouts are spill-free and easy to use, and you can control the portions
  • The material used to construct the containers is easy to clean and dishwasher safe


  • The bottles have a unique and durable design
  • You can control the substance needed to use in food
  • The pour spouts are mess-free and easy to use
  • Can wash it in the dishwasher


  • Made of glass and requires extra care when used


If you prefer using glass to a stainless steel oil dispenser, the Blümwares offers you a set of two. The glass design looks great and is durable for using a long time. In addition, you can keep your olive oil and vinegar on hand when needed, and it controls the amount dispensed.

9 Dwellza Olive Oil Dispenser Set

Now nothing comes close to the next olive oil and vinegar dispenser set from Dwellza. The uniqueness is that you receive two glass containers with an oil mister spray. The small bottle holds 6oz of oil and comprises the oil mister. The more prominent bottle holds up to 17oz with an easy dispense spout.


The pourer’s non-drip, and you can control your pouring. The sprayers are made of BPA-free material, and the vinegar container has an oil measure-off tank for measuring portions. The lids of the dispensers are made of stainless steel, and the rest are glass. The aerosol spray is clog-free and has a unique filter to help with misting when using infused oils.


  • You receive a set of two glass bottles with stainless steel lids
  • You can use the small bottle as an oil mister with the uniquely designed no-clog filter aerosol spray
  • The more prominent container holds 17 oz olive oil and has a non-drip pourer, and you can control the liquid while pouring
  • The more massive bottle also has a measuring top, and you can use the container for storing oil and vinegar
  • The materials used to make the pourer and sprayer is BPA-free
  • You can clean the dispensers in the dishwasher


  • Stylish look
  • Made of durable glass and stainless steel
  • Can measure the oil or vinegar
  • The mister does not clog up
  • Easy to clean


  • The containers are made of glass, and you need to handle them with care


If you are tired of using olive oil and vinegar dispensers that keep messing with you, need the Dwellza set. You can measure the correct amount of oil required for a recipe or mist the oil over food with the two glass bottles included.

You can even use the oil mister to oil your cast iron pots. The set looks terrific, and you can clean them in the dishwasher. The lids have stainless steel construction and are easy to clean by hand.

10 Aozita Glass Olive Oil Dispenser

Here we have one of the best olive oil pourers that serve more than one purpose. The fantastic thing is the price of the Aozita set is affordable, and you can buy more than one. The glass bottle has an elegant design and comprises a complete set of spout stoppers with sealed caps and a flap cap.


With the dark brown color, it protects your olive oil from direct sunlight to prolong its preservation. For long-term use, you receive a black screw cap with a white inner cork. You can use it for dispensing oil, vinegar, and dressings.


  • The bottle looks stylish on a table or in the kitchen standing on the countertop with its glass design
  • The spouts are made of stainless steel and have a flap cap fit with a sealed cap
  • The glass has a dark brown color to keep the olive oil fresh
  • You receive the olive oil bottle, stainless steel funnel, spout with dust cap, pourer with flap cap, and two black sealed tops and corks
  • The glass is lead-free and has a capacity of 500ml
  • All the parts of the dispenser sets dishwasher safe
  • You receive a year guarantee


  • The dark color of the glass bottle preserves the oil
  • The included funnel help make refilling easier
  • Durable glass
  • All components are dishwasher safe
  • Looks fantastic on the table and kitchen


  • It needs handling with care because it has a glass structure


The oil and vinegar dispenser from Aozita includes everything needed to make pouring olive oil easier. You receive two spouts the one you can use for pouring oil and the other one for vinegar.

The pourer fits perfectly, and with the cap, it closes to prevent dust from entering the bottle. Also, for an even more delicate touch, you get a funnel included to make refilling the container a breeze.

How do you select the right olive oil dispenser?

The truth is that you can have the best olive oil in the home, but it is worth nothing if not stored correctly. Virgin olive oil you need to stockpile out of direct sunlight, and it needs to be far from heat. Further, you need to have it within reach when needed. Here are some helpful tips to assist you in buying the right container for your precious oil.

Get a Dark Bottle

The first and most important thing is that you do not want your olive oil to oxidize or rancid. The most prominent enemy of this oil is air, heat, and light. Therefore, it needs to be in a dark place when storing the olive oil and not exposed to air. Using the best cooking oil dispenser made from colored glass and an airtight lid is the best. When buying the olive oil in bulk, it is best to keep it stored in the original tin cans. The reason is the canister has a tight seal, and you only need to refill your olive oil bottles as needed.

The Importance of the Oil Container Spout

Whether you decide on buying a ceramic olive oil dispenser or olive oil bottle, it needs a pour spout that fits tightly. The spout needs to be easy to use. You need a pourer with a separate air intake; this helps for continuous pouring. The spout must be metal and long with a hinged lid to prevent dust from falling into the oil.

Pick the Right Sized Oil Container

Once opening a bottle of olive oil, the effect only lasts for up to two months. Therefore, you do not want to buy a large oil container for the kitchen. Purchasing a large bottle will make it impossible for you to empty it before the two months are over. Not only will it be difficult to drain, but it will also be impossible to handle.


You can buy from stainless steel oil dispensers to a thick glass bottle to keep the liquid stored. As long as the glass is dark, the oil will last you a while to use before going off. You can even purchase a ceramic olive oil dispenser for an oil mister if preferred.

Final Thoughts

So which one of the cooking oil dispensers do you like? No matter which of the top 10 best olive oil dispensers you prefer, there is only one significant thing to remember – always consider the material of the container.

Further, look at the spout, size of the bottle, and the pour action. Never place the olive oil container next to the stove or direct sunlight. By making sure the oil does not oxidize, you can preserve it for a longer time.

We hope that this article was helpful to you to get the best olive oil dispensers. Surely, you will now have all the essential information to buy the best olive oil dispenser. Furthermore, this article will surely be helpful for you to give an overview of every olive oil dispenser that we did mention here.

Let us know in the comments below which olive oil dispenser you will purchase from our list.

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