Touch Your Heart Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Touch Your Heart Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Yoo In-na and Lee Dong-Wook star in the 2019 South Korean television shows Touch Your Heart (Korean: ). Based on the online original of the same name that was initially made accessible in 2016 through KakaoPage, it was produced by Studio Dragon and co-created by Mega Monster and Zium Gratified. It ran on TVN from February 6 to March 28, 2019.

A web series from South Korea with a comedic romantic theme is called Touch Your Heart. On the TVN network, it was originally made available in South Korea.

After then, the Dragon studio also made it available on Netflix. A extremely humorous romantic comedy, Touch My Heart also receives a great deal of audience approval. It was created by Studio Dragon and authored by Lee Myung-Suk & Enoi Bo-Rim. With 16 episodes, season one comes to a happy ending.

Korean films, which we are all well know, have a significant influence over the globe. India, which is quite fond of viewing Korean dramas and films, is seeing a growth in its viewership. We’re referring to Korean dramas here, which have a huge global fan following. Teenagers nowadays, particularly females, have a strong obsession with the beautiful characters in movies.

Touch Your Heart Season 2 Release Date:

Therefore, if season 2 seems to be a possibility, we anticipate seeing Touch My Heart series 2 sometime in 2022. It’s a little difficult to produce anything so quickly and early since it requires time, and the globe is now experiencing a catastrophic epidemic.

Therefore, there isn’t a teaser or video teasing the second season; nevertheless, you can all watch season one on Netflix. Stay tuned as we’ll let you know as soon as we get more information on release confirmation.

Touch Your Heart Season 2 Trailer Release:

The second season of Touch Your Heart has no trailer available. The trailers for prior seasons are now accessible on a representative YouTube account.

Touch Your Heart Season 2 Cast:

The play in the Koran has always fantastic performers and actresses. They also have a sizable global fan following. Yoo In Na & Lee Dong Wook, who have a fantastic rapport, are a prime example from season one.

  • Lee Sang Woo plays Kim Se Won,
  • Son Sung Yung plays Yoo Yeo-reum,
  • Jung Se,
  • Shim Hyung Lak,
  • Park Kyung Hye,
  • Jang So Yeon.

We’ll let you know as soon as the cast is confirmed.

Touch Your Heart Season 2 Storyline:

Actress Oh Yoon-Seo is available as a reprisal role-playing advocate after a scandal, but only after working for three months at a legal firm.

Oh Yoon-Seo foolishly drowns out her increasing resentment at her employer at a party with her coworkers. Yoo Yeo-rum discovers an old fire while doing work. Yoon-Seo envies the ability of another lady to make her employer happy.

Kwon Jung-rok discovers similarities between Yoon-Seo’s background and his current stalker case. Due to his lack of experience with dating, Jung-rok turns to Kim Se-won for advice.

Yeo-rheum’s work pressure also starts to take a toll, and Yun-SEO runs into an old foe. The constabularies summon Yang Eun-Ji about her daughter. Yoon-Seo and Jung-rok learn new things about one another, but something threatens their happiness.

Mun-hui fights her feelings of infatuation; Yun-SEO sees a guy pursuing her and resists him; a member of Jung-rok’s family looks for his legal assistance. Yoon-Seo adds income to her already full schedule as Mun-hui & Choe Yun-hook attempt to draft a contract. The revival of the I’m Yun-hui case terrifies Jung-rok.

Yun had a skin disorder. Mun-hui enjoyed playing the ukulele with another guy. Regarding the kissing scene that Yoon-SEO would shortly be recording, Jung-rok feels uneasy.

Prior to a month-long exterior shoot, Yun-SEO spent most of her time with Jung-rok because she was concerned about Mun-hui’s reputation for being capricious.

Fans were really upset that this relationship was not get the happy ending they had expected since it had more support than the official main pair, Gong Yoo & Kim Go-Eun.

Well, kind of they did. With no memories of their previous life, they were recreated as guests and fell in love once again. featuring Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na in season two of Touch Your Heart.

They each have a cast that is well suited to them, and their on-screen chemistry is excellent. A highly skilled and renowned top actress called Oh Jim Sim is the subject of the story’s opening.

whose professional reputation was damaged by some scandal, and who afterwards found herself in serious jeopardy. She made the decision to join a legal company after being without a work for the previous two years.

She wants to portray a lawyer in a forthcoming television series, but to play a lawyer, she requires real-world experience. She then joined a legal firm where she met Kwon Jung Rok, the company’s managing partner.

She then makes the decision to represent him in court. The actress has a law degree, making it a little bit simpler for her to comprehend laws and regulations.

All loose ends are tied up in Touch Your Heart, bringing the drama to a satisfying conclusion. Jim Shim & Jung Ruk reconcile towards the end. Their love relationship is still going strong.

Since Jim Shim is the star of her new drama, they first date in secret. The couple keeps their relationship a secret since the revelation of their dating might draw criticism. But after Jim Shim finishes her labor, the two fearlessly emerge.

In episode 16, Jim Shim & Jung Ruk make their engagement official at Yeon Interment’s anniversary celebration. The way the pair expresses their secret love while oblivious to others’ judgments is simply amazing.

Jim Shim inquires towards the end of the episode about if anybody has been able to comprehend her sentiments. In response, Jung Ruk says that her emotions must have impacted their hearts in the same way as they did for him. Her genuine love has warmed the stone-cold heart of Jung Ruk.

It seems that the drama has accomplished what its subtitle promises: Touch Your Heart. As a result, it looks impossible to design the season one episode order.

There is ample space, however, if the filming crew comes up with a fresh plot. The next season may provide a fresh tale that will appeal to fans’ emotions!

Where To Watch Touch Your Heart Season 2?

Season 1 of Touch Your Heart is already accessible on Netflix. There, you may view it. You must choose a subscription plan based on your choices and establish an account. You are now all set to watch the enthralling Korean love drama Touch Your Heart.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a Netflix membership since Viki also has season 1. A subscription is not necessary to use Viki. For better and simpler access, you may go straight to the website or even download the Viki smartphone app. Watch Jim Shim & Jung Rok’s sweet love tale while you wait on Netflix & Viki!

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