Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Are you excited for Uma Musume Pretty Derby the third season to bring back the horse girls? The first episode’s trailer for the anime series has dropped, and it’s clear that Uma Musume will soon be releasing their third season. Learn more about Uma Musume Pretty Derby third season by continuing to read.

Fans of anime and horse racing should get ready for an amazing journey as we dive into the much awaited release of Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season three.

This anime series has captured fans’ attention since it first aired because to its unique fusion of sports, slice-of-life, & idol aspects. It’s time to ride up and find out what the future contains for exciting races and horse women as the previous two seasons have left us wanting more.

Is Season 3 of Uma Musume on the way or not? One of the most watched Japanese anime television shows, Uma Musume Pretty Derby, debuted on April 2, 2018.

The anime, which is helmed by Kei Oikawa, centers on a girl who is resurrected as a horse girl. Her experience during Uma Musume Pretty Derby’s two seasons is amazing. It’s now time for fans to download Uma Musume’s third season.

Uma Musume’s second season debuted on March 30, 2021. Due to the show’s significant fan base, the production company ultimately revealed on November 6, 2022, that it had been renewed for a third season, albeit the precise release date had not yet been determined. When does Uma Musume the third season come out? In this post, we have compiled all the solutions to your most pressing questions.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 3 Release Date:

On Monday, the first episode’s trailer was aired on the anime series’ official website. The first episode of the series will air on October 4 at 12:00 JST. Uma Musume Pretty Derby’s inaugural season debuted back in April 2018. The show’s second season premiered in January 2021.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 3 Trailer Release:

Yes, a video trailer for Uma Musume Pretty Derby third season is ready.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 3 Cast:

  • Kitasan Black, voiced by Hinaki Yano
  • Satono Diamond, voiced by Hina Tachibana
  • Tokai Teio, voiced by Machico
  • Special Week, voiced by Azumi Waki
  • Silence Suzuka, voiced by Marika Kuono
  • Gold Ship, voiced by Hitomi Ueda

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 3 Storyline:

The protagonist of Uma Musume’s first season is Special Week, a horsegirl. She is passionate about realizing her mother’s ambition of becoming one of the best horse girls in the world.

The village girl Special Week joins Tracen with the pledge to fulfill her mother’s request. She observes the track while at the school, where Silence Suzuka’s prowess deeply moves her. Special Week join the same squad as Silence Suzuka after observing her.

The emphasis of Uma Musume’s second season is on Tokai Teio, a different main character. Tokai Teio dreams of being the ideal horse girl.

She will have a number of setbacks and injuries as she pursues her desire, which will only make her suffering worse. Tokai won’t provide up on her goal of becoming one of the top racers, despite how hard life is.

The third season of Uma Musume’s plot is currently being finished by the producers. The forthcoming series of Uma Musume will, however, also focus on one of the horse ladies and her never-ending drive to become the most well-known horse girl ever.

It’s expected that the third Uma Musume Pretty Derby franchise would have an interesting storyline. Any more predictions for the next season are now pointless since their creators made no mention of any flaws.

It will only be an matter of time until viewers learn the real details of Uma Musume Season 3’s narrative, since the show is scheduled to debut this April.

The Uma Musume Pretty Derby multimedia series was created by Cygames. It was first transformed as a mobile game in 2021. An anime series had its premiere that year.

The spin-off has also been adapted into an anime. In October 2022, a short online anime made its premiere. A sequel appeared in 2023.

The fantastical setting of the story features the possibility of renowned racehorses being reborn as “horse girls.”

Because of their speed and tenacity, they have the ears & tails of horses. These women study at Tokyo’s Tracen Academy to become idols and racecar drivers. Special Week & Tokai Teio, respectively, were the main protagonists of the first two seasons.

Cygames is the company behind the Uma Musume Pretty Derby multimedia series. It was first developed as a mobile game in 2021. The same year saw the airing of an anime series.

There is also an anime version of the spin-off. A brief online anime debuted in October 2022, and a follow-up episode aired in 2023. The mythical setting of the book allows great racehorses from the past to get a second shot at life as “horse girls.”

They are young women with the speed and stamina of horses and their ears and tails to match. These girls attend Tokyo’s Tracen Academy for training in order to pursue careers as racers and idols. Special Week & Tokai Teio served as the primary protagonists in the previous two seasons, respectively.

Where To Watch Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 3?

The third season of Uma Musume Pretty Derby will be available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

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