VideoHunter: Best Video Downloader to Download Up to 8K Videos

As a video lover, you may often need to download movies for leisure or when traveling, and higher requirements for video and audio quality are what you pursue. Currently, there are many video downloaders available, but what is the best video downloader for PCs?

Here we pick a safe video downloader for you – VideoHunter. We will review its outstanding features further in this article.

Why VideoHunter Is The Best Video Downloader

VideoHunter is a high-quality online video downloader for Windows and Mac. It can download high-quality ultra-HD movies to enhance your viewing experience. With fast speed and common formats, VideoHunter can be the best pick among Mac video downloaders and Windows video downloaders. As the best video downloader, VideoHunter comes with some outstanding features.

High-quality output from 1080P to 8K

VideoHunter downloads videos in high quality from 720P, 1080P, 4K to 8K. So those who have high requirements for video quality can have a good viewing experience through VideoHunter.

Multiple video sites supported downloading

With VideoHunter, over 1,000 popular sites are available for you to download videos. Video platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and most other online viewing websites are supported.

Various video types supported

VideoHunter promises that video types such as a single video, a playlist, or a channel from video platforms like YouTube are supported to be downloaded. It allows you to get videos in multiple types to make sure you have fewer limitations in enjoying your loved videos offline.

Batch download at 6X speed

If you are under a stable and good Internet, you can access a faster downloading speed at 6X. Moreover, multiple videos at a time can be batch-downloaded. In this way, it saves your waiting time while making sure you can obtain the best video quality.

How to Download 8K Videos With VideoHunter

VideoHunter provides useful functions for video lovers. Here is how you can download videos up to 8K with it.

Step 1. Copy and paste a URL from an online video site

After launching VideoHunter, you will find the simple homepage of it, just copy and paste the link of a video clip that you want to download. Make sure the URL pasted into the software can be played properly in the browser. If it is a private video, your account must have the viewing permission.

Step 2. Click “Analyze” to grab your video

After pasting the link, click to analyze the video you chose to see if it is supported by VideoHunter. If so, the video can be downloaded.

Step 3. Choose the output format and quality you want, then start downloading

After analyzing your video, select the output quality like 8K and the output format like MP4. Make sure to choose a storage location before downloading your video. When everything is down, click “Download” to start downloading. You will find the downloaded clips in the storage location you chose just now.

VideoHunter Free Trial VS Pro

When you launch VideoHunter, you might find there are two versions of it: the free trial version and the premium one. Differences between them are as below:

The free trial version includes:

  • Download up to 3 single videos a day
  • Download videos in up to 480P quality
  • 320kbps MP3 conversion available
  • 1 device only
  • Ongoing technical support

The Premium one includes:

  • Unlimited downloads a day
  • Download options from 720P, 1080P, 4K to 8K
  • Free VideoHunter for Android version
  • Multi-device login
  • 1000+ video/audio sites supported
  • Ongoing technical support

Is VideoHunter Crack Safe?

Your privacy is fully protected by VideoHunter, and the payment method is completely encrypted. No personal information will be leaked to any third parties. Meanwhile, VideoHunter promises to offer you an advertisement-clear service, that’s why you can enjoy seamless downloading without other bundled software.

Is VideoHunter A Legit Software?

It is legal for you to download and enjoy video and audio through VideoHunter if you just want to take them for personal use. However, if you have particular needs for commercial use of the video or audio converted, for example, upload it to your YouTube in a public channel, then it is illegal to do so. That’s why you are suggested to convert and download video and audio only for personal use.


VideoHunter is the best online video downloader for computers. You can download up to 8K videos from any site with this fast and secure video-downloading software! Try it now!

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