Viewer’s Choice: The Dating Show Chapter 34 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Viewer’s Choice: The Dating Show Chapter 34 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Viewer’s preference Korean Manhwa, produced by Billy Bus & Cheng Ning and drawn by Racking, is the dating program. The Manhwa delves into the romance, drama, shoujo, & adventure subgenres.

The chosen narrative by the viewer: The dating program is chock-full of affection, feelings, and unforeseen turns. The story centers on a girl who tried out for a dating show to tell her crush know she was over him, but things became difficult when she was chosen as a competitor.

Because Viewer’s Choice: The Dating program is a hybrid of a reality program and a fictitious drama, fans are particularly captivated by this Korean Manhwa. What is now known about the viewer’s decision is as follows: Chapter 33 of The Dating Show: Release Date

The 34th chapter of the Comedy Manhwa, The Dating Show, will be the audience favorite. The narrative centers on a lady who has had a difficult time finding love throughout her life. She has been in affection for identical person for more than 20 years, but they have never shared feelings for one another.

Viewer’s Choice: The Dating Show, which combines a classic and unfinished love narrative, has recently seen tremendous growth in popularity. The reader’s spirit is touched by the manga since it is both very relatable and interesting.

In addition, the manga’s protagonist helps everyone experience the excitement of the main character by being approachable. The Dating Show producers have revealed the release date for Chapter 34, which is the viewers’ choice. You are surprised to see that it is close by. Continue reading to find out more information!

Viewer’s Choice: The Dating Show Chapter 34 Release Date:

Chapter 34 of The Dating Show was chosen by viewers. The authors and publishers have decided on the publication date. The manga’s scheduled debut is September 24, 2023. On Kakao Page, the raw copy will be made accessible. While one should go directly to Tapas for the English translation.

Viewer’s Choice: The Dating Show Chapter 34 Trailer Release:

Yes, Chapter 34 of Viewer’s Choice: The Dating Show has a teaser video available.

Viewer’s Choice: The Dating Show Chapter 34 Storyline:

We received a glimpse of Seon-Ho’s past in the last chapter. His father was an alcoholic and a compulsive gambler who passed quite suddenly one day.

Seon-Ho was now left to take charge and take on the role of family head. The loan sharks also anticipated that he would pay off his father’s debt in where he was. Seon-Ho must prevail in the contest for this reason. The cash will make life easier for him and his mother, who is widowed.

Seon-Ho is seen resting in bed contemplating Da-Hye. He tells himself that he’s has to improve and that he need to take care of her rather than the other way round. Da-Hye has been in love with Won-Gu, and Seon-Ho is aware of this, but he doesn’t care.

After that, the action moves to the Viewer’s Choice corporate office, where they are debating player rankings. Won-Gu muses on whether it is yet appropriate to use his “secret weapon” given that Dong-Yoon seems to be in the driving seat.

Mo Da-Hye, who was 7 years old at the time, first met Lee Won-Gu when his family relocated into the flat directly across from them. She was immediately in love and is still today.

It seems like Won-Gu is primarily concerned with keeping Da-Hye as a buddy. Won-Gu served as a producer for Viewer’s Choice, a dating show. Da-Hye gave it a go and was selected.

The purpose of the program is to help her locate her first lover within 7 days. She has to go on times, participate in activities, live with someone, and make a choice by the conclusion of the week.

Both well-known celebrities and common software engineers are rivals. But Won-Gu is the one person Da-Hye is really interested in. Won-Gu places a lot of importance on Seon-Ho, another competitor.

Being the producer, he gets the ultimate say in who wins. Seon-Ho has a huge debt, which we are aware of, and the prize money will go a long way toward clearing it. The contest has already ended. Kim Dong-Yoon is presently in tight second position behind Seon-Ho in the standings.

Seon-Ho is seen dozing off in bed and thinking about Da-Hye. He constantly convinces himself that he has to become better and that he should look out for her instead of the other way round. Seon-Ho is aware that Da-Hye has become in love with Won-Gu, but he doesn’t seem to care.

The scene then shifts to the Viewer’s Choice corporate headquarters, where they are arguing player rankings. Won-Gu questions if using his “secret weapon” is still suitable considering that Dong-Yoon seems to be in control.

Where To Watch Viewer’s Choice: The Dating Show Chapter 34?

On the Kakao Page and Tapas, respectively, you may read Viewer’s Choice: The Dating Show Chapter 34 Official Raws and Official English Translations. All websites provide free access to the first few chapters of Viewer’s Choice: The Dating Show.

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