We Are The Wave Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

We Are The Wave Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

The wave is us. The second installment of the German drama series “We Are the Wave” is called Season 2. Jan Berger, Christine Heinlein, Ipek Zubert, & Kai Hafemeister Thorsten selected the drama and mystery genre for the show, which will debut with its first season in 2019. Mark Monheim and Anca Miruna are the show’s producers.

The movie series is based on Todd Strasser’s novel “The Wave,” which centers on five teens who continually breaking various laws to get what’s right. With many stinging riddles and unexpected turns, the series is kept short and delicious.

We Are The Wave Season 2 Release Date:

On November 1, 2019, We Are The Wave Season 1, the first season of the dramatic series with many developing scenes and stories, debuted on television. Fans have been purposefully anticipating the next season for over three years in order to satisfy their desire to see certain developing situations resolved.

We Are The Wave Season 2 is anticipated to obtain a renewal and be released very shortly. We Are The Wave Season 2 is expected to be released before 2023, despite the fact that there are currently no recognized updates on the release dates.

We Are The Wave Season 2 will be released very soon, and the creators will not allow the audience’s love and patience, which they have shown since 2019 for Season 1, go in vain.

We Are The Wave Season 2 Trailer Release:

We’re not entirely drowning in fresh footage until the second season is formally announced, but in the meanwhile, have a look at the teaser above to review season one.

We Are The Wave Season 2 Cast:

We Are The Wave’s main characters didn’t all suffer horrifying deaths in season one, unlike most series, so any of them may make a comeback. The majority of the main cast members have reportedly publicly indicated interest in returning to their roles, according to TV Movie Online.

Here are the cast the members we’ll probably see return in season two, if Netflix pushes through with We Are The Wave season one:

  • Luise Befort As Lea Herst
  • Tristan Broch as played by Ludwig Simon
  • Michelle Barthel as Zazie, 
  • Daniel Friedl As Hagen, 
  • Mohamed Issa As Rahim, 

Christian Erdmann, Bianca Hein, Mohamed Issa, Bela Gabor Lenz, Leon Seidel, Milena Tscharntke, & Robert Schupp are more supporting cast members who could make another appearance.

We Are The Wave Season 2 Storyline:

Five disturbed kids, who sacrifice their ideas, friendships, and love for their future, are the subject of the tale We are Wave. They choose the dangerous route to altering society because they think they can’t affect the future by abiding by the rules. They doubt everything since they’ve already lost a great deal of time waiting for anything to happen.

Two youths drugging a political figure at a lecture opened the first season. Lea becomes dissatisfied with her routine, at which point Tristan Broch, a new student, enrolls in his class.

Tristan catches Lea’s attention since he stands out from other kids his age. Tristan also pays Lea attention for some reason. Tristian is being teased by a gang of youngsters due to the T-shirt he is wearing, so Tristian, being the odd child that he is, performs a prank on them.

When Tristian sees several young people harassing a female, he intervenes to aid her and advises her to get up for herself. Tristian gets approached by a young person in the restroom who tells him he is a drug dealer.

Tristian is told by the child to ask him on drugs. He believes Tristian followed him to the bathroom because he understood that he was a drug dealer. Tristian requests information about the school from Lea.

The whole series covers the actions that Tristian & his four classmates do to reform society, including demonstrations and any other type of scheme they come up with to ensure that every victim of society receives justice. The plot could follow Tristian & his pals on a different quest to do justice if the show is renewed for season 2.

We Are The Wave season one’s sixth & final episode finishes on a cliffhanger that might be extremely explosive.

The program shifts to Zazie at home with a bomb after Tristan and Lea are detained for peacefully demonstrating outside the armaments facility.

The open-ended character of this scenario shows that Zazie has now emerged as the more radical member of the group, but it is unclear what she intends to do with it. What does season two signify as a result of this?

We Are The Wave’s second season would additionally have to deal all the consequences of Tristan’s detention, regardless of whether Zazie proceeds to radicalize more or not. He and his other conspirators will surely be targeted by right-wing politicians looking to put a stop to “The Wave” as a result of this.

If this first outcry sparks other “waves” later on, don’t be shocked. After all, the program is based on a novel where it is the main theme.

Where To Watch We Are The Wave Season 2?

We Are The Wave The initial season consists of six episodes, each of which lasts between 45 and 55 minutes. Drama enthusiasts may view each of the episodes since they are only available as streaming content on Netflix. All that is need to watch We Are the Wave Season 2 is a membership, a sizable amount of network, and a lot of popcorn.

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