What are the links to Amazon Prime Video’s Jack Ryan series?

Without remorse by Stefano Sollima is available on Amazon Prime Video, the home of Jack Ryan’s TV series with John Krasinski, and fans of Tom Clancy they know how related the two characters are in the author’s novels.

Ryan and Clark have also appeared together in several films in the past, but those film adaptations have always been ‘stand-alone’: now that could change, as Amazon would have all it takes to launch a Clancy-Verse starting from the tv series Jack Ryan and from the new movie Without remorse. Will it really be so?

The first thing to note is that the first two seasons of Jack Ryan and the Michael B. Jordan movie have no characters in common, but later this year the TV series with John Krasinski will return for a third season and Without remorse a prelude in no uncertain terms – with its final scene – to a film about Rainbow Six.

However, there is a direct link between the two works: the character of Karen Greer, played by actress Jodie Turner-Smith, in Tom Clancy’s novels is none other than Jim Greer’s niece, right-hand man of Jack Ryan who is played by Wendell Pierce in the TV series.

However, it is necessary to underline how Without remorse was not, as far as we know, conceived as part of a universe shared with Jack Ryan: Sollima’s film was originally slated for theatrical release with Paramount on release, and ended up on Amazon only as a response to the pandemic and theaters shutdown. But the character only mentions his uncle, and that’s a very easy detail to add in post-production. After all, both projects were made under the aegis of Paramount and Skydance, and today’s public – accustomed to franchises – immediately put two and two together.

We’ll see how the situation evolves: for more insights, do you know which actors have played John Clark in the past?

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