Which country has the best technology in all fields?

Which country has the best technology in all fields?

In the 21st century, several countries are advancing in technology. Which country should be ranked number one depends on the areas we prioritize the advancement. Below we have listed some ranking of countries according to different technologies.

If we talk about technology, Finland is number one in the race. It ranks first in the world even ahead of the US. United Nations development program (also known as UNDP) has recently released a report, and according to it, Finland holds the position of number one in the field of technology. The report from UNDP compared around 72 different countries and looked at certain factors. These factors include the technological skills of the people of every country, their ability to use technology, and the number of people using the internet.

After Finland, other countries are present on the top list include the USA, Japan, Sweden, Netherlands, South Korea, and the UK. Other European Union countries were named ‘leaders’ and those include France, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, and Austria.

AI Technology:

Every country tries to gain the position of the top country with super technologies. Because technology is one of the main weapons of a nation. If we talk about artificial intelligence, it is an important tool to create and build technology. Many countries have been listed as one of the most advanced countries in technology due to their expertise and skills. Some of them are listed below:


In India, the first university that teaches all technological sciences exists. That is why most of the new technology and software come from India. It is ranked on number 6th as the highest technology country. In India, Sanskrit is being taught to the students which is considered an important language for the computer sciences and systems.


China is on the list of highly advanced technological countries but it is not the number one yet. China has made many major advancements in technology, and there are also some ongoing researches. It is predicted that shortly, China would be the top country on the list. China is also working on making weapons. It is manufacturing a lot of steel for this purpose. Along with it, they are using advanced technology to manufacture highly advanced weapons.


Japan is no less than China. It also has potential in working and developing new technologies. The work done by the Japanese has inspired other countries too. Recently, they have invented an elevator that can be used for disabled persons to move from portions in their house. It can take you from one floor to another in no time. Japanese technology works to make human life easy and convenient.

United States of America:

America, being one of the strongest nations is also the fastest growing country in its technology and development. America has the credit of developing the fastest and finest intelligence system. The country has also done a breakthrough in space technology. The first person ever to land on the moon was also from America. The USA is also home to one of the fastest internet connections. There is fiber, cable, DSL, satellite, and cellular internet technology. Mediacom, Spectrum, and CenturyLink are some top internet providers.


Germany is the richest country in the whole of Europe. It also has the finest technologies. It is known for producing excellent military technology. It has produced military tanks on a large scale since the Second World War and is getting better and better in technologies and development.

South Korea:

South Korea is known for the remarkable achievements in many areas. During the 1970s, it was known as a poor country, but it arose in technology and economy during these years. It has done amazing achievements in the manufacturing of televisions, air conditioners, helicopters, airplanes, computers, and trains.


Every country is trying to strengthen itself by making progress in technology. Scientists are working in artificial intelligence, producing advanced weapons, and working in other areas of science as well. Computer technology has also got advanced. Robots that work like humans are being manufactured all around the world. There is no doubt that shortly we will have flying cars and working robots in every home – seems like a dream, isn’t it?

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