Without any garment appears: María León on the cover of a magazine


María Elizabeth León Herrera is the full name of María León, a renowned artist who has surprised her followers when she shares photographs with little or no clothes as happened on Twitter, a snapshot of a magazine cover is circulating where she covers her parts with a guitar.

As you know, the interpreter of "Piss me off respect" was a partner of Biby gaytan, as well as the youtuber Juanpa Zurita in the program Little gigants.

Unfortunately they only had the opportunity to record 3 shows with Galilea Montijo she being the host and Albertano Santa Cruz as part of the judges.

María León was born on one of the most romantic dates that can exist, on February 14, 1986, she is 34 years old and has had the opportunity to have one of the most famous careers in show business, because she is not only a dancer and singer but she is also an actress and a composer.

The singer has been in show business for approximately 18 years, began her career in 2002, began her career in the first group T´de Tila, this group was born after it was among the finalists of a contest called "Pop Stars" of the Televisa company , they got a contract with Sonic Music, however, despite having released an album and several singles, it did not give the expected result, so the companies that had hired them ended up putting the project aside.

  • It was until 2005 that it was launched again with a group called Playa Limbo with which it acquired even more fame, several of its songs continue to play on the radio, you may recognize some.
  • Limbo
  • The echo of your voice
  • A hook to the heart
  • Lose my respect
  • My downfall
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The group continued together until 2016, since then it has had several collaborations with different artists and has managed to participate in several reality shows and contests that have put its name high, today in one of the judges of Little Giants, and although it They released only 3 episodes and managed to win the hearts of viewers.


On her Instagram account, she has around one million 800 thousand followers, on several occasions we have seen her publish photographs with very little or tiny clothes like on the cover in which she recently appeared.

If you want to see the photo, click on the following LINK so you can check that María León doesn't beat around the bush.

The magazine was published five years ago on May 2, but the publication is attracting the attention of Internet users who revived the affair.

On the cover she appears sitting on a chair, with her legs spread open and an electric guitar in between that covers all its parts, it is likely that inside the magazine there are more photographs such as one that appears next to it, but he does wear clothes, although very scarce.

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On some occasions, the beautiful singer has completely forgotten that Instagram has certain filters that do not allow users to publish certain types of publications, since the application is used not only by adults but also by some children and adolescents, which happens when sharing adult content is that the App removes them immediately.

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On one occasion, Instagram was forced to delete one of María León's photographs because she considered one of her publications as adult content, on constant occasions the singer has published photographs where she appears with very little clothes, something that her followers like view however the application does not allow you to share certain content.

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