Yona of The Dawn Chapter 251 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Yona of The Dawn Chapter 251 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

For good cause, Yona of the Dawn has lately been all the rage among manga readers. This manga story has been popular for a long time because of its captivating story, fascinating characters, and beautiful artwork.

Fans can’t wait to read what’s in waiting for them in Chapter 251, the release of which is drawing ever nearer. This article will cover all you need to know about Yona of the Dawn Part 251, including when it will be released, where you can get it, any spoilers from Reddit, and the raw scans.

As a reader of this series, we know you’re interested in keeping up with the latest developments and having full access to the resources necessary to fully enjoy the next installments.

A major plot twist occurs in the preceding chapter. One of Yona’s buddies, Shin-Ah, is hurt really badly. Concerned, his pals rush to his rescue. Shin-Ah is in critical condition & has lost a lot of blood.

Yona’s screams for help while being shot with arrows catch everyone off guard. The revelation has left the protagonists torn between hope and despair. At the height of the fighting, General Kyo-Ga arrives, more determined than ever to eliminate the danger posed by dragons or humans.

Yona of The Dawn Chapter 251 Release Date:

The manga Yona of the Dawn comes out every other month. Every month on the 5th & 20th, new chapters are made available.

The next installment, Chapter 251, of Yona of the Dawn is scheduled to appear in issue 17 on November 15, 2023, at 8:00 p.m. JST (Japanese Standard Time).

Yona of The Dawn Chapter 251 Trailer Release:

There is, in fact, a video preview for Chapter 251 of Yona of the Dawn.

Yona of The Dawn Chapter 251 Storyline:

Yona of the Dawn should continue with Hak and Jika tending to their buddy Jae Ha from where the last chapter left off. Since he has transformed into a dragon & is wreaking havoc in a neighboring town, the first step is to leave after him.

It won’t be easy, however, since the locals are afraid of the three and wonder whether they, too, are dragons. Convincing the locals that you are not a threat will be challenging.

It will be far more difficult to locate Jae Ha if they remain and attempt to calm the residents down. Yo will remain behind to try to assuage the residents’ anxieties while Hak and Jika go after Jae Ha.

The two best friends are certain that they can rescue Jae Ha and restore him to his original shape. However, there will likely be fierce opposition, making this rescue effort difficult.

King Il of the peaceful Kouka Kingdom has raised his only daughter, Princess Yona. Yona is anxious about her fiery locks just before her cousin and potential suitor, Soo-Won, arrives.

Soo-Won comforted Yona after her mother’s death by giving her a pear and sleeping next to her for a night, as shown in a flashback. Soo-Won, Yona’s childhood friend & bodyguard, teaches Son Hak, another one of Yona’s friends and protectors, how ride a horse the next day as they practice mounted archery.

It bothers King Il because Yona wants to go with Soo-Won, therefore he wants to choose his own heir. She eventually confronts Soo-Won about it, but he treats her more like a sister than a lover.

Five days later, on her sixteenth birthday, Yona throws a party at the castle to celebrate. Soo-Won tells Yona that her red hair is the color of sky at dawn and presents her with a hairpin as a gift. At night, when it rains, Yona observes Soo-Won stabbing King Il in his chest.

Soo-Won explains to Yona that he is seeking revenge for the murder of his dad, Yu-Hon, at the hands of King Il. The arrival of Soo-Won’s advisor Kye-Sook brings with him the recommendation that Yona be murdered by palace guards.

Yona is about to be assaulted by castle guards until Hak comes and protects her. Hak and Soo-Won have an argument when Hak finds out that King Il has died.

Soo-Won is injured, but Hak is surrounded by palace soldiers who have Yona in custody. Hak is able to rescue Yona and escape the castle guards thanks to a diversionary arrow shot by Yona’s servant, Min-Soo.

Yona and Hak are able to flee from Hiryuu Castle towards the mountains thanks to Min-Soo’s sacrifice of himself as a decoy while wearing a kimono. Soo-Won orders the palace guards to look for the missing individuals.

Three years ago, Hak refused King Il’s invitation to become Yona’s bodyguard. Yona avoided making eye contact with Lord Kan Tae-Jun of the Fire Clan.

Later, while Yona was being harassed by Tae-Jun, Hak claimed to be her boyfriend and swore eternal protection over her. In a flashback, we see little Yona, Hak, & Soo-Won playing in the snow, only to get ill.

After having not seen her father for several days, Yona shed tears of delight when King Il finally gave her some chicken porridge, despite the fact it tasted rotten.

Present day Hak discovers Yona’s lost hairpin on the ground when she takes a quick dip in a lake, and conceals it from her in the hopes that she would leave the past in the past.

She loses her hairpin and decides to go searching for it, only to fall into a snake hole. Hak saves Yona, only to be bitten by a snake herself, and gives her back the hairpin when she realizes she still cares for Soo-Won.

The characters are worried about their best friend and are pleading with him to come back. He looked to have sustained serious damage to his shoulder, a considerable quantity of blood loss, plus a pretty nasty lesion to his cranium.

Their feeling of urgency rises as they realize the moment is of the importance and Shin-Ah needs immediate medical treatment. Yona attempts to console Shin-Ah among the confusion and loss.

As she expresses her intention to help him, she makes an offer to remove his arrows. However, when others voice their concerns, Shin-Ah’s metamorphosis as a result of his dragon lineage becomes clear. The situation worsens when General Kyo-Ga, fearing for the safety of the monarchy, tries to eliminate Shin-Ah.

Yona begs Kyo-Ga to stop, hoping that they might rescue Shin-Ah and perhaps even Soo-Won. The protagonists are clearly struggling with the moral dilemma of whether to execute a possible danger to the kingdom and to save a buddy. Yona urgently intervenes in this chapter to prevent Kyo-Ga from harming Shin-Ah any more.

Where To Watch Yona of The Dawn Chapter 251?

The original Japanese language serialization of Yona of the Dawn may be found in the comic book Hanayume. It has been available in English with the subtitle Yona of the Dawn since August 2, 2016 under the Shojo Beat imprint of VIZ Media. The English translation of “Yona of the Dawn” is available on the Viz website.

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