YouTube Music Development: A Centralized Podcast Destination

In a world of over 5 million podcast channels, many of us seamlessly integrate podcasts into our daily routines. Whether we’re tuning in over our commutes, playing them in the background while doing household chores, or even fully immersing ourselves by watching entire episodes in video formats. Many streaming platforms host these podcasts; some may need clarification about which to subscribe to. Platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Podbean, Vimeo, YouTube, and Google Podcasts all have their uniqueness and sometimes host different podcasters. 

However, when it comes to video podcasts, YouTube has dominated for years. Because of its substantial user base and potential for significant visibility, artists invest in promoting music on YouTube

YouTube has noted how essential podcasts are for many and has generously allowed users to watch and listen to podcasts on YouTube Music in the US without the need for a paid membership. With that, eligible users could also download and play their desired podcasts offline wherever they are! Now, YouTube is in the process of making this feature available to everyone in the world. 

A New Journey Awaits: A Closing Door For Google Podcasts

It’s been a long run for Google Podcasts. Initially up and running in 2018, YouTube and Google have decided that in 2024, they will not only discontinue their efforts but also sunset Google Podcasts. 

While it was a tough decision, statistics discovered in a study showed that about 23% of weekly US podcast users would frequent YouTube as their go-to site for podcasts versus 4% for Google Podcasts. 

As Google owns both platforms, it is almost no surprise that this day would come. Instead, they are now looking to consolidate their podcast streaming services and focus on developing YouTube Music into an overall destination for all podcasters and listeners. YouTube has announced its decision to increase its investments in making a better experience for all podcast users on YouTube Music. 

Transitioning Google Podcasts To YouTube Music: Help Is Ready

Of course, Google is not one to leave its podcasters in the dark. To make the transition as simple and easy as possible, YouTube has already begun assisting users in migrating from Google Podcasts to YouTube Music. Once they have decided that all their migration tools are ready, they will release them together with clear guidelines on how they operate. 

Specifically, they target three groups to assist in the processes. Users can expect a straightforward migration tool and the option to incorporate RSS feeds into their YouTube Music library. Yes, this includes shows that are not even hosted on YouTube. 

For other users who wish to go on to a different platform entirely, the tool also allows you to download an OPML file of their show subscriptions. They can then upload the file onto an app that supports it.

As for podcasters, you can anticipate tons of analytical and creation tools. On top of RSS uploads, your podcasts would be made available all across YouTube Music, and users would also be able to download and listen to your podcasts offline.

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