Zack Snyder unveils Green Lantern, delirious fans ask for the Lantern Cut!

In recent weeks, actor Wayne T. Carr has revealed that he was chosen as the director’s Green Lantern Zack Snyder for the realization of Justice League.

Now, for the first time, the actor has posted on his Twitter page two snapshots from the set showing him wearing the motion capture suit and surrounded by Snyder’s crew; the director himself unveiled the first-look to the character on Vero, which the actor then shared on his account commenting: “It wasn’t a dream. Thanks Zack!

As Snyder wrote, the ‘Drive way Studio’ alludes to the fact that, previously, the director claimed to have filmed the appearance of Green Lantern in his driveway using a green screen. Post-production work never happened because Warner Bros. requested the removal of Green Lantern from the film and eventually, as you know, Snyder replaced him with Martian Manhunter in the famous Justice League final scene with Ben’s Bruce Wayne. Affleck.

Wayne T. Carr, the actor called to play the Green Lantern John Stewart, he said: “Zack said to me, ‘We’ll shoot it, and see what the studio says.’ It was a little crazy, because we shot in what I’ll call Drive way Studios. He called me after showing it to everyone, and he said: ‘They won’t let me do this’.”

In the meantime, on social media it is già in trend l’hashtag #ReleaseTheGreenLanternCut, with fans obviously curious to get their hands on the original scene. We also point out that, for a few days, the black and white version Justice Is Gray is available in Italy on Sky Cinema and NOW.

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