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Among the various participants of "Joker" who have been talking these days we have had director Todd Phillips, star protagonist Joaquin Phoenix and Brett Cullen, an actor who plays Thomas Wayne in the film. Now it's the turn of Zazie Beetz, who plays Sophie, a neighbor of Arthur Fleck, the future Joker.

But before moving on, we echo that the film has achieved the best Monday in a month of October raising 9.72 million, making the domestic box office reach 105 million. Globally it takes about 257.

Accompanying the box office we have a THR article in which they have spoken with a large number of academy members about a potential Oscar nomination for this film. The reactions are disparate, there are those who have loved the movie while there are others who are avoiding it for "dangerous".

Beetz's role in the film is something special because except for the first and last scene he has, everything happens in the mind of Arthur Fleck, being practically two different characters. In a recent interview for THR, Beetz states that Sophie is "What Arthur wants and needs".

He gives that identity to Sophie because, in their first meeting, she simply acknowledges his existence, something he is trying to do throughout the film, even questioning whether it really exists. Sophie is someone outside her most immediate circle, her mother and her job, so having someone outside say "Hey, we're the same, this sucks for both of us" It is an experience that validates him, especially coming from a woman because he has not had many opportunities due to his condition. I think it means so much to him that he oversizes it. The woman he has in mind is obviously different from the one he really is. Realistically, I don't think his thing would work.

Beetz confirms that they were building Sophie at the same time that they were discovering Arthur and benefited from the high speed of filming to go including scenes or try different things.

Although he confesses that they did not think much about the details that viewers could capture in a second viewing (to discover that it is not real), he does acknowledge having his own version of the film, but he keeps it for her because “What makes it more interesting is that everyone has their own”. The actress believes that we can question everything that happens in the movie, not only what happens with Sophie, because the whole film is told from Arthur's point of view and it has been made clear that it is not someone we can rely on to distinguish reality and fiction.

Finally he says that they made about 15 shots for the scene in their living room where fantasy is revealed and that they tried different things, but kept the key details intact.

As an extra, he doesn't think we're going to see extra or deleted scenes on the BluRay of the movie but he also makes it clear that it doesn't depend on her.

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