arriva All I know so far

In more than twenty years of his career he has sold over 40 million albums and 70 million singles, as well as several Grammys, MTV Awards and assorted awards. Beyond these numbers, Pink she did not miss the forays into the world of cinema, as in Charlie’s Angels – More than ever in 2003. Now an Amazon Original documentary about her is on the way.

It will in fact be streaming on Amazon Prime Video from next 21 May P!nk: All I know so far, who will follow the singer (born Alecia Beth Moore) during her 2019 world tour, which followed the release of the album Beautiful Trauma and made record numbers.

The director of the documentary is Michael Gracey: for more insights into his career, see our review of the musical The Greatest Showman. P! Nk: All I know so far is produced by Isabella Parish, as well as Gracey himself, and offers the public an unprecedented look on the life of the singer, showing how Pink manages to divide himself between his role as mother, wife and performer.

Furthermore, as in all products of this type, there will be filmati on the road and behind the scenes, the interviews and unpublished and personal material of the artist.

The trailer for P!nk: All I know so far it is also visible within the news. While waiting for the documentary on Pink’s tour, in the meantime, we present five thrillers to catch up on Amazon Prime Video.

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