Automatic’s Original Car Adapter To Be Far-off Functioning Following August 31st

A few years back, Automatic Labs launched the ODB-II adapter. The app was designed to monitor some of the major functions of a vehicle.

However, the company is projecting to terminate using the app. It wants to kill the apps completely.

While it is not unusual for companies to upgrade a product or discontinue supporting it, it is not a norm to kill an app.

When most companies discontinue an app, they allow existing users to continue using it, although the company won’t upgrade the app or keep supporting it.

Once the device is killed after the projected time, the device becomes nothing but a useless piece of plastic in the vehicle.

This is quite unfortunate considering that the second generation version of the app is relatively new in the market, 4 years only.

During when it had declared the intended dismissal of the app, the company wrote on a blog post:

However, the company is planning a replacement for the app. It is now encouraging vehicle owners to subscribe to its latest LTE adapter at a cost of $100.

“With… advances in our technology, the Classic adapter and app will no longer be supported after August 31, 2019. After that date, the 1st and 2nd Gen adapters will no longer work. ”

Vehicle owners can use the optional subscription plan of $5 monthly Premium subscription to use the new adapter.

Time will tell how vehicles owners with this app will respond to the planned discontinuation.

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