Michael Wolff Set To Release A Book Based On Donald Trump Titled “Siege”

The book titled Siege: Trump under fire promises to be a tell-all book about Donald Trump and his presidency.

Wolff has been writing about the ongoings of the White House for quite some time now.

Starting off with his detailed account of Donald Trumps first 7 months as president in magazines.

Then going on to penning down a book that was based on his personal experience of being in the White House for a couple of weeks. This book went on to being a bestseller.

Coming onto this book, it is not based on any personal experiences but on the interviews that Trump has given.

However, when writing a book, it is of utmost importance that the writer provides the readers with some form of proof.

To shed light on the subject, one may consider several instances of sheer vagueness from Michael Wolff’s side.

He explained how someone from inside the White House that contributes a significant amount of time by the US President, “I have never faced anyone insane than Donald Trump”.

How this piece of detail is made vague is by mentioning that he heard a similar tale from the mouths of several others.

This seems like quite a vague detail when put together using these words.

The book promises to be one that gives the reader a lot of information and the solid truth about Donald Trump but now the citizens have come to terms with it and all seem to have garnered a fixated opinion of the Republican representative.

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