BdS News – Program 2: Joker premiere, Birds of Prey trailer, The Batman news, Black Widow …


BdS News Program 2

One more Sunday, at around 8:30 p.m. on the Spanish peninsula, we started the second program of our live BdS News on Twitch, to cover once again the news of the world of superheroes.

A program that came marked by the novelties of the DC universe with the premiere of "Joker" in cinemas, the launch of the first trailer for “Birds of Prey”, or the recent news of "The Batman". From the Marvel Cinematic Universe we also talk about “Black Widow”, following the news that William Hurt has shot a scene like Secretary of State Ross or the latest news of the project "Moon Knight".

Although as we say the direct ones will be made on Twitch, later we will upload them to Youtube and to iVoox so you can listen to them. As always, any improvement comments will be welcome.


  • Impressions of the first trailer of "Birds of prey"
  • The return of William Hurt to "Black Widow"
  • The latest casting news that has sounded from "The Batman"
  • The series of "Moon Knight"
  • Tom Holland mediated the Disney and Sony negotiations for the future of Spider-Man at UCM
  • First opinions, without spoilers, of "Joker"


  • Álvaro Sánchez Cazorla
  • Jorge Montenegro
  • Jorge Merenciano
  • Diego Iván Vera

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