Best Hindi Web Series Download Offline – Download New Web Series

Best Hindi Web Series Download Offline – Download New Web Series

Due to the Coronavirus rapid spread across the region, the Indian government had announced 21 days locked down for the entire country. You can utilize this time to stream or watch online movies, read your favorite books or novels, play with your friends, and many more.

This could be the best time to watch your favorite TV shows, web series, or movies through the online platform. In our Indian nation, it is not possible for everyone to purchase the streaming subscriptions from ZEE5, Eros Now, Hotstar, ALTBalaji, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and many more. Since the famous streaming sites will offer an expensive subscription to utilize.

Best Hindi Web Series
Best Hindi Web Series

Moreover, Indian people will not prefer to waste their Internet data & time for watching online Hindi web series with its internet speed. The Netflix subscription is more expensive when compared to Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, or others. Out of your expected budget, Netflix is another popular OTT Indian platform.

Without any sign-up or registration process, you can watch or download the best Hindi web series from various websites. You can refer to this article to know the best websites and as well as some best Hindi web series to watch offline for your reference.

Best Hindi Web Series – Downloading Process (Offline Watching)

You can follow the below process to download your favorite Hindi web series:

  • If you prefer to watch or download the best Hindi web series then you should purchase an active subscription from any one of the online platforms (e.g. Hotstar, Netflix, etc). It is much easier to download the respective platform apps from its official website or the Google Play store along with its subscription.
  • Log in or Sign in to the app to access your subscribed active subscription or plan.
  • After logging into your account, you can view the list of trending movies or web series on the main page. It is also possible to browse the Category or Genre of your favorite web series and navigate to the same.
  • In case if you are not able to find your favorite Hindi web series under the Genre or Category sections then you can utilize the Search option. You can search the web series and locate the same from the displayed results.
  • Within the result page, each result will include the season list, description, and a trailer. Just press the Season 1 option to start streaming the Hindi web series from the Episode 01.
  • If you prefer to download the best Hindi web series to watch offline then press the “Download” icon to save them on your device (computer or mobile phone).
  • Only a few digital platforms (either YouTube or Netflix) will support the Download function to utilize.

The above-mentioned instructions will assist you to download the best Hindi web series without any hassle.

Best Websites 2020 to Download Hindi Web Series

Find below the list of best websites 2020 to download the best Hindi web series for your reference:

Voot – Voot is one of the best websites to download the Hindi web series available across the online platform. On the main page, you can view the Genre section which allows you to browse & locate the best genre web series based on your interest & taste. Make use of the Search bar to browse & locate your favorite Hindi web series to watch or download them for offline watching.

MX Player – This is another most popular website over the web utilized by numerous users to download the best Hindi web series. Each web series located on this website can be downloaded for free. You can search your favorite web series under the Category or Genre and even explore the best Hindi movies to get entertained.

Users can find various web series categorized under Comedy, Action, and perfect Romantic. If you prefer to gain a better viewing experience then you can register for an account under this website. It is not required to download the web series or movies from this site.

Ullu – Ullu is another greatest website for downloading the best Hindi movies and as well as web series. You can search and locate the recent and good Hindi web series from this website. It has user-friendly, easy navigation, and good looking interface for easy access. Based on your phone storage or internet speed, you can choose the web series to download with your desired size and quality.

Amazon Prime Video – Amazon Prime Video is one of the most famous websites known by everyone across the globe. It has everything excellence from its search engine up to the layout. The website layout is good looking and easy navigation will assist anyone to access the site without any assistance. On the homepage, you can view the list of best Hindi movies & web series to downloading or streaming. If you are not able to locate your preferred Hindi web series then you can utilize the Search feature to browse & identify the same in real-time. Without wasting your data or time, it is much easier to download the best Hindi web series from its official website.

Best Hindi Web Series to Download & Watch them Offline during Lockdown

Find below the list of best Hindi web series to download & watch them offline during lockdown for your reference:

Hello Mini – In 2019, this web series was released and filled with seductive, thrilling, & mystery, which is available only on MX Player. Anyone can get creep by always watched by someone. The seriousness of the attempt was highlighted with a crime and a bold series named “Hello Mini”. The web series will narrate that a stalker how is ruining the girl’s perfect life.

Rivanah Bannerjee, an independent girl residing alone in Mumbai. She got a loving boyfriend, a great job, and perfect life-caring parents. Everything changed immediately when she was monitored & followed by someone to take control of her life. The story’s each moment will be hooked and thrilled in a different way. This is one of the most recommended web series to watch.

Special Ops – On 17th March 2020 the Special Ops, the latest and best Hindi web series premiered and got a huge response starting from its first episode. Most of us will get confused about the genre or category it belongs to, it includes the combination of action, suspense, and thriller. The story starts as Himmat Singh, the R&A (Research & Analysis) is a responsible person for coordinating the dots in terrorist attacks.

Himmat was convinced stating that the mastermind of any terrorist attacks will come behind a single person. Five members of the task force team assigned a task at different locations across the globe to identify the terrorists. The cast members with leading roles are Vipul Gupta, Meher Vij, Karen Tacker, Sana Khan, and Kay Kay Menon.

Karenjit Kaur – This web series is similar to biography and narrates a girl’s life journey to become the biggest Porn Star and then move on to a Bollywood actor. The story describes that she is not inspiring Sunny Leone but prefer to act like Karenjit Kaur. She was born in a Sikh family (middle-class) and the story captured her transformation like a Porn star & a Bollywood actor.

This biographical series includes 10 different episodes and currently available in various languages. This web series can be streamed online or downloaded through the ZEE5 app and available in Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Bengali languages.

Hostel Daze – Hostel Daze is one of the best and most popular Hindi web series similar to the Kota Factory series. The story depicts the three engineering student’s life staying at the hostel. This is a must-watch web series because of its spreads the best awareness to the public. The Hostel Daze is not a similar kind of other story; it keeps you with a realistic ride and stays you connected with it.

Maaya (Slave of Her Desires) – In the 2017 year, this web series was premiered on the MX Player. This long story with 10 episodes revealed that Sonia lost her memory because of Trauma. While treatment, her husband was shocked when digging her past life. The Indian audiences are provided with genuine information from this web series. Rather than adult web series, this includes a decent story to express. The show moves on about the girl’s life named Sonia, who is suffering from Trauma and forgets her life for the past 6 months.

To overcome this issue, her husband is trying a lot and striving to get an answer from her past life. He is able to uncover the secret life of Sonia with twisted fantasies and intense sexuality. For grabbing the user’s attention, this web series never tried to utilize any slutty scenes within the story. The series is highly appreciated with subtle messages about social stigma and marriage dynamics. If you prefer to watch a show that includes both sensible & steamy then Maaya could be the perfect one to download.

Dheet Patangey – As a Cricket fan, if you are missing the IPL 2020 suspension due to the Coronavirus outbreak then Dheet Patangey, the most important web series to fulfill your expectations. The story describes the four friend’s friendship starting from 1983 to 2011. It is currently streaming and available for download on the Hotstar app. Each of the four members will showcase their self-discovery path and it is definitely needs to watch without fail. The gradual change is one of the most important things for the country to face throughout the years.

Mona Home Delivery – Our society’s bitter reality is perfectly captured and showcased as a thought-provoking web series. It is a Call girl story to showcase her point of view with a very courageous attempt. The story starts that Mona, a lovely girl who experienced difficult childhood days. She decided that she is not going to experience similar situations when she has grown up.

Mona planned to utilize her body as a source of income and prefer to lead a better life. Within her journey, Mona understood that this world is not the best place to live as a girl like her. Society will never give respect to those people live across them. In 2019, this Hindi web series was launched and available to download on the Ullu app.

InMates – InMates is another web series that started to showcase in TVF Original show and now, it is available for streaming or download on Netflix. This is one of the must-watch Hindi web series across the online platform. The storyline is not too much complicated and describes the roommate’s life, who is living a very weird and quirky life. This web series will take you to showcase your earlier college or school life. It will cherish your life with the company of your roommates or friends.

Sacred Games – In 2018, this web series was released and include a total of 16 episodes. This series can be streamed or download through the Netflix app. The story starts that Sartaj Singh, an honest cop getting an anonymous phone call from a gangster. Ganesh Gaitonde, the gangster informed that something is going to happen within the Mumbai City in the next 25 days. After the call, Sartaj’s life was entirely changed and faced numerous critical & unwanted situations.

This is one of the must-watch Hindi web series that includes some erotic scenes, so it is also added to the list. The show has got cuss words, dialogues, thrill, suspense, action, a great story, and many more. If you haven’t watched this series then this lockdown period would be the ideal time to stream this web series. Most of the faces are literally changed by this Indian web series. Overall it is a clean show but includes a few sexual acts.

Pushpavalli – Pushpavalli is another most popular Hindi web series that had successfully completed the first season. Now, the second season is premiered on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Hotstar. The leading role is performed by Sumukhi Suresh, and this show will make you curse, weep, and laugh at the same time. If you prefer to download this web series then you can use the Amazon Prime Video app to download the second season. At a convention, Pushpavalli able to meet Nikhil Rao and everything changed her life and followed him to Bengaluru.

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