Camilo Echeverry was tattooed in tribute to Evaluna Montaner: the reaction of his father, Ricardo

Echeverry, who is being quarantined at the Montaners' house with the entire family in Miami, Evaluna's name was tattooed on his torso. The one in charge of revealing it was his beloved. "My love, what did you do for me today? Show! ”, The young singer indicated to her colleague, who lifted her shirt and showed the design. "He is bloody, but he says una Evaluna’, "she told her nearly 10 million followers.

"Stay with the one who gets your name tattooedEvaluna later added, very proud of her husband. He immediately received the support of his followers and the video already accumulates more than five and a half million views. In addition, he received numerous comments from other celebrities, such as Brenda Asnicar, who said "I feel you live with Dalí", for Camilo's mustache.

Without a doubt, the most relevant comment was that of Ricardo Montaner, Camilo's father-in-law, who expressed his amazement at the tattoo. "How awful, my God!"The renowned artist limited himself to saying.

Evaluna and her husband met when she was living in Colombia with her family, since Ricardo Montaner was participating as a jury of the program The voice from Camilo's home country. They called her to be in front of an event in which she was going to present a children's shampoo: driving was shared with who would become his partner, whom I did not know at the time.

The two were with other couples at the time, so the meeting did not go beyond a friendly cross between two young professionals. Camilo gave her his signed album as a gift and she kept it, until a year later, reuniting with that album served as an excuse to contact him via direct message on Twitter. They followed each other, but had never spoken to each other again.

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After Twitter, they went to WhatsApp and from there to FaceTime, where they talked all the time through video calls that lasted until the two went to sleep. "She is my crescent"Camilo told his friends when Eva returned to Colombia to accompany her father and to see him, go to the movies, and start a life of boyfriends together. "Like a lifetime" is the phrase that resonates when they tell those early days of a relationship that goes further and further.

Ricardo Montaner confirmed in a television note that Evaluna she was a virgin until she got married. As a Christian and a media man that he is, the singer spoke openly about his daughter's stance on this issue on the show. Tell me what you knowby Telemundo. "Freedom is based on that, on your choosing ... She chose for free what it is, because she firmly believes that she should do it that way because she has, more than a pact with me, a pact with God and she sees it in a different way. which we must all respect his way of thinking and we are very happy about that, "he explained, and confessed that the morning before the marriage he had cried long and hard.

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