Captain America, Emily VanCamp recalls auditioning with Chris Evans for The Winter Soldier

Fresh from the Disney + The Falcon and The Winter Soldier TV series, Emily VanCamp is once again at the center of the conversations of Marvel fans. And in that regard, the actress recalls how his screen test with Chris Evans went per Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

In a recent interview with Collider, the star revealed that she doesn’t have much sympathy for auditions and auditions

Auditions are generally not the best. I find them unnatural. I am a very shy person by nature, and the whole audition process for me is the worst part of this job. The nights spent with anxiety, trying to remember lines …“he affirmed, while acknowledging that”It’s very strange because when I’m on set all these feelings just slip away, but auditions have never been easy for me

However, for every rule there is always an exception, as in the case of Captain America: The Winter Soldier: “But there were some good times. One of them was my screen test with Chris Evans that I did years ago for the first Captain America movie in which my character appeared. It was definitely a great experience“.

And elaborates further: “I remember being pretty nervous at first, and wondering what you were doing there, and all those things that fill your head at times like that. There were the Russo Brothers, and Nate Moore [produttore dei Marvel Studios], and obviously Chris Evans. But they were all so cute, and I remember it didn’t take long for me to start feeling comfortable. They were all extremely kind, and it was that feeling that then accompanied me on my journey as part of these films and the MCU in general.“.

And who knows when we’ll see hers again Sharon Carter, whether in the Armor Wars series as some theorize, or perhaps in the recently announced Captain America 4. What do you think? Let us know yours in the comments.

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