here is the spectacular made in Italy county

There is a place in the province of Chieti in Abruzzo, where it will not be difficult for you to meet a hobbit and enjoy his company in an extraordinary party modeled on those narrated by Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings.

Nicolas gentile, a 37-year-old pastry chef with a passion for fantasy, has decided to recreate a real county in Bucchianico, occasionally proposing events dedicated to the race of Arda men with big feet. In particular, every year it organizes a Bilbo Baggins birthday party which attracts people from all parts of Italy and beyond.

"I live in a place where everything changes very slowly, my relatives are almost all farmers, like hobbits. And I too, who work in a pastry shop, do a very hobbit job. hobbit. To see my hobbit home they came from different regions of Italy, a couple even left France. There I realized that it couldn't be something to keep just for me, but it had to be something to share with other people as well".

Nicolas Gentile among other things, in a recent interview with Wired, revealed that he had a much bigger project in mind, namely that of build a real hobbit dwelling.

"In September I will launch crowdfunding for the construction of the County Gentile for the bureaucracy it will be framed as a sort of fantasy farmhouse, but I don't care too much about the economic aspect of this village. I care that people have the experience of hobbit life well, perhaps even more appreciating the resources that a region like Abruzzo can offer ".

Meanwhile, we remind you that a new series dedicated to The Lord of the Rings will soon arrive on Amazon that will spare no expense.

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